Undertow Spillway

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Undertow Spillway

Undertow Spillway

Introduced Launch
Total area
Features Inkrail (Rainmaker)
Splatoon 2 - Jelfonzo 2D.png Fuuuuuture!

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Undertow Spillway is a multiplayer stage in Splatoon 3. It is an abandoned underground flood bypass in Splatsville that was renovated into a Turf War stage.


Undertow Spillway is a former flood bypass located deep under Splatsville. Abandoned for years, it surged in popularity after it was renovated into a stage for Turf War batlles!
— @NintendoEurope on Twitter[1]
Squid Research Lab reporting from Undertow Spillway, a former flood bypass that’s now used for Turf War battles! This abandoned facility is another shining example of upcycling, as the varied terrain lends itself to strategic and hard-fought skirmishes among Splatsville locals.
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[2]


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese マテガイ放水路
Mategai Hōsuiro
Mategai Flood Bypass[note 1]
Netherlands Dutch Baarsreservoir Bassreservoir
France French Réservoir Rigadelle Common Cockle Reservoir
Germany German Schwertmuschel-Reservoir Razor Clam Reservoir
Italy Italian Cisterna Cernia Grouper Cistern
Spain Spanish Cisterna Navajuela Razor Clam Cistern
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 竹蟶疏洪道
zhúchēng shūhóngdào
Razor Clam Floodway
South Korea Korean 맛조개 방수로
matjogae bangsuro

Translation notes

  1. Mategai refers to Gould's razor shell (Solen strictus), a type of mollusc that is sometimes used as a dish ingredient.