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Bisk Artwork No Background.png
Species Spider crab
Hair color
Eye color
Gender Male
Location Galleria
Shop Shella Fresh
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Hey, it's Bisk the spider crab! He's also the proud proprietor of Inkopolis Square's premier shoe shop, Shella Fresh. His many long limbs welcome customers one and all, and he exudes the type of laid-back cool you just can't teach.
— Squid Research Lab

Bisk is a character in Splatoon 2. He is a spider crab who operates Shella Fresh.


Bisk appears to be a tall, yellow spider crab who wears tall, white boots with black laces that resemble a knee-high variant of the S2 Gear Shoes Punk Whites.png Punk Whites, a black tanktop, a necklace that appears to have a crab claw, and a flannel shirt tied around his waist. On his other legs he has shoes which appears to be slip-ons but in different colors. He wears thick, white, oval-rimmed sunglasses.

Personality and traits

Bisk has a laid-back personality. He also seems to like shoes, crediting the fact that he wears many and that he owns Shella Fresh, the shoe shop of Inkopolis Square. He also appears to like freshness in others. Bisk also seems to have an amiable relationship with Crusty Sean.


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FlagUSA.svg North America (English)

  • "Dude! Welcome to Shella Fresh!"- When entering Shella Fresh
  • "You want 'em, duder?" -When a player selects a pair of shoes
  • "Wanna equip 'em?" - When a player buys a pair of shoes
  • "You already have that pair, dude."-When player selects an already bought pair
  • "DAAAAANG, DUDE! You're looking flyer than an inkjet! Fresher than a mint farm! Check out these new sneaks I got!" - When the player reaches a certain level.
  • "Looks like you need to get your money right." - When the player tries to buy shoes they cannot afford.
  • "Thanks. If you wanna change your gear, you can do it from Button1 Plus.png Equip." - After a player purchases shoes.

FlagEurope.svg Europe and Oceania (English)

FlagJapan.svg Japan

FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch

When the player enters the shop before reaching level 4.

  • "Oké dan! Welkom bij Fish & Kicks! Je bent zeker nieuw ofzo. Ik wil niet veel zeggen, maar je ziet er niet erg vers uit! Kom nog `ns langs als je de versheid van niveau 4 hebt. Ik heb wel een soort van reputatie hoog te houden hier, snap je? Als je er klaar voor bent, laat ik je hier maar wat graag shoppen, maar nu? Dus! Check de lobby en gooi jezelf in een standaardgevecht. Daar gaat je niveau wel van omhoog. Terwijl jij probeert op niveau 4 te komen, zoek ik vast een paar coole stappers voor je uit."

(Okay then! Welcome to Shella Fresh! You are surely new or something. I don't want to say much, but you don't look very fresh! Come back again when you have the freshness of level 4. I have a sort of reputation to keep high here, you understand? When you are ready, I'll gladly let you shop here, but now? So! Check the lobby and throw yourself in a regular battle. That will increase your level. While you try to get to level 4, I look for a pair of cool walkers for you.)

When the player at level 4 or higher enters the shop for the first time.

  • "Yo! Welkom bij Fish & Kicks! Gaat ’t een beetje? Je kijkt nog wat onwennig, maar maak je geen zorgen. Je bent bij mij in goeie voeten. Eh, goeie handen, bedoel ik! Alle schoenen in mijn shop hebben extra effecten waarmee je gevechten naar jouw voet kunt zetten. Eh, hand! Ik bedoel hand! Meer weten over effecten? Druk dan eens op Button1 ZL.png."

(Yo! Welcome to Shella Fresh! Are you alright? You look a bit uneasy, but don't worry. You are in safe feet with me. Eh, safe hands, I mean! All shoes in my shop have extra abilities which give you the upper feet in your battles. Eh, hand! I mean hand! Want to know more about abilities? Then press Button1 ZL.png.)

When the player enters the shop for the first time after reaching level 4.

  • "O ja! Voor ik het vergeet! Ik bied een gloednieuwe dienst aan! Heb je spullen gekocht in de Tentashop? Dan hebben ze vast andere eigenschappen dan wat ik in de winkel heb liggen. Vanaf nu kun je de boel inruilen, als je een voorwerp hebt met een *."

(Oh yeah! Before I forget! I offer a brand-new service! Have you bought items in the SplatNet Gear Shop? Then they probably have other characteristics than that I have in my shop. As of now you can trade in the load, if you have an item with the *.)

When the player at level 7 or higher enters the shop for the first time.

  • "Yo! Welkom bij Fish & Kicks! Ah, daar ben je weer! En elke keer verser dan de vorige keer! Kijk gerust even rond of je wat ziet waarmee je uit de handen kunt. Eh, waarmee je uit de VOETEN kunt!"

(Yo! Welcome to Shella Fresh! Ah, there you are again! And every time fresher than the previous time! Feel free to look around to see if there's something which you can stand on your own two hands with. Eh, which you can stand on your own two FEET with!)

When the player at level 10 or higher enters the shop for the first time.

  • "Yo! Welkom bij Fish & Kicks! Jij bent ‘t, vers van de pers! Je wordt echt met elk niveau zelfverzekerder. Dat zie ik graag. Kijk op je gemak even of je iets ziet en laat ’t me weten. Niks aan de hand. Eh, voet. Nee, toch hand!"

(Yo! Welcome to Shella Fresh! It's you, hot off the press! You get more self-assured with every level. That's what I like to see. Feel free to look around to see if something interests you and let me know. Then I'll lend you a hand. Eh, foot. No, hand!)

When the player at level 13 or higher enters the shop for the first time.

  • "Welkom bij Fish & Kicks! Kijk jou eens even! Vers als waterkers, taai als een haai, cool als een… onderwaterpaddenstoel! …Nee? Nou goed. Hoe dan ook, wat versheid betreft kunnen we elkaar de voet geven, toch? AAH! Ik bedoel natuurlijk de HAND geven!"

(Welcome to Shella Fresh! Just look at you! Fresh as watercress, tough as a shark, cool as a... underwater mushroom! ...No? Well alright. Anyhow, what freshness concerns, we can shake each other's feet, right? AAH! I mean shake each other's HANDS!)

When the player at level 16 or higher enters the shop for the first time.

  • "Welkom bij Fish & Kicks! Wauw! Klanten die mijn nieuwste schoenen echt kunnen rocken, zijn op de vingers van één v… eh, HAND te tellen! Maar jij bent er zo een!"

(Welcome to Shella Fresh! Wow! Customers that are able to really rock my newest shoes, can be counted on the fingers of one f... eh, HAND! But you are one of them!)

When the player at level 20 or higher enters the shop for the first time.

  • "Yo, welkom bij Fish &… Krijg nou… Ik… wauw! Nu overtref je zelfs mij! Eigenlijk kan ik dat niet accepteren, maar ik zal met mijn voet over mijn hart strijken. Ja, met mijn voet, ja!"

(Yo, welcome to Shella F... What the... I... wow! Now you surpass even me! I can't accept this actually, but I guess I have to throw my feet up. Yes, my feet, yeah!)

When a player enters the shop the second time after any of previous instances.

  • "Hé, hé! Welkom bij Fish & Kicks!"

(Hey, Hey! Welcome to Shella Fresh!)

When the player selects an item.

  • "Wil je dit kopen?"

(You want to buy this?)

When the player purchased an item.

  • "Wil je nu hierin lopen?"

(You want to walk in them now?)

After the player chooses whether to equip a new item.

  • "Dank je. Je vertrekt in elk geval niet met lege voeten, eh, handen. Gebruik Button1 Plus.png UITRUSTING als je iets anders aan wilt trekken."

(Thank you. You leave in any case not empty feeted, eh, handed. Use Button1 Plus.png GEAR if you want to wear something else.)

When the player has not enough cash to purchase an item.

  • "Niet genoeg cash. Je hebt zeker een gat in je voet. Hand, bedoel ik."

(Not enough cash. You probably live from feet to mouth. Hand, I mean.)

When the player selects an item they already own.

  • "Die schoenen heb je al, dus het ligt voor de voet om ze niet opnieuw te kopen. Hm? Eh, voor de HAND, ja."

(You already have those shoes, so you should know like the back of your feet not to buy them again. Hm? Eh, like the back of your HAND, yes.)


  • His name is a reference to bisque, a type of soup commonly made from crabs or other crustaceans.
  • If the players attempts to purchase gear that they cannot afford, Bisk reacts by foaming a lot more than before.
  • He comes from a colder area, and broke up with his girlfriend to pursue a career in music.[1]
    • A guitar can be seen in the back of Shella Fresh.
    • The sixth Sunken Scroll in Splatoon 2 shows a picture of Bisk and a music sheet of New You by DJ Real Sole, the song that plays in all the shops in the Galleria, hinting that they may be the same person.
      • The 'Sole' part of DJ Real Sole is the kind of a shoe, further hinting at this connection.
  • He was originally planned to be designed as a handsome ladykiller person.[1]
  • The glasses he wears are based of the real life Clout Goggles. They do not resemble any headgear available to players.
  • Bisk chose Team Order for the Chaos vs. Order Splatfest, his reasoning being that he wanted to be on the same side as Crusty Sean.[2]


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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese シガニー
Sigourney; from "Takaashi-gani" (Japanese spider crab)
FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch Ren Given male name, and a pun on "rennen" (to run)
FlagFrance.svg French Bisk Bisk
FlagGermany.svg German Bisk Bisk
FlagItaly.svg Italian Ezechele Pun on "Ezechiele" (a male name) and "chela" (claw)
FlagRussia.svg Russian Крабыч
From краб "krab" (crab)
FlagSpain.svg Spanish Paticio Pun on "Patricio" (a male name) and "pata" (leg)