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The Hero gear shown at full strength.
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For the outfits worn in Splatoon and Splatoon 2, as well as the clothing worn in Return of the Mammalians missions that do not use the Hero Gear, see Hero Suit.

The Hero Gear is the set of equipment used by Agent 3 while exploring Alterna, and is also present as a weapon option for golden kettles.


The Hero Gear consists of the Hero Shot and Smallfry by default. It is also equipped with Splashdown, which operates exactly like special weapons do in multiplayer matches (i.e. the special gauge charges as the player inks turf, and the player can use Splashdown with when it is full). Whenever the player obtains a Canned Special, it temporarily replaces Splashdown and the special gauge is immediately filled. Once the Canned Special is used, the special gauge is reset to zero regardless of any previous charge.

While exploring Alterna, the player's Splashdown is replaced with a unique ability that powers up Smallfry with Power Eggs, allowing the player to throw them at a Fuzzball to clean it up. This ability does not need to be charged and there is no limit on its use, although it will fail if the player does not have enough Power Eggs to clean the targeted Fuzzball. A variant of this Special is used during Rocket Battle, requiring Golden Eggs to activate instead.

O.R.C.A.'s Notes

A loadout selected from your own Hero Gear.


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The icon for an Upgrade Point.

The player can use Upgrade Points to purchase upgrades that provide bonuses to Agent 3 and Smallfry while the Hero Gear is equipped, as well as the ability to use Splat Bombs, Burst Bombs and Curling Bombs. If more than one type of sub weapon is unlocked (including Smallfry), the player can switch between them at will using .

There are a total of 23 upgrades to purchase, eight of which are duplicates of another upgrade. When an upgrade that has a duplicate is purchased, the description and sometimes the title of its pair will change to become the second level of that upgrade (i.e. "Get Curling Bombs" becomes "Better Curling Bombs".) Some upgrades will change the appearance of Agent 3 or their Hero Shot. Specifically, when ink resistance is upgraded your player gets the hero boots, when special charge up is upgraded your player gets the hero mindset, when all bombs are upgraded you get the hero ink tank, and when ink tank capacity up and suit recovery up is upgraded your player gets the hero suit.

Most upgrades must be unlocked using Sardinium before they can be purchased. A maximum of 99 Upgrade Points can be earned, which is exactly enough to purchase every possible upgrade when paired with the 27 pieces of Sardinium available in Alterna. The player can reset the Hero Gear at any time, relocking all upgrades and refunding all spent Upgrade Points and Sardinium. Upgrade Points are earned by inking the ground, using Smallfry to clear Fuzzy Ooze, and finding items throughout Alterna.

Upgrades have no effect while the player is not equipped with the Hero Gear.

Upgrade order

The Hero Gear Upgrading screen after all Upgrades are unlocked as it appears for Octoling Agent 3.

The first block of upgrades are locked behind a 1 Sardinium Lock, granting access to Smallfry HP Up, allowing Smallfry to take more damage from enemies. And the first Special Charge Up, making Splashdown charge faster.

The second block of upgrades are locked behind a 1 Sardinium Lock, granting access to the first Ink Resistance Up, increasing Mobility in Enemy Ink and Reducing the Damage Acquired over time. The first Hero Shot upgrade, increasing it's fire rate and changing it's model to the second version. And the first Ink-Tank Capacity Up, increasing the amount of Ink in your Ink-Tank.

The third block of upgrades are split into 3 horizontal rows that cost 3 Sardinium each, and 2 single locks on the top and bottom that only cost 1 Sardinium. Unlocking the top row will grant access to Smallfry Ink Saver, Reducing Smallfry's ink cost. The Second Ink Resistance Up, and when both Ink Resistance Ups are acquired, the Hero Boots will be recovered to the Hero Gear. And you are able to access the top single lock, containing the second Ink-Tank Capacity Up. The second Special Charge Up, and when both Special Charge Ups are acquired, the Hero Mindset be recovered to the Hero Gear. Unlocking the middle row will grant access to unlocking Splat Bombs to use as a sub weapon, and the first Sensor upgrade. And unlocking the Bottom row will grant access to the first Suit Recovery Up, reducing the amount of time needed for the Hero Gear to regenerate after breaking. A single player version of Ninja Squid which provides the benefits of hiding the ripples while swimming, but not reducing your swim speed. And you are able to access the top single lock, containing the second Splat Bomb Node, and Smallfry Quick Respawn, reducing the amount of time that it takes for Smallfry to recover from being splatted.

The fourth block of upgrades are locked behind a 4 Sardinium Lock, granting access to both Curling and Burst Bombs along with their respective upgrade nodes, and the second Hero Shot upgrade, restoring it to it's original strength from The Crater if both Hero Shot upgrades have been acquired.

The final block of upgrades are locked behind 5 Sardinium Locks, the first block contains the second Suit Recovery Up and Sensor upgrades. If you have both Ink-Tank Capacity Ups and Suit Recovery Ups, the Hero Suit be recovered to the Hero Gear. And the final lock contains Smallfry Damage Up, increasing Smallfry's Damage.


  • The Upgrade Point's icon closely resembles the Cuttlegear logo.

Names in other languages

Hero Gear
Language Name Meaning
Netherlands Dutch Heldenuitrusting Hero equipment
France French (NOE) Équipement héroïque Heroic gear
Russia Russian Набор героя
Nabor geroya
Hero set
Upgrade Point
Language Name Meaning
Netherlands Dutch Upgradepunt Upgrade point