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A canned special from Splatoon.

Canned specials are collectibles in the Splatoon series that grant the player a special weapon.


Canned specials in the Splatoon series have the appearance of real-world tin cans used for storing food. They are short and cylindrical, with a label wrapped around the side depending on the contents, and a pull-off tab on the top. They appear in Octo Valley, Octo Canyon, the Octo Expansion, Return of the Mammalians, and Side Order.



  • Bomb Rush: The Bomb Rush canned special has a mostly yellow label with green accents. It features an image of a Splat Bomb, and its background is an image of multiple falling Splat Bombs, arranged in a pattern. Upon acquiring this can, Agent 3 can rapidly deploy their current sub weapon.
  • Bubbler: The Bubbler canned special has a mainly dark pink label with blue accents. It features an image of a male Inkling encased in a white, sparkling Bubbler. The label also includes yellow Inkling text layered over the image. Upon activating this Can, Agent 3 is able to use the Bubbler, an impenetrable shield.
  • Inkzooka: The Inkzooka canned special has a primarily green label with three large, red, vertical stripes, which appear to include a string of Inkling text. It features an image of an Inkzooka. Upon acquiring this Can, Agent 3 can utilize the Inkzooka.

Splatoon 2

Unlike Splatoon, Splatoon 2's cans in Octo Canyon containing specials all have the same label, as do the cans in the Octo Expansion.

  • Octo Canyon: The cans found in Octo Canyon have a mainly green label with darker green stains giving it a camouflage pattern. It features Ammo Knights' logo and name in Inkling with yellow and black-outlined letters.
  • Octo Expansion: These cans have a mostly blue label with a thick white border on the bottom and a black square covering up both colors. From right to left, the blue part of the label features white icons with the Hero Shot and a black bar underneath it, a Splat Bomb, the Hero Shot with a Splat Bomb underneath it, and a fourth icon, using the same black and yellow, which does not represent anything. Underneath the icons is black text in Inkling that looks like a list of nutritional values. Underneath that, in the white border, are black icons of a triangle pointing down, two arrows, which likely represent that the can is recyclable, and what looks like a bar code. The black square has the Kamabo Corporation's logo in white and a small yellow swallowtail flag in the right corner.

Splatoon 3

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Canned specials return in Splatoon 3 in Return of the Mammalians, functioning identically to the previous two games. If the player is equipped with the Hero Gear when picking up a canned special, the special weapon replaces their Splashdown until it is used. Every special weapon in the game appears as a canned special in at least one mission, with the exceptions of Booyah Bomb, Tacticooler and Big Bubbler, as well as the specials Kraken Royale, Super Chump, Splattercolor Screen and Triple Splashdown, as these four specials were added in later versions of the game.

Canned specials in Alterna have a mostly yellow label with a thick white border on the bottom and a black square with the Cuttlegear logo. From right to left, the yellow part of the label features black and white icons depicting the Crab Tank, Big Bubbler, Ultra Stamp, and Trizooka (despite the Big Bubbler not appearing in cans). The white border has the same icons as the version from the Octo Expansion.

A canned special in Splatoon 3.

Missions that heavily feature canned specials

Side Order

A canned special in Side Order.

In Side Order, canned specials have a new appearance resembling taller soup cans with stylized artwork of Marina's face on them. They charge the special gauge by 50% instead of fully charging or changing the equipped special weapon. They can be found in crates, and certain color chips increase the chances of them being dropped by enemies.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese スペシャルカンヅメ [1]

Supesharu Kanzume
Supesharu Uepon Kanzume
Canned special
Canned special weapon
Netherlands Dutch Bonusblik Bonus can
CanadaFrance French Boîte de conserve Tin can
Germany German Powerkonserve
Italy Italian Scatoletta speciale Special can
Russia Russian Консервы «Особые»
Konservy «Osobyye»
Canned food «Special»
SpainMexico Spanish Conserva especial
China Chinese (Simplified) 特殊罐头
Tèshū guàntóu
Special can [a]
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 特殊罐頭
Tèshū guàntóu (Mandarin)
dak6 syu4 gun3 tau4 (Cantonese)
Special can [a]
South Korea Korean 스페셜 통조림 Special canned food
 Internal Msn_Item_05 [2]

Translation notes

  1. 1.0 1.1 特殊 tèshū can only be an adjective, meaning "special"