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Ink in action in a pre-release version of Arowana Mall
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Ink is the main projectile used in Splatoon and Splatoon 2 as well as a means of navigation. It comes in a variety of team-based colors that are randomized with each battle. Walls and ground alike can be covered with ink, but it goes through grates and cannot be applied to ink-resistant surfaces such as glass, mats, and the inflatable barriers present in some stages. It allows players a degree of stealthiness, as Inklings in squid form can hide in their own ink and ambush enemies.


The effects of moving in enemy ink.
Hiding in ink
An Inkling using an inkrail

Ink can be used in a variety of ways, including as a projectile. Being hit by enemy ink causes Inklings to take damage and become visible to their opponents on Wiiu-gamepad-icon.png. After taking enough damage, Inklings will be splatted and eventually respawn. When attempting to swim or walk through enemy ink, Inklings take damage, though this alone cannot splat them. Their movements also become very slow, and if they are in squid form, they will be forced back into humanoid form. Equipping gear with the Ink Resistance Up ability helps to reduce the effects of being in enemy ink, and Defense Up reduces damage taken from being hit by it.

Ink can also be fired at various inkable surfaces. Once a surface is coated in ink, Inklings in squid form can swim through it, allowing them to move more quickly and climb up walls. When staying still in their own ink, Inklings in squid form can hide and ambush enemies, and when moving they will only create small ripples. Equipping gear with the Ninja Squid ability hides these ripples, further improving the wearer's ability to move undetected.

Main weapons and sub weapons both require ink, with the specific amount needed varying between different weapons. Ink requirements can be reduced by equipping the Ink Saver (Main), Ink Saver (Sub), Last-Ditch Effort, and Comeback abilities. If Inklings do not have enough ink to use a weapon, they will be warned of it and their ink tank will flash with a large red "X". Ink will slowly refill automatically, but swimming one's own ink in squid form will refill it much faster. Ink Recovery Up will increase the speed at which ink is regained.

In Octo Valley, ink is used in even more ways. Inkrails exist for transportation, as Inklings in squid form can use them to get to otherwise inaccessible areas. Sponge blocks expand for use as a platform when hit by Agent 3's ink and shrink when hit by that of an Octarian. Splat-switches, when covered with ink, will cause objects to move. Ink can also be used to spin propellers, which power the movement of various platforms.

Color sets

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Neutral color values are used for objects such as barriers and the Squid Bumpers in the Shooting Range and can help with identifying a set. However, some sets seem to use different values for some objects.

Ink color names come from what they are called in Splatoon's files. Some names do not match the visible color; the reason for this is unknown.

Color sets used in-game include the following:[Note]


Callie and Marie talking about the vanishing property of Ink

Regular Battle

  Pink vs.   Green (  Neutral)
  Pink vs.   Turquoise (  Neutral)
  Pink vs.   Orange (  Neutral)
  Orange vs.   Blue (  Neutral)
  Green vs.   Purple (  Neutral)
  Turquoise vs.   Orange (  Neutral)
  Light Blue vs.   Orange[Note] (  Neutral)
  Light Blue vs.   Yellow (  Neutral)
  Blue[Note] vs.   Orange (  Neutral)
  Blue vs.   Lime (  Neutral)

Ranked Battle

  Yellow vs.   Lilac (  Neutral)
  Green vs.   Magenta[Note] (  Neutral)
  Lumigreen vs.   Purple (  Neutral)
  Light Green vs.   Blue (  Neutral)
  Soda vs.   Purple[Note] (  Neutral)
  Green vs.   Orange (  Neutral)
  Dark Blue vs.   Yellow[Note] (  Neutral)

Octo Valley

  Orange vs.   Dark Fuchsia[Note] (  Neutral)
  Night Marigold vs.   Dark Fuchsia[Note] (  Neutral)
  Marigold vs.   Dark Fuchsia[Note] (  Neutral)
  Yellow[Note] vs.   Dark Fuchsia[Note] (  Neutral)
  Green[Note] vs.   Dark Fuchsia[Note] (  Neutral)
  Green vs.   Dark Fuchsia[Note] (  Neutral)
  LumiGreen vs.   Dark Fuchsia[Note] (  Neutral)
  Night LumiGreen vs.   Dark Fuchsia[Note] (  Neutral)
  MothGreen[Note] vs.   Dark Fuchsia[Note] (  Neutral)
  Soda vs.   Dark Fuchsia[Note] (  Neutral)
  Turquoise vs.   Dark Fuchsia[Note] (  Neutral)
  Lilac vs.   Dark Fuchsia[Note] (  Neutral)
  Dark Blue vs.   Dark Fuchsia[Note] (  Neutral)


  Pokémon Red vs.   Pokémon Blue
  Pokémon Red vs.   Pokémon Green
  Go all out! vs.   Focus on healing
  Barbarian vs.   Ninja
  Naughty vs.   Nice
  Marshmallows vs.   Hot Dogs (  Neutral)
  Autobots vs.   Decepticons
  Cats vs.   Dogs
  Messy vs.   Tidy
  Lemon Tea vs.   Milk Tea
  SpongeBob vs.   Patrick
  Roller Coasters vs   Water Slides
  World Tour vs.   Space Adventure
  Pirates vs.   Ninjas
  Perfect Body vs.   Perfect Brain
  Tuna Mayonnaise Onigiri vs.   Red Salmon Onigiri
  Snowmen vs.   Sandcastles
  Past vs.   Future
  Hoverboard vs.   Jet Pack
  North Pole vs.   South Pole (  Neutral)


  Yellow[Note] vs.   Dark Fuchsia[Note] (  Neutral)
  Blue[Note] vs.   Orange (  Neutral)
  Dark Fuchsia[Note] (  Neutral)

Splatoon 2

Regular Battle

  Lemon vs.   Plum
  Sky vs.   Gold
  Light Pink vs.   Blue
  Neon Pink vs.   Neon Green
  Pink vs.   Light Blue
  Raspberry vs.   Neon Yellow
  Dark Purple vs.   Orange
  Grape vs.   Turquoise

Ranked Battle

  Blue vs.   Green
  Winter Green vs.   Dark Magenta
  Slimy Green vs.   Grape
  Rich Purple vs.   Green Apple
  Turquoise vs.   Pumpkin
  Yellow vs.   True Blue
  Mustard vs.   Purple

Octo Canyon

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A note about ink in Octo Canyon is that it contains glitter, which is unique to the mode and is found nowhere else in the entire game.

  Yellow [Note]
  Green [Note]
  Light Blue [Note]


  Mayo vs.   Ketchup (  Neutral)
  Flight vs.   Invisibility (  Neutral)
  Fries vs.   McNuggets (  Neutral)
  Front Roll vs.   Back Roll (  Neutral)
  Vampire vs.   Werewolf (  Neutral)
  Agility vs.   Endurance (  Neutral)
  Warm Breakfast vs.   Cold Breakfast (  Neutral)
  Lemon vs.   Without Lemon (  Neutral)
  Sci-Fi vs.   Fantasy (  Neutral)
  Film vs.   Book (  Neutral)
  Warm Inner Wear vs.   Warm Outer Wear (  Neutral)
  Sweater vs.   Socks (  Neutral)
  Action vs.   Comedy (  Neutral)
  Champion vs.   Challenger (  Neutral)
  Gherk-OUT vs.   Gherk-IN (  Neutral)
  Money vs.   Love (  Neutral)
  Flower vs.   Dumpling (  Neutral)
  Chicken vs.   Egg (  Neutral)
  Latest Model vs.   Popular Model (  Neutral)
  Salty vs.   Sweet (  Neutral)
  Baseball vs.   Soccer (  Neutral)
  Unknown Creature vs.   Advanced Technology (  Neutral)
  Pulp vs.   No Pulp (  Neutral)
  Squid vs.   Octopus (  Neutral)
  Mushroom Mountain vs.   Bamboo Shoot Village (  Neutral)
  Adventure vs.   Relax (  Neutral)
  Fork vs.   Spoon (  Neutral)
  Retro vs.   Modern (  Neutral)
  Tsubuan vs.   Koshian (  Neutral)
  Trick vs.   Treat (  Neutral)
  Pocky Chocolate vs.   Pocky: Gokuboso (  Neutral)
  Salsa vs.   Guac (  Neutral)


  Golden Yellow vs.   Eelectric Blue[Note]

Salmon Run

  Orange vs.   Neon Green
  Blue vs.   Neon Green
  Pink vs.   Neon Green


  • According to Sunken Scroll 7 and Callie and Marie, ink vanishes after every game. It was later confirmed with Sunken Scroll 14 in the second game that the cause of this is airborne microbes that consume the ink after a game.


Multiplayer ink[1]

Regular Battle

Ranked Battle

Octo Valley ink[1]

Color locked ink

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch Inkt Ink
FlagFrance.svg French Encre Ink
FlagGermany.svg German Tinte Ink
FlagItaly.svg Italian Inchiostro Ink
FlagRussia.svg Russian Чернила

FlagSpain.svg Spanish Tinta Ink
FlagDenmark.svg Danish Blæk
FlagFinland.svg Finnish Muste Ink
FlagHungary.svg Hungarian Tinta Ink
FlagNorway.svg Norwegian Blekk Ink
FlagPortugal.svg Portuguese Tinta Ink
FlagSweden.svg Swedish Bläck