Boxes Locked! Keys, Please!

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02: Sink into the Ink and SWIM!
Return of the Mammalians missions
04: What Are They? Can We Stop Them?!

Boxes Locked! Keys, Please!
Site The Crater
Fee Power Egg Alternas No Fee
Clear Rewards
Power Egg Alternas 500
Clear Rewards
Power Egg Alternas 100
Music Crater Eighters Routine
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Boxes Locked! Keys, Please!

Boxes Locked! Keys, Please! is the 3rd level in Splatoon 3's story mode, Return of the Mammalians.


The location of the third Kettle in The Crater.

Accessing the third level is unsurprisingly another straightforward process, as the player has to continue walking down the corridors yet again until their path is blocked by more Fuzzy Ooze. On their left, they will see the kettle.



The first vault hiding an inkrail.

The level starts off with the player being confronted with a bunch of Crates. Among them is a vault to which the responding key is just ahead, hidden inside a crate. After unlocking the vault, the player can use an Inkrail to progress to the next checkpoint.


The main section with three different paths.

The final section begins with the player given the choice between 3 paths. For the path in the middle, the player has to activate a Splat-Switch, but then will see that to progress further they need to get past two more vaults. On the left there is another inkrail, leading to a small portion where two Octocopters will try to shoot at the player. A vault will be surrounded by grates. When the player finds the key, they can unlock the vault revealing yet another inkrail. While that inkrail will lead back to where the section started, it will be essential to progress further soon enough.

The player getting attacked.

Afterwards, the player should progress to the right path, where the player has to throw Smallfry towards another inkrail in order to activate it. Then they will be required to activate once more an inkrail leading up a small tower, on top there is a crate holding a key and yet again an inkrail, however this time the player will realize that they cannot reach it from there, they can merely activate it. After returning back to the main section, they will see that they can use the inkrail to jump on top of the other and reach a new area, hiding the last key required. After unlocking the two vaults, they will have to activate the last inkrail of the level and ride towards the Zapfish, finishing the level.

The player jumping from one inkrail to the other.

Enemies and Mechanics

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USAUnited Kingdom English

During the mission:
How 'bout that. Nice moves you got there!
Thar she glows! I can see the Zapfish from here.
Remember-you can slip under or through grates by pressin' to get into swim form.
Aha! You activated an inkrail! Hop on and ride it by pressing .
If your ink won't reach, it's Smallfry's time to shine!
You wanna get to what's inside that vault? You gotta find a key!
Think you could jump from one inkrail to another? It's worth a shot!
Now, don't panic, but if you let go of , you'll fall to your doom. So hold on tight!
Try as you might, I don't think you're gonna be able to hop onto the inkrail from here...
Octocopter spotted! Ink it up!
Well, well, well. Another vault. Find the key!
There it is! Grab that key and unlock the vault.
There you go. Now ink up that thingamabob!
After the mission:
Keep it up, Agent 3! You're making me proud.
Now, I don't wanna ruffle your tentacles any further than they've already been aruffled, but...
Those fuzzy Octarians are freakin' me out.I think we oughta consider callin' some backup.
Lemme just fire up the ol' communicator... Check, check! This is Cuttlefish, over. Do you copy?
Agent 2
Agent 2 here. Over.
Agent 2
Wait—Gramps? Is that you? Where are you?
Agent 2
Agent 1, this is Agent 2. Gramps has wandered off again. Over.
Agent 1
Well, what are we waiting for, Agent 2? Let's go collect him!
Agent 2
...Roger that. Stay fresh!
...Did they just hang up on me?!
Agents these days, am I right? So impatient...
Ksss-ksssh! Kssssssht!
GYA...A HA... Cuttl... I foun... you!
Dagnabbit, this ol' thing is busted. Oh well.
C'mon, let's go!

Japan Japanese

During the mission:
  • 「ほ~! テクニカルじゃのゥ!
  • 「遠くにデンチナマズが見えるのゥ」
  • カナアミをぬけるときは を押しとくんじゃぞ」
  • 「それはインクレールじゃ! で乗れるぞィ」
  • 「インクが届かんときは コジャケの出番じゃな!」
  • ドアがあるぞィ どこかにカギがないか?」
  • インクレールの上でジャンプすれば 高くとべるぞィ 試しにやってみィ!」
  • を離すと落ちるから 気をつけるんじゃぞ!」
  • 「ここからではインクレールに届かんようじゃの」
  • タコプターがおるぞィ! とっちめるんじゃ!」
  • 「またドアじゃな、カギを探すんじゃ!」
  • 「あったぞ、カギじゃ!」
  • 「ウム、試しに撃ってみィ!」

Netherlands Dutch

During the mission:
  • "Kijk eens aan, jij bent handig!"
(Look at that, you are handy!)
  • "Voltvis in zicht! Die is er gloeiend bij!"
(Zapfish in sight! That one there is caught red-handed!) [NoteNL 1]
  • "Vergeet niet dat je altijd ingedrukt kunt houden om in zwemvorm door hekken heen te glippen."
(Don't forget that you can always hold pressed to slip through grates in swim form.)
  • "O, je hebt een inktrail aangezet! Houd ingedrukt om je ermee te verplaatsen!"
(Oh, you have turned on an ink rail! Hold pressed to move yourself with it!)
  • "Als de afstand te groot is voor je inkt, dan moet je de hulp van je Salmini inschakelen!"
(If the distance is too great for your ink, you must call in the help of your Smallfry!)
  • "Wil je uitvissen wat er in die kluis zit? Dan zul je de sleutel moeten zien te vinden!"
(Do you want to figure out what is in that vault? Then you will have to see finding the key!)
  • "Denk je dat je van de ene inktrail naar de andere kunt springen? Wie niet waagt, die niet wint!"
(Do you think you can jump from one ink rail to the other one? Nothing ventured, nothing gained!)
  • "Niet om het een of ander, maar als je loslaat, dan stort je in het bodemloze niks. Maar geen stress, oké?"
(I don't mean to disrespect, but if you let go of , you will plummet into the bottomless nothingness. But no pressure, okay?)
  • "Je wilt vanaf hier op de inktrail springen? Ik denk dat dat iets te ambitieus is..."
(You want to jump to the ink rail from here? I think that is a bit too ambitious...)
  • "Een Octokopter! Schiet hem uit de lucht!"
(An Octocopter! Shoot it out of the sky!)
  • "Kijk eens aan. Weer een kluis. Dan moeten we weer op zoek naar een sleutel!"
(Look at that. Another vault. Then we must seek a key again!)
  • "Daar hebben we hem! Pak de sleutel en open de kluis!"
(There we have it! Get the key and open the vault!)
  • "Heel goed! Geef nu dat... ding daar een fris kleurtje!"
(Very well! Now give that... thing there a fresh color!)
  1. A pun on the idiom er gloeiend bij zijn ("to be caught red-handed") and the literal meaning of the sentence, "that one there is glowing."
After the mission:
  • "Blijf je best doen, agent 3! Ik ben trots op je!"
(Keep up the good work, Agent 3! I am proud of you!)
  • "Alleen even het volgende... Ik wil niet zeggen dat ik met mijn tentakels in het haar zit..."
(Just listen to the following... I don't want to say I am at my wits' end...)[NoteNL 1]
  • "...maar ik krijg de kriebels van die harige Octarianen. Wat extra hulp zou niet verkeerd zijn."
(...but those hairy Octarians give me the jitters. Some extra help wouldn't hurt.)
  • "Laat mij maar even een oproep doen... Test, test! Hier spreekt Kraak. Over. Horen jullie mij?"
(Just let me make a call... Test, test! This is Cuttlefish speaking. Over. Do you hear me?)
  • "Dit is agent 2. Over..."
(This is Agent 2. Over...)
  • "W-Wacht... opa? Ben jij dat? Waar ben je?"
(W-Wait... grandpa? Is that you? Where are you?)
  • "Agent 1, dit is agent 2. Opa is weer met een of andere stroom meegedreven en verdwaald. Over."
(Agent 1, this is Agent 2. Grandpa has gone with one or another flow again and is lost. Over.)
  • "Ja, hoor! Zo typisch! Oké, agent 2, tijd om opa als de wiereweerga op te vissen! Over en uit!"
(Of course he is! So typical! Okay, Agent 2, time to fish up grandpa like greased lightning![NoteNL 2] Over and out!)
  • "Begrepen! Blijf vers, opa! Over en uit!"
(Understood! Stay fresh, grandpa! Over and out!)
  • "... Hebben ze de verbinding verbroken?!"
(... Did they break up the connection?!)
  • "De agenten van tegenwoordig... Totaal geen geduld..."
(The agents of today... totally no patience...)
  • "Krrrrzzzzz! Krrrzzzkkkzzz!"
(Krrrrzzzzz! Krrrzzzkkkzzz!)
  • "MW... AHAHAKKKRRR... aaakkk... GGG... vvvondddnnn..."
(MW... AHAHACCUUTTLL... iisshh.... FFF... ooounddd yyy...)
  • "Nou krijgt dit ouwe ding ook nog kuren. Ach, daar valt nu niks aan te doen."
(Now this old thing is acting up too. Oh well, there is nothing to be done about that now.)
  • "Kom, we gaan!"
(Come, were are going!)
  1. From met de handen in het haar zitten, equivalent of "to be at one's wits' end", and tentakels ("tentacles").
  2. From als de wiedeweerga, equivalent of "like greased lightning", and wier ("seaweed").

Canada French (North America)

During the mission:
  • « Quel talent! T'as ça dans le sang! »
  • « Quand ça brille dans l'coin, c'est qu'le poisson-charge est pas loin... D'ailleurs, j'le vois d'ici! »
  • « J'te rappelle qu'il te suffit d'appuyer sur pour te transformer et traverser les grilles. »
  • « Aha! T'as activé un fil d'encre! Plus qu'à bondir dessus et à appuyer sur . »
  • « Si ta cible est pas à portée, envoie Salmio faire le boulot! »
  • « Tu veux faire main basse sur le contenu du portail ? Trouve une clé d'abord! »
  • « Je m'demande si t'es capable de sauter d'un fil d'encre à l'autre... Mais y'a qu'un seul moyen d'le savoir! »
  • « J'veux pas te faire peur, mais si tu lâches , tu fais l'grand plongeon. Alors, accroche-toi! »
  • « Tu peux bondir aussi loin qu'tu veux, t'arriveras jamais à atteindre le fil d'encre d'ici... »
  • « Tentavoles repérés! Liquide-les! »
  • « Tiens, encore un portail. À toi de trouver la clé! »
  • « Voilà la clé! Empoche-la et fonce déverrouiller l'portail! »
  • « Et voilà. Maintenant, encre-moi c'bidule! »

France French (Europe)

During the mission:
  • « Quel talent ! T'as ça dans le sang ! »
  • « Quand ça brille dans l'coin, c'est qu'le poisson-charge est pas loin... D'ailleurs, j'le vois d'ici ! »
  • « J'te rappelle qu'il te suffit d'appuyer sur pour te transformer et traverser les grilles. »
  • « Aha ! T'as activé un fil d'encre ! Plus qu'à bondir dessus et à appuyer sur . »
  • « Si ta cible est pas à portée, envoie l'Salmioche faire le boulot ! »
  • « Tu veux faire main basse sur le contenu du portail  ? Trouve une clé d'abord ! »
  • « Je m'demande si t'es capable de sauter d'un fil d'encre à l'autre... Mais y a qu'un seul moyen d'le savoir ! »
  • « J'veux pas t'flanquer les chocottes, mais si tu lâches , tu fais l'grand plongeon. Alors accroche-toi ! »
  • « Tu peux bondir aussi loin qu'tu veux, t'arriveras jamais à atteindre le fil d'encre d'ici... »
  • « Tentavoles repérés ! Liquide-les ! »
  • « Tiens, encore un portail. À toi de trouver la clé ! »
  • « Voilà la clé ! Empoche-la et fonce déverrouiller l'portail ! »
  • « Et voilà. Maintenant, encre-moi c'bidule ! »

Germany German

During the mission:
  • „Was sagt man dazu... Du hast es drauf!"
  • „Da ist der Elektrowels! Ich seh schon das Leuchten!"
  • „Nicht vergessen! Halte gedrückt, um in Schwimmform durch Gitter zu flutschen."
  • „Du hast ein Sepiadukt aktiviert! Nutze es, indem du gedrückt hältst."
  • „Wenn die Entfernung zu weit ist für deine Tinte, muss dir dein Salmini aushelfen!"
  • „Willst du den Container öffnen? Dann brauchst du 'nen Schlüssel!"
  • „Schaffst du den Sprung zum nächsten Sepiadukt? Versuch macht kluch! ...Klug. Pardon."
  • „Äh, nur nebenbei. Wenn du hier loslässt, stürzt du ins BODENLOSE NICHTS. Aber kein Stress, ja?"
  • „Ich glaube nicht, dass du es von hier auf das Sepiadukt schaffst..."
  • „Ein Oktokopter! Hol ihn vom Himmel!"
  • „Na so was, noch ein Container. Dann brauchen wir wohl auch noch einen Schlüssel."
  • „Da haben wir ihn ja! Schnapp dir den Schlüssel und öffne den Container."
  • „So, das wär's. Dann färb das Dingsda mal ein!"

Italy Italian

During the mission:
  • «Ma guarda un po'. Abilità mica da ridere!»
(But look at this. Skill is no laughing matter!)
  • «Merluzzacci! Vedo il pescescossa da qui.»
(Codfish[NoteIT 1]! I see the Zapfish from here.)
  • «Ricorda che puoi passare sotto o attraversare le grate premendo per trasformarti in mollusco.»
(Remember that you can pass under or through the grates by pressing to transform into a(n) squid/octopus.
  • «Ah! Hai attivato una colorotaia! Saltaci su e scivolaci sopra premendo
(Oh! You have activated a inkrail! Jump onto it and slide across it by pressing .)
  • «Se non ci arrivi con l'inchiostro, lascia la scena al monello
(If you can't get there with ink, leave the scene to your little buddy!)
  • «Vuoi quello che c'è dentro quel portale ? Trova la chiave
(Do you want what's inside that vault ? Find the key!)
  • «Pensi di poter saltare da una colorotaia all'altra? Vale la pena provare!»
(Do you think you can jump from one inkrail to another? Worth a try!)
  • «Ora, niente panico, ma se rilasci finirai in pasto ai pesci. Quindi tieniti forte!»
(Now, don't panic, but if you release you'll end up feeding the fishes[NoteIT 2]. So hold on tight!)
  • «Puoi provarci altre cento volte, ma non credo che riuscirai a saltare sulla colorotaia da qui...»
(You can try a hundred more times, but I don't think you'll be able to jump onto the ladder from here...)
  • «Polpottero in vista! Inchiostralo!»
(Octocopterin sight! Ink it!)
  • «Bene, bene, bene. Un altro portale. Trova la chiave
(Well, well, well. Another vault. Find the key!)
  • «Eccola! Prendi quella chiave e sblocca il portale.»
(Here it is! Take that key and unlock the portal.)
  • «Ecco fatto. Ora inchiostra quell'affare!»
(Done. Now ink that thing!)
  1. As in "Oh my goodness!"
  2. As in "you'll end up in your doom"
After the mission:
  • «Continua così, Numero 3! Sono orgoglioso di te!»
(Keep it up, Number 3! I'm proud of you!)
  • «Ora, non voglio aggiungere altre preoccupazioni alla tua stiva, ma...»
(Now, I don't want to add to your worries, but...)
  • «Quegli Octariani pelosi mi angosciano. Penso che dovremmo considerare l'ipotesi di chiamare rinforzi.»
(Those fuzzy Octarians distress me. I think we should consider calling for backup.)
  • «Fammi accendere la trasmittente... Prova, prova! Qui parla Seppia, passo. Mi ricevete?»
(Let me turn on the communicator... Check, Check! This is Cuttlefish speaking, over. Do you receive me?
  • «Qui Numero 2. Passo.»
(Here Agent 2. Over.)
  • «Un attimo. Nonno? Sei tu? Dove sei?»
(Wait a minute. Gramps? Is that you? Where are you?)
  • «Numero 1, qui Numero 2. Il nonno si è allontanato di nuovo. Passo»
(Agent 1, here Agent 2. Grandps is gone again. Over.)
  • «Beh, cosa stiamo aspettando, Numero 2? Andiamo a recuperarlo!»
(Well, what are we waiting for, Agent 2? Let's go get him!)
  • «... Ricevuto. Sempre in gambero!»
(... Roger that. Stay fresh!)
  • «..."Recuperarmi", hanno detto... come se fossi un relitto sommerso... BAH!»
(..."Get me", they said... as if I were a submerged wreck... BAH!)
  • «Bzzzzt! Bzzzzt!»
(Bzzzzt! Bzzzzt!)
  • «...G... CH... Sep... Ti ho t-t-tro... vato!»
(...G... CH... Cuttl... I've f-f-fou... nd you!)
  • «Per tutte le ancore arrugginite, questo affare è rotto. Beh, pace.»
(For all the rusty anchors[NoteIT 1], this thing is broken. Well, peace.)
  • «Forza, andiamo!»
(Come on, let's go!)
  1. As in "Oh my goodness!"

Russia Russian

During the mission:
  • «Ого, вот это я понимаю, приемчик!»
  • «Вижу вольторыба
  • «Помни, жми , чтобы использовать краскоплыв и проплыть сквозь решетки
  • «Краскорельс включился! Чтобы прокатиться на нем, запрыгивай и жми
  • «Если цель слишком далеко, бросай малетчика
  • «Хочешь достать то, что лежит в бункере ? Тогда ищи ключ !»
  • «Попробуй перепрыгнуть с одного краскорельса на другой. Только не свались!»
  • «Ты только не пугайся, но если отпустишь , то свалишься прямиком в пропасть. Так что держись!»
  • «Можешь даже не пытаться запрыгнуть на краскорельс отсюда...»
  • «Обнаружен осьмолет! Крась его!»
  • «Так-так, еще один бункер. Значит, где-то есть еще один ключ
  • «А вот и ключ нашелся. Хватай его и тащи к бункеру!»
  • «Вуаля! А теперь закрашивай эту штуковину!»

Mexico Spanish (North America)

During the mission:
  • «Vaya, vaya. ¡Cómo dominas la técnica!»
  • «¡Mil bigotes de langosta! ¡Por ahí veo el volbagre
  • «Recuerda que puedes atravesar rejillas si oprimes para transformarte y nadar por la tinta.»
  • «¡Muy bien! Lograste activar el tintarriel. Ahora usa para deslizarte por él.»
  • «Si no logras llegar disparando tinta, ¡quizá debas darle una oportunidad a Escamita
  • «¿Quieres obtener lo que hay en esa bóveda ? ¡Pues tendrás que encontrar la llave !»
  • «¿Te sientes capaz de saltar de un tintarriel a otro? ¡Vale la pena intentarlo!»
  • «No pierdas la calma. Procura no soltar o caerás al vacío. ¡Sujétate fuerte!»
  • «Dudo mucho que puedas alcanzar ese tintarriel desde aquí...»
  • «¡Octocóptero a la vista! ¡Entíntalo!»
  • «Vaya, vaya... Conque otra bóveda... ¡Tienes que encontrar la llave
  • «¡Ahí está! Agarra la llave para abrir la bóveda.»
  • «¡Ahora dispárale a esa cosa, a ver!»

Spain Spanish (Europe)

During the mission:
  • «¡Albricias! ¡Qué dominio de la técnica!»
  • «¡Mil bigotes de langosta! ¡Por allí veo el siluro
  • «Recuerda que puedes atravesar rejillas si pulsas para transformarte y nadar por la tinta.»
  • «¡Muy bien! Has logrado activar el tintransportador. Ahora usa para avanzar por él.»
  • «Si no consigues llegar disparando tinta, ¡quizá debas darle una oportunidad al cenutrín
  • «¿Quieres obtener lo que guarda ese cerrojo ? ¡Pues tendrás que encontrar la llave !»
  • «¿Te ves capaz de saltar de un tintransportador a otro? ¡Merece la pena intentarlo!»
  • «No pierdas la calma. Procura no soltar o caerás al vacío. ¡Sujétate fuerte!»
  • «Dudo mucho que puedas alcanzar ese tintransportador desde aquí...»
  • «¡Octocóptero a la vista! ¡Dale lo que se merece!»
  • «Vaya, vaya... Así que otro cerrojo... ¡A ver dónde hay una llave
  • «¡Ahí está! Hazte con la llave para abrir el cerrojo.»
  • «¡Ahora dispárale a esa cosa, a ver!»

China Chinese (Simplified)

During the mission:
  • "哦~!技巧不错啊!"
  • "能看见远处的电池鲶鱼了。"
  • "想穿过铁丝网时,就按吧。"
  • "那是墨汁轨道! 按可以乘上去哦!"
  • "墨汁发射的攻击距离不够时,就让小鲑鱼出场吧!"
  • "这里有一扇。 不知道钥匙在哪呢?"
  • "在墨汁轨道跳跃的话,可以跳得很高哦。 试试看吧!"
  • "松开就会掉下来,要小心哦!"
  • "从这里好像够不到墨汁轨道。"
  • "有章鱼螺旋桨兵! 狠狠教训他们一顿吧!"
  • "又有了,去寻找钥匙吧!"
  • "找到钥匙了!"
  • "嗯,试着发射看看吧!"

Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional)

During the mission:
  • 「哦~!身手挺厲害的嘛!」
  • 「可以看到遠方的電池鯰魚了呢。」
  • 「想穿越鐵絲網的時候就按下吧。」
  • 「那是墨汁軌道! 按下就能進行移動了。」
  • 「墨汁射不到的話就該派小鮭魚上場了!」
  • 「有個呢, 鑰匙會不會就在某個地方呢?」
  • 「只要在墨汁軌道跳躍就可以跳得非常高喔! 快去試試看吧!」
  • 「一旦放開就會掉下來,所以千萬要小心喔!」
  • 「看來似乎沒辦法從這裡碰到墨汁軌道呢。」
  • 「有章魚螺旋槳兵呢! 狠狠地教訓他們吧!」
  • 「又有了,去找鑰匙吧!」
  • 「找到了,是鑰匙!」
  • 「嗯,試著發射看看吧!」

South Korea Korean

During the mission:
  • "호오~! 테크니컬하구먼!"
  • "저 멀리 전지메기가 보이는구먼"
  • "철망을 통과할 때는 을 누르고 있게나"
  • "그것은 잉크 레일일세! 로 올라탈 수 있지"
  • "잉크가 닿지 않을 때는 꼬마연어가 나설 차례일세!"
  • "도어가 있구먼 혹시 열쇠 못 봤나?"
  • "잉크 레일 위에서 점프하면 높이 뛸 수 있다네 한번 시험해 보게나!"
  • "에서 손을 떼면 떨어지니 조심하게나!"
  • "여기에서는 잉크 레일로 갈 수 없을 듯하네…"
  • "문어콥터가 있구먼! 끽소리도 못 하게 만들어 주게나!"
  • "또 도어구먼, 열쇠를 찾아보게!"
  • "찾았구먼, 열쇠일세!"
  • "음, 시험 삼아 잉크를 쏘아 보게!"

Names in other languages

Translation needed
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Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 怪奇!閉ざされたドアに■■■■■■を発見?!
Kaiki! Tozasareta doa ni ■■■■■■ wo hakken?!
Weird! ■■■■■■ discovered behind the closed door?!
Netherlands Dutch Achter slot en grendel! Sleutels graag! Under lock and key! Keys please!
Canada French (NOA) Caisses vérouillées! Par ici, les clés! Crates locked! Hand over the keys!
France French (NOE) Caisses vérouillées ! Par ici, les clés ! Crates locked! Hand over the keys!
Germany German Schlüsselerlebnis für Spürnasen! Key experience for people with intuition!
Italy Italian È tutto chiuso! Servono le chiavi! It's all closed! Keys needed!
Russia Russian Ящики заперты! Нужны ключи!
Yashchiki zaperty! Nuzhny klyuchi!
Boxes locked! Keys needed!
Mexico Spanish (NOA) ¿Cajas cerradas? ¡A buscar llaves! Locked vaults? Look for keys!
Spain Spanish (NOE) ¿Cerrojos al canto? ¡A buscar llaves! Locked Locks? To search keys, then!
China Chinese (Simplified) 怪诞!在紧闭的门中发现了■■■■■■?!
Guàidàn! Zài jǐnbì de mén zhōng fāxiànle ■■■■■■?!
Weird! ■■■■■■ discovered behind the firmly shut door?!