Bonerattle Arena

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Bonerattle Arena

Bonerattle Arena

Added in Fresh Season 2024 (7.0.0)
Total area
Features Inkrails

Bonerattle Arena is a Salmon Run Next Wave-exclusive online multiplayer stage. It is set in a former penal colony that has been modified into an arena. It was released in Splatoon 3 on 1 March 2024, at the start of the Fresh Season 2024. The stage mainly features inkrails.[1]


The stage is set in the center of the titular Bonerattle Arena, surrounded by several islands where Salmonids are visible spectating, as well as several bones with cages full of food dangling from them. The egg basket is located atop a tower in the center of the arena, which Salmonids can only access by climbing two ramps on either side of the tower and crossing a grate bridge. The Salmonid spawn areas are located in shores at the sides of the ramps, two of them facing the smaller islands, and one close to the main island with the statue.

Scattered around the level are 10 inkrails. The three shortest are located on the shorelines, while the rest are paired together to connect from the tower to ground level. One lone inkrail connects to the side of the tower without a shore.


Main article: Badge#Salmon Run

Reaching to certain ranks during a Bonerattle Arena rotation in Splatoon 3 will reward the player with special badges that they can use on their Splashtag.

Bonerattle Arena Badges
S3 Badge Bonerattle Arena 200.png Eggsecutive VP 200 at Bonerattle Arena Reached!
S3 Badge Bonerattle Arena 400.png Eggsecutive VP 400 at Bonerattle Arena Reached!
S3 Badge Bonerattle Arena 600.png Eggsecutive VP 600 at Bonerattle Arena Reached!
S3 Badge Bonerattle Arena 999.png Eggsecutive VP 999 at Bonerattle Arena Reached!



  • During a Giant Tornado wave, it is possible for a player to get from behind the basket to the egg box by initially wall climbing then by inkrails without touching the ground at all. If the player picks up Golden Eggs and throw them into the water, the Golden Eggs will fly towards the basket upon touching the water, completely bypassing the need to chain-throw them.[2]
  • The sound of announcer chatter can be heard in between waves, providing the first occasion in the series where the Salmonid language can be heard.
  • The giant salmon statue behind the stage greatly resembles Hugefry, with the torch on its head forming the Classic hairstyle.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese どんぴこ闘技場
Donpiko Tōgijō
Salmon Heart[a] Arena
Netherlands Dutch Vechtfuik Battle fyke
France French (NOE) Colisée enlisé Tied-down Colosseum
Germany German Krawallhalla From Krawall ("brawl" or "riot") and Valhalla
Italy Italian Arena Ossoscosso Shaken Bone Arena
Russia Russian Костолизей
SpainMexico Spanish Coliseo Óseo Boney Colosseum
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 鮭魚心臟鬥技場
guīyú xīnzàng dòujìchǎng (Mandarin)
gwai1 jyu2 sam1 zong6 dau3 gei6 coeng4 (Cantonese)
Salmon Heart Arena
South Korea Korean 연어 심장 투기장
yeon-eo simjang tugijang
Salmon Heart Arena
Translate logo.svg Internal Shakerail [4] "Shake" is used to refer to Salmon Run, and the stage contains many inkrails.

Translation notes

  1. Donpiko is a delicacy in the Tōhoku region, made from the heart of salmon.[3]
  2. From кость kost' ("bone") and Колизей Kolizey ("Colosseum")