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This page is about a special weapon from Splatoon. For the similarly named special weapon from Splatoon 2, see Bubble Blower. For the variant appearing in Splatoon 3, see Big Bubbler.

The Bubbler is a special weapon in Splatoon that temporarily protects the user from all damage.


Once activated, the Bubbler produces a spherical barrier around the user and the user's teammates if bubbled. The barrier is transparent in the middle with the ink color of the user around the edges. Said barrier makes a clinking sound when hit.




Category Special
Special points 180p
Special depletion
Fire rate
Charge speed
Ink speed
Added in Specifications
Base damage
Base duration 4.5 seconds
Ink consumption
Base range
Rate of fire
Muzzle velocity
Base accuracy
MPU effect
SPU effect
SPU effect
Other variant

For a short period of time, the Bubbler absorbs all attacks while making the user much more susceptible to knockback. A Bubbler can be extended to one's teammates by touching them, though all Bubblers spread in this way end at the same time as the original one. Its base duration is 4.5 seconds and can be extended with Special Duration Up.


  • The Bubbler's duration is quite short and every moment must be used wisely. Splatting nearby enemies or moving through dangerous areas should be done quickly if the user is to take full advantage of it.
  • The Bubbler reaches its full potential when used cooperatively; shared among teammates, it can turn the tide of battle significantly.
  • The Bubbler is very useful in Splat Zones, allowing an entire team to make a powerful attack on (or a powerful defense of) a zone.
  • Like the Kraken, the Bubbler can be used in Tower Control to sit on the tower without taking damage. However, the increased knockback can make it difficult to stay on if enemies hit from the right angle.
  • It is important to keep in mind that a player using a Bubbler is still limited by their main and sub weapons: an Inkbrush Nouveau can still be outranged, a Custom Blaster can still be outmaneuvered, and so on.
  • A Bubbler that is about to expire will flash, signaling that the user will be unprotected very soon. If they are not paying attention to their remaining time, this can be taken advantage of for an easy splat.
  • Despite the invulnerability to weapons, players using a Bubbler can still be splatted by falling into water or out of bounds. The increased knockback makes this even more likely; pushing the Bubbler user into such pitfalls is a viable option, especially in stages like Moray Towers and Mahi-Mahi Resort.
  • Some Bubbler users may quickly activate it when engaged by an enemy, rather than as a strategic move. Caution must be used when dealing with these players. Though they may seem vulnerable in one moment, they can easily use their Bubbler to splat would-be attackers in the next.


Weapons with Bubbler in Splatoon
Main #ID Sub Special Special Depletion Level Price Class Introduced​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Cherry H-3 Nozzlenose 312 Splash Wall Bubbler Special gaugeLight 20 Cash 12400 Shooter 8 June 2016 (2.8.0)
Classic Squiffer 2000 Point Sensor Bubbler Special gaugeLight 6 Cash 5000 Charger 28 May 2015 (1.0.0)​
Custom Blaster 211 Point Sensor Bubbler Special gaugeMedium 17 Cash 10600 Shooter 28 May 2015 (1.0.0)​​​
Custom Hydra Splatling 4021 Sprinkler Bubbler Special gaugeLight 20 Cash 29900 Splatling 16 January 2016​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Inkbrush Nouveau 1101 Ink Mine Bubbler Special gaugeLight 11 Cash 5900 Roller 1 August 2015​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Rapid Blaster 230 Ink Mine Bubbler Special gaugeLight 14 Cash 9600 Shooter 28 May 2015 (1.0.0)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Splattershot Jr. 10 Splat Bomb Bubbler Special gaugeMedium 1 Shooter 28 May 2015 (1.0.0)​​​​​
Tri-Slosher 3010 Disruptor Bubbler Special gaugeMedium 9 Cash 7500 Slosher 26 September 2015​​
Zink Mini Splatling 4001 Disruptor Bubbler Special gaugeHeavy 13 Cash 9400 Splatling 12 December 2015

Version history

Version Adjustments
  • Increased the amount of knockback when Bubbler users are hit from above or below.
  • Base duration: 5 seconds → 4.5 seconds
  • Maximum extra duration added by Special Duration Up: 40% → 60%


You can never go wrong with Bubbler. When activated, a small impenetrable bubble appears around your character, rendering you invincible for approximately five seconds. Bubbler can also be shared with teammates. When activating Bubbler next to a teammate, they'll also get a protective bubble around them. You can also run into a teammate while Bubbler is active to give them Bubbler too - but it will only be active for the same remaining time as yours. So make an effort to seek out a teammate before activating this special. Due to its relatively limited duration, only activate Bubbler when you absolutely need it, such as the beginning of a firefight with an opponent. Bubbler is also effective when entering known high-traffic areas such as Splat Zones and chokepoints where you know enemy ink is flying.
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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese バリア
Netherlands Dutch Bubbelmaker[2] Bubble maker
CanadaFrance French Bouclier Shield
Germany German Kugelschild Spherical Shield
Italy Italian Bolla scudo Bubble Shield
Russia Russian Пузырь[3]
SpainMexico Spanish Burbuja Bubble
Portugal Portuguese Bolha[4] Bubble

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