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Inkopolis Square in Inkopolis.

Inkopolis Square is the main hub of Splatoon 2. Players can access different game modes and shops. Players can also post images to social media, that may be shown on other players' games.


Inkopolis Square's main area is much smaller than Inkopolis Plaza. At the far north side of the Square is the Battle Lobby which allows the player to access online battles. Left of this is a manhole that leads to Octo Canyon and sitting in front is Murch. To the far back left is the Salmon Run headquarters. When the Great Zapfish is rescued, it can be seen curled around the top of the Battle Lobby's tower. Right of the Battle Lobby is a gate leading to Deepsea Metro, as well as The Shoal and the Arcade Machine.

Behind the spawn to the back is an amiibo box. In front of this is Crusty Sean's truck, the Crust Bucket.

To the west of the spawn point, there is a row of shops, called the Galleria. Just like the previous game, there are four shops, with each shop having a shopkeep that represents a type of marine life. The player can purchase weapons at Ammo Knights (run by Sheldon the horseshoe crab), Headgear at Headspace (run by Flow the sea slug and Craymond the crayfish), Shoes at Shella Fresh (run by Bisk the spider crab, and Clothing at Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe (run by Jelfonzo the jellyfish).

Easter Eggs

  • Like with the Inkopolis News Studio from Splatoon, if the player holds their cursor over Pearl and Marina in the studio, they will wave at the player. The wave animation is different depending if the player is an Inkling or an Octoling.
  • To the eastern side of the Square, through the grating, Inkopolis Tower can be seen off in the distance without the Great Zapfish.
  • Murch can be heard playing Squid Jump on his phone.
  • Behind Murch, Spyke can be seen using a laptop.
  • Above the Salmon Run headquarters are pieces of artwork. Two of them are clear references to the musical productions Wicked and Phantom of the Opera.
  • This location looks like Times Square with the appearance of the many billboards as well as the main One Times Square building.
  • The exterior of Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe is similar to the 1500 Broadway building.
  • Near the back of the Square, ‘City of Color’ can be faintly heard playing.
  • The Crust Bucket plays the Shrimp Kicks version of ‘Lookin' Fresh’ from the first game.
  • If one walks towards the Salmon Run entrance and takes a left near wear the player redeems their rewards, there is a blue crate in a trash pile that looks identical to the crate that Judd slept on in Splatoon.
  • Version 3.1.0 added some additional graffiti and small cosmetic objects in the square around the entrance to the Deepsea Metro, such as the round name tags and blobfish smiley stickers frequently present in Octo Expansion, as well as two Kamabo Corporation posters, an employee model CQ-80 and two CQ cards.
  • Since version 1.0.0, several octopus-related objects could also be found around the entrance to the Metro, such as posters, name tags, graffiti and pixel art of octopuses not present in other parts of the Square.
  • If the player walks near the area where Inkopolis News Studio and The Shoal are and wait a little, they can hear a small part of the Off The Hook song ‘Ebb & Flow’.


  • According to the second artbook, Inkopolis Square is two stations away from Inkopolis Plaza and 20 minutes away by foot. Before, it was an old street with poor security resulting in minor offenses. A year and a half prior to the events of Splatoon 2, there were some redevelopments that renovated the Square, which made the place popular to the youth.[1]


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese ハイカラスクエア
haikara sukuea
High-Color Square
FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch Inkopolisplein Inkopolis Square
FlagFrance.svg French (NOE) Square de Chromapolis Inkopolis Square
FlagGermany.svg German Inkopolis-Platz Inkopolis Square
FlagItaly.svg Italian Piazza Coloropoli Inkopolis Square
FlagRussia.svg Russian Инкопольская площадь
Inkopol'skaya ploshchad'
Inkopolis square
FlagMexico.svg Spanish (NOA) Centro de Cromópolis Inkopolis Center
FlagSpain.svg Spanish (NOE) Plaza de Cromópolis Inkopolis Square
FlagHungary.svg Hungarian Inkopolis téren Inkopolis square
FlagPortugal.svg Portuguese Praça Inkopolis Inkopolis Square


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