The Ursine Anomaly - #03

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05: The Spirit Lifter: First Class
Return of the Mammalians missions
Boss: Return of the Mammalians (mission)
For the character, see Mr. Grizz.
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The Ursine Anomaly - #03
Stop Mr. Grizz!
Site Alterna Space Center
Fee Power Egg Alternas No Fee
Lives 1
Clear Rewards
Power Egg Alternas None
Clear Rewards
Power Egg Alternas None
Music Bear with Me
Well, well. Such dedication to your work. I think you've earned yourself a break.

Now come here... SO I CAN BREAK YOU.

— Mr. Grizz, before the battle

The Ursine Anomaly - #03 is the penultimate phase in the finale sequence of Return of the Mammalians in Splatoon 3.

Boss appearance

The Ursine Anomaly - #03
Mr. Grizz
— Intro to Mr. Grizz.

The boss is Mr. Grizz. He appears to be a large grizzly bear with Fuzzy Ooze splotches on his body. After absorbing the Fuzzy Ooze on his rocket, he grows into an even larger size.


Note: Due to the level having no fee, there is no limit to retrying from checkpoints.

Agent 3 and Smallfry will battle Mr. Grizz on the surface of his rocket, which is covered in Fuzzy Ooze. Agent 3 has to carefully navigate the rocket surface to reach Mr. Grizz. Golden Eggs are found on the rocket, and Agent 3 has to use them to have Smallfry clear the Fuzzy Ooze patches as well as splatting the Fuzzballs on Mr. Grizz's body.

First Phase

Mr. Grizz will first fire two Octorpedoes and Triple Inkstrikes at Agent 3. To clear the first section of Fuzzy Ooze, Agent 3 must collect the two Golden Eggs on the rocket. Once they have collected them, they need to power up Smallfry to toss him at the Fuzzball that is blocking their way. When Agent 3 is close to Mr. Grizz (specifically, after removing the Fuzzy Ooze with Golden Eggs), he may do one of the following:

  • Extends his claw and fires a blast of ink in the shape of a claw with 5 trails of ink. To dodge this attack, you can move aside, or if you are too close to the ink and cannot do this, move in between the claws. Being hit by it will destroy Agent 3's armor.
  • Slams with both arms, damaging Agent 3 and knock them away if they are too close.
  • Continues firing Triple Inkstrikes.

Agent 3 has to shoot the patch until the Fuzzball behind it is revealed, then collect the 3 Golden Eggs and power up Smallfry to clear it. The area where the Fuzzball was will be covered in a patch of yellow ink. Mr. Grizz will then retreat to reveal new areas.

Second Phase

Right after entering the second phase, Mr. Grizz will curl up and proceed to roll, causing the rocket to rotate. The rocket will rotate for a full circle. Octocopters will also be summoned in addition to other Octarians. Mr. Grizz will again attack Agent 3 with the aforementioned attacks after they clear the Fuzzy Ooze in front of him.

Third Phase

Mr. Grizz will fire the Triple Inkstrikes more aggressively. After clearing the first Fuzzy Ooze patch, Mr. Grizz will rotate the rocket again. After clearing the second Fuzzy Ooze patch, Mr. Grizz will sit down and unleash a Killer Wail-like laser beam before continuing with his attacks.

After all three Fuzzballs are splatted, Mr. Grizz will absorb all the Fuzzy Ooze on the rocket, knocking Agent 3 and Smallfry away in the process. This will begin the second part of the battle, Return of the Mammalians.

Enemies and Mechanics

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  • Mr. Grizz's intro theme and battle theme are remixes of Happy Little Workers from Splatoon 2.
  • This is the first time in the Splatoon series a playable character leaves Earth, and the first time where space is seen in the game.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 実験体 熊三号

Jikken-tai kumasan-gō
Kumasan o oikakemashou
Test Subject Bear No.3
Chase Mr. Grizz![note 1]
Netherlands Dutch Berenexperiment 03
Stop Ted B.!
Bear Experiment 03
Stop Mr. Grizz!
France French (NOE) L'ursidé non-élucidé - n°3
Déjoue les plans de M. Ours !
The Unsolved Ursidae - n°3
Foil Mr. Grizz's plans!
Germany German Bärenanomalie 03
Halte Herrn Bär auf!
Bear Anomaly 03
Stop Mr. Grizz!
Italy Italian Anomalia Ursina #3
Ferma Ursus!
Ursine Anomaly #3
Stop Mr. Grizz!
Russia Russian Косолапая аномалия 03
Kosolapaya anomaliya 03
Clubfooted anomaly 03
SpainMexico Spanish Sujeto experimental oso n.° 3
Ve tras Don Oso.
Experimental subject bear No. 3
Go after Mr. Grizz.
China Chinese 实验体 熊三号
Shíyàn tǐ xióng sān hào
Test Subject Bear No.3
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 實驗體 熊三號
Shíyàn tǐ xióng sān hào
Test Subject Bear No.3
South Korea Korean 실험체 곰 3호
Silheomche gom 3 ho
Specimen Bear No.3

Translation notes

  1. "Kuma-san" is the Japanese name for Mr. Grizz. As the honorific サン (-san) and the number 三 (3) are both pronounced "san", the two names are homophones in Japanese.