Octobot King L3.Gs

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Return of the Mammalians missions
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Octobot King L3.Gs
Site The Crater
Fee Power Egg Alternas No Fee
Lives 3
Clear Rewards
Power Egg Alternas None
Clear Rewards
Power Egg Alternas None
Music I'm Octavio (F34RME Remix)
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Octobot King L3.Gs
This article is about the boss fight. For the device itself, see Octobot King.
The Eight-Armed Archfiend Returns!
— Pause screen

The Octobot King L3.Gs is the fifth level of Splatoon 3's story mode, Return of the Mammalians, and the first boss level.


To access the boss arena, the player must clear away the Fuzzy Ooze at the end of the path, triggering the intro cutscene. The Fuzzball is located on top of a pillar to the player's right when facing the end of the walkway and requires 1000 Power Eggs to clear. Of note is that this Fuzzball only spawns once all four previous kettles are complete.


The boss is DJ Octavio, who operates his new Octobot King, the Octobot King L3.Gs. The DJ himself remains in his red-violet octopus form as seen in the previous games and still wields his pair of wasabi stalks. This time, however, he wears a hard hat that resembles a kabuto and has a camera attached to the front, along with a black-rimmed pair of safety glasses.

The Octobot King L3.Gs is mainly off-white with some parts being gray and metallic. DJ Octavio sits in a half-dome in the center of the Octobot. Said dome contains his turntables and wasabi and has five speakers surrounding the outside that later turn into his Ink Vac-style machine, and attached to it are the arms, legs, and thrusters. The legs are simple cylinders that swap between having feet and a second pair of thrusters protruding from the bottom. The arms mainly consist of black joints and can launch the Octobot's hands at the player. The thrusters are again just cylinders.

The Octobot's hands are gray metal fists with black palms and joints. At first, they are only launched at the player in the form of fists, but later on in the fight, they can also be launched either in a drill shape or with an open palm. If the player does not deal enough damage to the launched hand quickly, it will shove its palm off the ground and return to the Octobot King L3.Gs. The Ink Vac-like machine that the Octobot sprouts in the second phase of the fight mainly consists of a long, off-white, rectangular tube that cuts off with a slant. On either side of it are two thick disks with angular, rectangular holes in them that resemble angry eyes. The tube and 'eyes' are rimmed in purple, and the eyes' holes are filled with purple as well. When the Vac is being plugged up by Smallfry, all the purple turns red.


Phase 1

DJ Octavio will begin by shooting his mech's fists at Agent 3. Said fists can be shot at until the fist is entirely coated in yellow, at which point the fist will backfire and hit Octavio instead. DJ Octavio will also use a drill hand attack which cannot be shot back at the mech while it is in the air, and instead must be dodged and then attacked once it gets stuck in the ground.

Phase 2

DJ Octavio will now try to use an Ink Vac attack with a new device that comes out of the front of his mech. Shooting into the Ink Vac's vortex while it's vacuuming will cause Agent 3's ink to be absorbed, preventing them from attacking its fists and allowing Octavio to retaliate with an ink blast that grows larger based on the amount of ink it has vacuumed. Agent 3 will have to throw Smallfry into the Ink Vac while it is active, which clogs it and renders it unusable for a short time. When the Ink Vac is clogged, DJ Octavio will continue to use his regular fist and drill attacks. However, Smallfry will be knocked out of the vacuum occasionally, forcing Agent 3 to re-throw it.

Phase 3

In addition to the attacks from the previous two phases, DJ Octavio will now use an attack similar to the Wave Breaker. He will shoot one of the mech's hands at Agent 3. It will land palm down on the battle arena, causing a shockwave to spread out from where the hand lands. The player will need to jump over this shockwave to avoid taking damage from it. Agent 3 can ink the hand to shoot it back at Octavio when it is on the ground as it will remain where it landed for a short period of time.

Enemies and mechanics

First introduced


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USAUnited KingdomEnglish

Before the battle:
Incoming! Something's headed this way FAST!
GYAH HA HA! I finally found you, Cuttlefish!
My Octarian troops have gone missing...
and I know you're behind it!
Thar he blows! It's DJ Octavio!
Up to your old tricks, eh? Give the Great Zapfish back!
Agent 3! This dirty DJ is the headliner of the entire Octarian army! Take him out!
DJ Octavio
Quit spewin' nonsense and listen up!
I'm about to drop my latest hit...
right on your smug little FACE!
During the battle:
Incoming punch! Shoot it back towards him!
Your ink can flip his punches and send 'em flying back!
He's using a drill punch! Quick, DODGE!
It's stuck! Now's the time to INK FAST!
For drill punches, strike right after they get stuck in the ground!
Octavio fell out of his turntable! Quick, turn the tables on him!
DJ Octavio
Think my beats suck, eh? Then you'll love THIS!
He's using an Ink Vac! Don't let it suck up your ink!
That Ink Vac is a real pain in the port bow. Can you throw something in there to jam it up?
Think, think... Is there anything around that you could throw into that Ink Vac?
Oho! That Smallfry pal of yours looks like a perfect fit!
DJ Octavio
GAH! Can't...vacuum!
Oops! Smallfry got launched back out.
DJ Octavio
Keep your fishy junk outta my mech!
Way to plug him up, Smallfry! I feel bad for the li'l runt...but it worked!
Octavio is out! Now's your chance!
DJ Octavio
GRAAARGH! NOW you've made me MAD!
Ooo, he's really steamed now. Keep your guard up!
His slap attack will send out shock waves. Try to hop over those!
Welcome back, Smallfry! Don't get comfy. We're gonna launch you again!
Octavio's out again! Finish him off!
After the battle:
DJ Octavio
Every time... So sad...
DJ Octavio
Guh... No fair! Your gear is way too strong!
You put on a weak show, Octavio! Your set list is gettin' old...or maybe it's just you!
Seriously, that was too easy. It's like you weren't even usin' the Great Zapfish's power...
DJ Octavio
Mute it, fool! I didn't steal the Zapfish this time!
Bwuh? You didn't?!
But if it wasn't you, then...who was it?!
Wha-wha-what the what?
Gwah! Fuzzy Ooze!
Agent 3! Help meee!


During the battle:
  • 「パンチが きよる! 撃ち返すんじゃ!」
  • 「パンチなぞ インクで押し返してやれィ!」
  • 「ドリルパンチじゃ! ひとまず よけられたしーッ!」
  • 「今じゃ! 地面にめりこんだぞィ!」
  • 「ドリルパンチは、めりこんだ後がねらい目じゃ!」
  • 「タコワサめ、落ちよった! とっちめてやれィ!」
  • 「サイシン キノウ… ジュンビ!」
  • 「キューインキか! インクを吸われると まずいぞィ!」
  • 「キューインキ、やっかいよのゥ… 何か投げこんだら つまったりせんか?」
  • 「キューインキに投げこめそうなもん、ないかのゥ…」
  • 「おお、吸いよる吸いよる! コジャケが すっぽりハマりそうじゃ!」
  • 「ギ… キューイン デキナイ!」
  • 「ヌ、コジャケが放り出されたぞィ」
  • 「ヨケイナモノ、ツマラセルナ!」
  • 「いい吸われっぷりじゃ! コジャケには すまんが…」
  • 「タコワサが出てきたぞィ! チャンスじゃ!」
  • 「ギギィーッ! モウ オコッタゾ!」
  • 「あやつ、やる気がみなぎっとる! 油断するでないぞ!」
  • 「パーでたたく攻撃は、地面を伝わるウェーブにも注意じゃ!」
  • 「おお、もどったかコジャケよ! 次も たのむぞィ」
  • 「タコワサが落ちた! ケリをつけるんじゃーッ!!」


Before the battle:
  • "Wat komt daar aan?! En waarom zo SNEL?!"
(What is this that is coming?! And why so FAST?!)
  • "HAHAHAAA! Nou heb ik je eindelijk gevonden, Kraak!"
(HAHAHAAA! Now I have finally found you, Cuttlefish!)
  • "Mijn Octarianenkrijgers zijn vermist..."
(My Octarian warriors have gone missing...)
  • "...en ik weet zeker dat jij daarachter zit!"
(...and I know for sure you are behind that!)
  • "Heb je hem weer! DJ Octavio!"
(It is him again! DJ Octavio!)
  • "Jij en je snode plannetjes! Geef de Megavoltvis terug!"
(You and your nefarious little plans! Give the Great Zapfish back!)
  • "Agent 3! Deze dievende dj is de aanvoerder van het hele Octariaanse leger! Tijd om met hem af te rekenen!"
(Agent 3! This thieving DJ is the commander of the whole Octarian army! It is time to settle a score with him!)
  • "Stop nou eens met die onzin en knoop dit in je oren!"
(Just stop with that nonsense and plug this into your ears!)
  • "Ik probeer mijn nieuwste hit te laten horen..."
(I am trying to let my latest hit be heard...)
  • "Maar wie niet horen wil, moet maar VOELEN!"
(But who doesn't want to listen, has to FEEL the consequences!)
During the battle:
  • "Daar komt een klap aan! Geef hem een koekje van eigen deeg!"
(There is a clap coming! Give it a taste of its own medicine!)
  • "Gebruik je inkt om zijn klappen linea recta naar hem terug te sturen!"
(Use your ink to send his claps straight back to him!)
  • "Hij gebruikt een boorslag! Pas op en ontwijk hem!"
(He uses a drill strike! Watch out and dodge it!)
  • "Hij zit vast! Bewerk hem met je inkt!"
(He is stuck! Work him with your ink!)
  • "Doe wat terug tegen slagboren als ze vastzitten in de grond!"
(Hit back against strike drills when they are stuck in the ground!)
  • "Octavio is uit zijn draaitafel gevallen! De kansen zijn gekeerd!"
(Octavio has fallen out of his turntable! The odds have turned!)
  • "Komt mijn muziek niet goed uit de verf? Dan leen ik wat van jullie!"
(Doesn't my music live up to its promise? Then I'll borrow some of yours!) [NoteNL 1]
  • "Een Inktdief! Zorg dat hij je inkt er niet mee opzuigt!"
(An Ink Vac! Make sure he doesn't suck up your ink with it!)
  • "Die Inktdief is een naar stuk vreten. Misschien kun je er iets in gooien om de boel te verstoppen?"
(That Ink Vac is a nasty piece of work. Maybe you can throw something in there to clog up things?)
  • "Even zien... Is er hier ergens iets dat je in die Inktdief zou kunnen gooien?"
(Let's see... Is there something around here that you could throw into that Ink Vac?)
  • "O! Dat Salmini-maatje van jou lijkt perfect te passen!"
(Oh! That Smallfry buddy of yours looks like a perfect fit!)
  • "Aaagh! Inktzuigen lukt niet!"
(Aaagh! Ink vaccing isn't working!)
  • "Oeps! Salmini is eruit geworpen!"
(Oops! Salmini has been tossed out of it!)
  • "Hé! Hou je visafval uit mijn dure machinerie!"
(Hey! Keep your fish trash out of my expensive machinery!)
  • "Wat een dapper stukje sabotage! Het spijt me voor je, Salmini, maar het werkt wel!"
(What a daring piece of sabotage! I feel sorry for you, Smallfry, but it does work!)
  • "Octavio is weer kwetsbaar! Nu moet je toeslaan!"
(Octavio is vulnerable again! You must make your move now!)
  • "GRAAARGH! Jullie maken me RRRAZZZEND!"
(GRAAARGH! You are making me FFFURRRIOUS!)
  • "O, nu komt hij pas echt op stoom. Blijf op je hoede!"
(Oh, now he is really picking up steam. Stay on your toes!)
  • "Met zijn klappen veroorzaakt hij schokgolven. Probeer daar overheen te springen!"
(He causes shock waves with his claps. Try to jump over that!)
  • "Welkom terug, Salmini! En sorry dat we met je smijten. Ook alvast voor de volgende keer."
(Welcome back, Smallfry! And I am sorry we are flinging you. Also already for the next time.)
  • "Octavio is weer gevallen! Maak er een eind aan!"
(Octavio has fallen again! Put an end to it!)
  1. Pun on goed uit de verf komen ("be more successful than expected") and verf ("paint").
After the battle:
  • "Verslagen... Elke keer..."
(Defeated... every time...)
  • "Ai... Dit is niet eerlijk! Je uitrusting is veel te sterk!"
(Ow... This is not fair! Your gear is much too strong!)
  • "Dit was een slechte show, Octavio! Je mixes beginnen oud te worden... Of jij wordt gewoon oud!"
(This was a bad show, Octavio! You mixes are beginning to become old... Or you are just becoming old!)
  • "Nee serieus, dat was veel te makkelijk. Het leek wel alsof je de kracht van de Megavoltvis helemaal niet gebruikte..."
(No seriously, this was much too easy. It looked like as if your weren't using the strength of the Great Zapfish at all...)
  • "Ach, hou op! Ik heb de Megavoltvis deze keer niet gestolen!"
(Oh, quit it! I haven't stolen the Great Zapfish this time!)
  • "Wat? Niet?!"
(What? You haven't?!)
  • "Maar als jij dat niet was... wie dan wel?"
(But if that wasn't you... who was it?)
  • "W-W-Waaaaat?!"
  • "Argh! Vloeivacht!"
(Argh! Fuzzy Ooze!)
  • "Agent 3! Heeeeeelp!"
(Agent 3! Heeeeeelp!)

CanadaFrench (North America)

MacAlmar's Quotes
  • « Octave est tombé! Montre-lui qui impose le rythme, maintenant! »
  • « Oups! Salmio s'est fait éjecter. »
  • « Tu peux retourner ses poings à l'envoyeur en tirant dessus avec ton encre! »
  • « Octave est de nouveau au tapis! Achève-le! »
  • « Attaque le poing vrillé au moment où il se retrouve planté dans le sol! »
  • « Octave est au tapis! À toi de jouer! »
  • « Un Aspirencre! Ne le laisse surtout pas aspirer ton encre, ou ça va se gâter pour toi! »
  • « Bravo, p'tit bouchon! Le pauvre, être coincé là-dedans... mais ça fonctionne! »
  • « Son attaque baffée enverra des ondes de choc. Saute par-dessus pour les éviter! »
  • « Oooh, il a l'air enragé. Ne baisse pas la garde! »
  • « Il est bloqué! Encrage à volonté! »
  • « Attention, il t'envoie un poing vrillé! ESQUIVE, ESQUIVE! »
  • « Il doit bien y avoir quelque chose que tu peux jeter dans l'Aspirencre? Réfléchis! »
  • « Mais il nous enquiquine, cet Aspirencre! Tu pourrais jeter quelque chose dedans pour l'enrayer? »
  • « Te revoilà, Salmiochounet! Et merci de te laisser lancer comme ça. »
  • « Oh, mais oui! Salmio fera parfaitement l'affaire! »
  • « Alerte au poing! Tire dessus pour le renvoyer! »
DJ Octave's Quotes
  • « GRAAA! Peux plus... aspirencrer! »
  • « Tu essaies d'empoissonner mon Aspirencre?! À l'assassin! »
  • « Tu vas voir à quoi j'aspire vraiment! »
  • « GRRRR! Cette fois, je vais m'énerver pour de bon! »

FranceFrench (Europe)

Macalamar's Quotes
  • « Octave est tombé ! Montre-lui qui impose le rythme, maintenant ! »
  • « Oups ! Le Salmioche s'est fait éjecter. »
  • « Tu peux retourner ses poings à l'envoyeur en tirant dessus avec ton encre ! »
  • « Octave est de nouveau au tapis ! Achève-le ! »
  • « Attaque le poing vrillé au moment où il se retrouve planté dans le sol ! »
  • « Octave est au tapis ! À toi de jouer ! »
  • « Un aspirencre ! Ne le laisse surtout pas aspirer ton encre, ou ça va se gâter pour toi ! »
  • « Bravo, p'tit bouchon ! Le pauvre, être coincé là-dedans... mais ça fonctionne ! »
  • « Son attaque baffée enverra des ondes de choc. Saute par-dessus pour les éviter ! »
  • « Oooh, il a l'air enragé. Ne baisse pas la garde ! »
  • « Il est bloqué ! Encrage à volonté ! »
  • « Attention, il t'envoie un poing vrillé ! ESQUIVE, ESQUIVE ! »
  • « Il doit bien y avoir quelque chose que tu peux jeter dans l'aspirencre ? Réfléchis ! »
  • « Mais il nous enquiquine, cet aspirencre ! Tu pourrais jeter quelque chose dedans pour l'enrayer ? »
  • « Te revoilà, Salmiochounet ! Et merci de te laisser lancer comme ça. »
  • « Oh, mais oui ! Le Salmioche fera parfaitement l'affaire ! »
  • « Alerte au poing ! Tire dessus pour le renvoyer ! »
DJ Octave's Quotes
  • « GRAAA ! Peux plus... aspirencrer ! »
  • « Tu essaies d'empoissonner mon aspirencre ?! À l'assassin ! »
  • « Tu vas voir à quoi j'aspire vraiment ! »
  • « GRRRR ! Cette fois, je vais m'énerver pour de bon ! »


Kuttelfisch's Quotes
  • „Oktario hat's vom Mischpult gehauen! Versohl ihm die Tentakel!"
(Oktario's been knocked off the mixing desk! Spank his tentacles!)
  • „Hoppla! Deinen Salmini hat's weggeschleudert!"
"Whoops! Your Salmini's been blown away!"
  • „Deine Tinte kann seine Schläge zu ihm zurücklenken!"
(Your ink can deflect his blows back at him!)
  • „Oktario ist wieder draußen! Gib ihm den Rest!"
(Oktario is out again! Give him the rest!)
  • „Greif nach seinen Bohrschlägen an, wenn die Bohrer im Boden feststecken!"
(Reach for his drill bits, when the drill bits are stuck in the ground!)
  • „Oktario ist draußen! Los, ordentlich drauf!"
(Oktario is outside! Come on, let's go!)
  • „Er benutzt einen Tintegrator! Lass ihn nicht deine Tinte aufsaugen!"
(He's using a tintegrator! Don't let him suck up your ink!)
  • „Irgendwie tut's mir ja leid für deinen Salmini, aber es funktioniert!"
(I'm kind of sorry for your Salmini, but it works!)
  • „Sein Schlag löst Schockwellen aus. Spring am besten über sie drüber!"
(His blow triggers shockwaves. It's best to jump over them!)
  • „Oha, jetzt steht er voll unter Dampf! Sei vorsichtig!"
(Oh, now he's under full steam! Be careful!)
  • „Er steckt fest! Schön mit der Tinte draufhalten!"
(It's stuck! Hold on to it with the ink!)
  • „Ein Bohrschlag! Weich schnell aus!"
(A drilling strike! Get out of the way quickly!)
  • „Hm, hm, hm... Siehst du hier nicht irgendwas, das man an den Tintegrator verfüttern könnte?"
(Hm, hm, hm... Don't you see anything here that could be fed to the Tintegrator?)
  • „Der blöde Tintegrator bringt mich echt zum Kochen! Ob man den nicht irgendwie verstopfen kann?"
(That stupid tintegrator really makes my blood boil! I wonder if there's any way to plug it up?)
  • „Hallo zurück, Salmini! Und danke, dass du dich so reinhängst!"
(Hello back, Salmini! And thank you for putting yourself out there!)
  • „Oho! Dein Salmini-Kumpel scheint perfekt zu passen!"
(Oho! Your Salmini buddy seems to be a perfect fit!)
  • „Er schlägt zu! Schick den Schlag zurück zu ihm!"
(He's throwing a punch! Send the blow back to him!)
DJ Oktario's Quotes
  • „GAH! Kann nicht... saugen!"
(GAH! Can't... suck!)
  • „Halt deinen Fischabfall von meinem Equipment fern!"
(Keep your fish waste away from my equipment!)
  • „Mein neuester und größter Hit ist endlich bereit! Der wird voll einschlagen!"
(My latest and greatest hit is finally ready! It's going to hit the ground running!)
  • „GRAAAH! Jetzt werd ich richtig sauer!"
( GRAAAH! Now I'm getting really angry!)


Seppia's Quotes
  • «Octavius è caduto dalla console! Forza, consolalo... a modo tuo!»
(Octavio has fallen from the turntable! Come on, console him... in your own way!)
  • «Ops! Salmonello è stato risputato fuori.»
(Oops! Smallfry was spat back out.)
  • «Il tuo inchiostro può respingere i suoi pugni e rispedirli al mittente!»
(Your ink can repel his punches and send them back to the sender!)
  • «Octavius è di nuovo fuori! Finiscilo!»
(Octavio is out again! Finish him!)
  • «Per i pugni trivella, colpisci appena dopo che si sono piantati nel terreno
(For drill punches, hit just after they sink into the ground!)
  • «Octavius è a portata d'inchiostro! È la tua occasione!»
(Octavio is within ink reach! This is your chance!)
  • «Sta usando un vampinchiostro! Non lasciare che aspiri il tuo inchiostro
(He's using an Ink Vac! Don't let it vacuum your ink!)
  • «Intasamento perfetto, Salmonello! Il piccoletto mi fa un po' pena... ma ha funzionato!»
(Perfect clogging, Smallfry! I feel sorry for the little buddy... but it worked!)
  • «Il suo attacco a schiaffo crea onde d'urto. Prova a evitarle saltandole!»
(His slap attack creates shock waves. Try to avoid them by skipping them!)
  • «Oooh, è davvero carico a molla. Non abbassare la guardia!»
(Oooh, it's really spring loaded. Don't let your guard down!)
  • «È incastrato! Presto, splattalo!»
(He's stuck! Quick, splat him!)
  • «Sta usando un pugno trivella! Schivalo!»
(He's using a drill punch! Dodge it!)
  • «Pensaci bene... Non c'è niente che potresti lanciare dentro quel vampinchiostro?»
(Think about it... Isn't there anything you could throw into that Ink Vac?)
  • «Quel vampinchiostro è una pinna nel fianco. Puoi lanciarci dentro qualcosa per incepparlo?»
(That Ink Vac is a fin in the side. Can you throw something in it to jam it?)
  • «Bentornato, monellino! Non ti rilassare. Ti lanceremo di nuovo!»
(Welcome back, Smallfry! Don't get relaxed. We're gonna launch you again!)
  • «Oh-oh! Quel tuo amichetto ci calza a pinnello!»
(Uh-Uh! That little buddy of yours fits like a glove!)
  • «Pugno in arrivo! Rimandalo indietro!»
(Punch incoming! Send it back!)

DJ Octavius's Quotes
  • «GAH! Non riesco... ad aspirare!»
(GAH! I can't... vacuum!)
  • «Tieni il tuo ciarpame ittico lontano dalla mia attrezzatura!»
(Keep your fish junk off my gear!)
  • «Tu... aspiri alla vittoria, eh? Ma io aspiro di più!»
(You... aspire to victory, huh? But I aspire more!)
  • «GRAAAAH! Ora mi arrabbio davvero!»
(GRAAAAH! Now I'm really angry!)


Кальмостар's Quotes
  • «Октавио вывалился из своей махины! Ну же, проучи его!»
  • «Ого! Он выбросил малетчика обратно!»
  • «Твоя краска может отражать его удары!»
  • «Октавио снова выпал! Покончи с ним!»
  • «Закрашивай бурящие удары, как только они застрянут в земле
  • «Октавио открыт! Это твой шанс!»
  • «У него краскосос! Не дай ему втянуть свою краску
  • «Айда малетчик! Мне немного жаль мальца... Но по-другому никак!»
  • «Его хлопки пускают ударные волны. Перепрыгивай через них!»
  • «Ой-йо... Что-то он совсем разошелся. Держись!»
  • «Эта штука застряла! Закрашивай скорее!»
  • «Бурящий удар на подходе! УВОРАЧИВАЙСЯ!»
  • «Думай, агент, думай! Что бы такого забросить в краскосос?»
  • «Этот краскосос — та еще боль. Брось-ка в него что-нибудь, чтобы забился!»
  • «С возвращением, малетчик. Не расслабляйся только! Сейчас еще раз бросим!»
  • «О-хо-хо! А твой маленький товарищ отлично помещается!»
  • «Сейчас ударит! Стреляй, чтобы обратно полетело!»
DJ Октавио's Quotes
  • «ГР-РА! Не могу... втянуть...»
  • «Держи свою рыбу подальше от моего оборудования!»
  • «Что, мои биты больше не качают? А как тебе это?»
  • «А-А-А-А!!! Ух, как я зол!»

MexicoSpanish (North America)

Jibión's Quotes
  • «¡Octovius se cayó! ¡Ahora pégale con ganas!»
  • «¡Ups! Escamita salió disparado.»
  • «¡Si les disparas tinta, puedes enviarle sus propios puños de regreso!»
  • «¡Octovius se volvió a caer! ¡Acaba con él!»
  • «El mejor momento para atacar es cuando los puños taladradores se hayan quedado clavados en el suelo
  • «¡Ahí tienes a Octovius! ¡Es tu oportunidad!»
  • «¡No dejes que el aspiratinta absorba tu tinta, porque no será nada divertido!»
  • «¡Escamita es bueno para todo! Lo siento por el pobre pequeñín, ¡pero la técnica funciona!»
  • «Sus palmadas producen ondas de choque que se propagan por el suelo. ¡Cuidado con ellas!»
  • «Uuuy... Parece que se enojó de verdad. ¡No bajes la guardia!»
  • «¡Se quedó atascado! ¡Rápido, dale con tu tinta!»
  • «¡Te lanza un puño taladrador! ¡Esquívalo, rápido!»
  • «Piensa un poco... ¿Hay algo que le pudieras lanzar a ese aspiratinta?»
  • «Ese aspiratinta es un verdadero fastidio. ¿No podrías bloquearlo lanzándole algo?»
  • «¡Ah! ¡Bienvenido de nuevo, Escamita! Espera, no te acomodes mucho, ¡que te vamos a lanzar otra vez!»
  • «¡Uuu! ¡Está aspirando a Escamita! ¡A ver si se queda justo ahí encajado!»
  • «¡Te lanzó un puño! ¡Dispárale!»
DJ Octovius's Quotes
  • «¡Agh! ¡No puedo aspirar!»
  • «¡No trates de obstruir mi maquinaria!»
  • «¿No te gusta mi sonido? ¡Pues esto te va a encantar!»
  • «¡AAARRRGGGH! ¡Ahora sí que perdí la paciencia!»

SpainSpanish (Europe)

Jibión's Quotes
  • «¡Octovius se ha caído! ¡Aprovecha para pegarle con ganas!»
  • «¡Ups! El cenutrín ha salido disparado.»
  • «¡Si les disparas tinta, puedes enviar sus propios puños de vuelta hacia él!»
  • «¡Octovius ha vuelto a caer! ¡Duro con él!»
  • «El momento propicio para atacar es cuando los puños taladradores se hayan quedado clavados en el suelo
  • «¡Ahí tienes a Octovius! ¡Es tu oportunidad!»
  • «¡No dejes que el aspiratinta absorba tu tinta o lo vas a pasar mal!»
  • «¡El cenutrín vale para todo! Lo siento por el pequeñajo, ¡pero la técnica funciona!»
  • «Sus palmadas producen ondas de choque que se propagan por el suelo. ¡Cuidado con ellas!»
  • «Uuuy... Parece que se ha enfadado de verdad. ¡No bajes la guardia!»
  • «¡Se ha quedado atascado! ¡Rápido, dale con tu tinta!»
  • «¡Te lanza un puño taladrador! ¡Esquívalo, rápido!»
  • «Piensa un poco... ¿Hay algo que pudieras probar a lanzarle a ese aspiratinta?»
  • «Ese aspiratinta es un incordio de campeonato. ¿No podrías bloquearlo lanzándole alguna cosa?»
  • «¡Ah! ¡Bienvenido de nuevo, cenutrín! Espera, no te acomodes mucho, ¡que vamos a lanzarte otra vez!»
  • «¡Oooh! ¡Está absorbiendo al cenutrín! ¡A ver si se queda justo ahí encajado!»
  • «¡Te ha lanzado un puño! ¡Dispárale!»
DJ Octovius's Quotes
  • «¡Agh! ¡No puedo aspirar!»
  • «¡No trates de obstruir mi maquinaria!»
  • «¿Acaso crees que no aspiro a vencerte? ¡Pues a ver qué dices ahora!»
  • «¡AAARRRGGGH! ¡Ahora sí que me has irritado en serio!»

ChinaChinese (Simplified)

鱼干's Quotes
  • "芥末章鱼掉下来了!好好教训一下他!"
  • "哦,小鲑鱼被放出来了。"
  • "区区飞拳,用墨汁打回去!"
  • "芥末章鱼掉下来了!去搞定他吧——!!"
  • "钻头飞拳钻进地面之后是对付它的大好时机!"
  • "芥末章鱼出来了!抓住机会!"
  • "是吸墨机!墨汁被吸掉就糟糕了!"
  • "被吸得好啊!虽然有点对不住小鲑鱼……"
  • "对于手掌拍击攻击,要同时注意沿地面传过来的冲击波!"
  • "那家伙充满了干劲!千万不要大意!"
  • "就是现在!钻头钻进地面了!"
  • "钻头飞拳来了!总之先尽力躲避——!"
  • "有没有什么东西可以扔进吸墨机里……"
  • "吸墨机真是棘手…… 能不能扔什么东西过去,好堵住它呢?"
  • "哦,小鲑鱼你回来啦!下次也要拜托你喽。"
  • "哦,吸进去了吸进去了! 看来小鲑鱼会正好堵住吸嘴!"
  • "飞拳来了!打回去!"
DJ章鱼芥末将军's Quotes
  • "哼……无法吸墨了!"
  • "不要用多余的东西堵住吸嘴!"
  • "最新功能……准备!"
  • "哼哼——!我生气了!"

Hong KongChinese (Traditional)

魚乾's Quotes
  • 「可惡的芥末章魚摔下來了!快點去教訓他!」
  • 「唔,小鮭魚被排出來了。」
  • 「用墨汁把拳頭打回去吧!」
  • 「芥末章魚摔下來了!去做個了結吧!!」
  • 「當鑽頭拳陷進地面後就是進攻的大好機會!」
  • 「芥末章魚現身了!好機會!」
  • 「是吸墨機!要是墨汁被吸收掉的話可就糟了!」
  • 「被吸得剛剛好!不過對小鮭魚有點抱歉就是……」
  • 「遇到掌擊的時候,也得注意地面傳過來的震波喔!」
  • 「那傢伙現在鬥志十足的!千萬別大意了!」
  • 「陷進地面了!就趁現在!」
  • 「是鑽頭拳!先想辦法躲開吧!」
  • 「有沒有什麼東西能拿來丟吸墨機呢……」
  • 「吸墨機還真是棘手…… 能不能丟個什麼東西把機器堵住呢?」
  • 「哦,小鮭魚回來了!之後也要交給你囉。」
  • 「哦~吸進去了、吸進去了! 看來小鮭魚剛好可以把機器堵住!」
  • 「拳頭要飛過來了!打回去吧!」
DJ芥末章魚將軍's Quotes
  • 「嘰……沒辦法吸收了!」
  • 「不要亂丟髒東西堵住我的機器!」
  • 「最新功能……就緒!」
  • 「嘰嘰——!我生氣了!」

South KoreaKorean

마르징오's Quotes
  • "문추냉이가 떨어졌구먼! 혼쭐을 내 주게!"
  • "음, 꼬마연어가 내팽개쳐졌구먼"
  • "펀치 따위 잉크로 맞받아쳐 버리게나!"
  • "문추냉이가 떨어졌네! 마무리를 짓게나~!!"
  • "드릴 펀치는 박힌 다음에 공격하게나!"
  • "문추냉이가 나왔구먼! 기회일세!"
  • "흡입기인가! 잉크를 빨리면 귀찮아질 걸세!"
  • "그것참 시원하게도 빨아들이는구먼! 꼬마연어는 가엾게 됐지만…"
  • "손바닥으로 치는 공격은 땅에 퍼지는 웨이브도 주의하게나!"
  • "저 녀석, 의욕이 넘치는구먼! 방심해서는 안 되네!"
  • "지금이네! 땅에 박혔어!"
  • "드릴 펀치구먼! 일단 피하게나~!"
  • "흡입기에 던져 넣을 만한 것이 없나…"
  • "흡입기가 성가시구먼… 뭔가를 던져 넣으면 막히지 않겠나?"
  • "오오, 꼬마연어가 돌아왔구먼! 다음에도 부탁함세"
  • "오오, 쭉쭉 빨아들이는구먼! 꼬마연어가 꼭 끼이겠어!"
  • "펀치가 오는구먼! 맞받아치게나!"
DJ 문추냉이 장군's Quotes
  • "긱… 빨아들일 수 없다!"
  • "쓸데없는 것을 집어넣지 마라!"
  • "최신 기능… 준비!"
  • "기기익~! 나의 분노를 받아라!"



  • The Octobot King L3.Gs' spinning fist attack was originally featured in Splatoon 2.
  • The version name of the boss, L3.Gs, resembles the word LEGS and is a reference to the fact that this Octobot King has legs while the prior versions do not, as well as the recurring theme of the number three in Splatoon 3.
  • This is the first time DJ Octavio is fought as a boss that is not the final boss. Instead, he serves as the first boss.
    • He is also the only boss in Splatoon 3 to not feature a title.
  • Unlike the other bosses in Return of the Mammalians, DJ Octavio will not begin attacking the player until they move from the starting position, jump, or perform a Splashdown.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese タコツボキング 局地戦仕様
宿敵! DJタコワサ将軍

Takotsubokingu kyokuchi-sen shiyō
Shukuteki! DJ Takowasa Shōgun
Octobot King - Limited Warfare Spec.
Our Old Enemy! DJ Octavio
Netherlands Dutch Octotiran P0-T3N
Wraak van de achtarmige bandiet!
Octo Tyrant P0-T3N [a]
Revenge of the eight-armed bandit!
CanadaFrance French Léviatank POD
Le retour du psychopathe à huit pattes
Octobot POD [b]
Return of the eight-legged psychopath
Germany German Oktotyrann HXN
Acht Arme für ein Rachegewitter!
Octo Tyrant HXN [c]
Eight arms for a thunderous revenge!
Italy Italian Re Polpobot 2.0
L'arcinemico tentacolare ritorna!
King Octopobot 2.0
The tentacled archenemy returns!
Russia Russian Великий ОсьмуРУК
Восьмирукое чудище возвращается!

Velikiy Os'muRUK
The Great OctoHANDS
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Octotrón P4-T4S
¡El regreso de DJ Octovius, el octoarchienemigo!
Octobot P4-T4S [d]
Spain Spanish (NOE) Pulpotrón P4-T4S
¡DJ Octovius ataca de nuevo!
Octobot P4-T4S [e]
China Chinese (Simplified) 蛸壶王者 区域战型

Xiāo hú wángzhě qūyù zhàn xíng
Octobot King Zoner
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 蛸壺王者 區域戰型

Shāo hú wángzhě qūyù zhàn xíng
Octobot King Zoner
South Korea Korean 문어 단지 킹:국지전 버전
숙적! DJ 문추냉이 장군

mun-eo danji king:gugjijeon beojeon
Octobot King: Zoner

Translation notes

  1. From poten ("legs").
  2. Possibly from the Greek word πόδι podi ("foot" or "leg"). It can also be the acronym for propuleur omnidirectionnel ("omnidirectional thrusters").
  3. From Haxen ("legs")
  4. From patas ("legs")
  5. From patas ("legs")