Bet You Mist Us!

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05-13: Learn to Reflect, and This One Is in the Bank
Return of the Mammalians missions
06-02: Octarian Heights

Bet You Mist Us!
Defeat the enemies sneaking around in the mist, and reach the goal.
Alterna 0601.jpg
Site Happiness Research Lab
Fee Power Eggs No fee
Lives 3
Weapons and Rewards

S3 Weapon Main Hero Shot Level 1 Flat.pngS3 Weapon Sub Smallfry.png

S3 Weapon Main Clash Blaster Flat.pngS3 Weapon Sub Curling Bomb Flat.png

S3 Weapon Main Splatana Stamper Flat.pngS3 Weapon Sub Burst Bomb Flat.png

Power Eggs 500 Power Eggs 600 Power Eggs 600

First-time Bonus Power Eggs Undocumented
Music Octoling Rendezvous

Bet You Mist Us! is the 56th level in Splatoon 3's story mode, Return of the Mammalians.


The course has low visibility, making the player unable to see very far ahead of them. The enemies in this stage are primarily Octolings, which will spawn and super jump near the player. This level is one of only two in which Octoling Rendezvous plays, the other being After Alterna.

Enemies and Mechanics

First Introduced

Previously Introduced

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Netherlands Dutch Octolings in de mist
Versla de tegenstanders in de mist en bereik het doel!
Octolings in the mist
Defeat the opponents in the mist and reach the goal!
Russia Russian Сгиньте в туман!
Одолейте врагов, шныряющих в тумане, и доберитесь до цели.

Sgin'te v tuman!
Odoleyte vragov, shnyryayushchikh v tumane, i doberites' do tseli.
Get lost in the mist!
Defeat the enemies scurrying through the mist and reach the goal.
China Chinese (Simplified) 那日常,染上了非日常的色彩。

Nā rìcháng, rǎn shàng le fēirìcháng de sècǎi.
Zhuǎi yī quān dǐdá zhōngdiǎn.
The usual, tainted by unusual colors.
Loop around and reach the goal.