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Cash is the main multiplayer currency in Splatoon. It is mainly used to purchase gear, such as weapons or clothing, in shops. Spyke will add ability slots to gear or re-roll gear abilities in exchange for 30,000 coins if the player has reached level 20. Players can also order gear that other players in their Inkopolis Plaza are wearing and can pick it up the next day from Spyke at a price that depends on the rarity of the gear and the amount of unlocked slots on it. Cash can be obtained through multiplayer battles such as Turf War and Ranked Battle, from Judd for the player's vibe as well as through winning amiibo challenges.

Each stage rotation, the player is able to turn in their Vibe points earned via online battles to Judd in Inkopolis Plaza for a cash bonus. Gear bought with Cash can only be used in multiplayer battles. The single-player Octo Valley has its own Power Egg currency that is used to unlock or upgrade singleplayer gear.



Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese おカネ
FlagFrance.svg French Argent Money
FlagGermany.svg German Geld Money
FlagItaly.svg Italian Denaro Money
FlagSpain.svg Spanish Dinero Money