Sanitized Octarian

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Sanitized Octarians
Species Octarian
Hair color
Eye color Cyan with black sclera
Location Deepsea Metro
Maximum HP
Other forms
They look like Octarians, but there's something weird about them...

Sanitized Octarians are a variation of Octarians that have been sterilized or disinfected[1] and had "life's energies" purged from them.[2] They resemble ordinary Octarians but with different coloration.

During the Turf War, Commander Tartar itself is revealed to be coated in an amount of the sanitizing ooze, wherein it has a sanitized Octarian tentacle. The NILS Statue's cannon is also armed with sanitizing ink.


Sanitized Octarians are visually distinct from normal Octarians by their coloration: a blue-to-neon green gradient on their tentacles and eyes with black sclera and glowing aqua blue irises. Elite versions (such as Sanitized Elite Octolings, Sanitized Rocket Octocopters, and Sanitized Rocket Twintacle Octotroopers) have a darker blue and the same yellow in the gradient.

Their voices sound more digital and compressed, and when splatted, they briefly produce glowing blue pixels and glitch-like squares. Instead of the glitter-like effect that ink has in Octo Canyon, the Sanitized Octarians' ink, which is the same as the one used to sanitize them, resembles dishwasher detergent or hand sanitizer.


Sanitized Octarians have been sterilized of life's energies with blended ink[2] created by Commander Tartar. Subjects that are candidates of aiding this ink's creation are tested through the Kamabo Co. underground research facilities. The conclusion of the tests results in them being tricked into being blended to help create the ink. The process of sanitizing Octarians with this ink results in them losing all memory and identity and submit to Kamabo Co.'s ideas.[2] Marina notes that the Sanitized Octarians appear to have no pulse or signs of life.

Some time later, Marina determined that sanitization works by removing the thoughts and memories of its victims, which are then turned into mem cakes. Their souls are then left in a hollow state, and if the correct dummy data is implanted the victim's mind will fall under the control of the implanter. Based on this idea, she devised a plan to undo the sanitization process by restoring the mem cakes to their rightful owners, which she dubbed the Memverse.

Types of Sanitized Octarians

The following Octarian types have Sanitized variations. Types denoted with an asterisk have only appeared in their Sanitized forms.

Additionally, Acht is a Sanitized Octoling.

The following Octarian machines appear using Sanitized Octarian ink:



  • Agent 3 is the only known Inkling to have been (partially) sanitized. Unlike the sanitized Octarians, they reverted to normal after being splatted, though losing consciousness in the process.
  • The Japanese name for the Belly Phase can be translated as the "Stomach Sanitization Site". In this phase, boxes are seen coming out of blue-green liquid containers with Sanitized Octarians packed inside. Concept art and commentary from HaikaraWalker reveals that the Octarians are sanitized in the facility, then packaged. They are transported to their respective test sites.[3]
  • The Sanitized Octolings slightly differ from the other sanitized Octarians: their eyes do not have black sclera and glowing aqua blue irises when their glasses are removed. This could be an oversight as they are never meant to be seen without their glasses in-game, but it is still visible to view in-game at the right angle.
  • Octoballs briefly appear in sanitized form during the Escape phases despite their non-sanitized forms not making an appearance in Splatoon 2. They first appear in moving containers during the Belly Phase, where they can be seen playing Game Boys, then later appear again during the Turf War final boss battle, in which they are inside the NILS Statue's cannon.
  • The reason for the sanitized Octarians sporting different colors than others is so the player can see them better in comparison to Agent 8. It is also to give the feeling of brainwash and poisoning.[4]

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 消毒済
shōdōku sumi
Netherlands Dutch Gereinigd Cleaned
France French (NOE) Purifié Purified
Germany German Sanitisiert Sanitized
Russia Russian Паштетизированный (Octo Expansion)
Pated, turned into a pate[a]
Детонизированный (Side Order)
SpainMexico Spanish Higienizado Sanitized
China Chinese (Simplified) 消毒
Xiāo dú

Translation notes

  1. From паштет pashtet ("pate", a paste-like dish made of meat and/or liver), which is a part of the Russian name of Kamabo Co., Паштетико Pashtetiko ("Pate & Co.")
  2. In Russian localization of Side Order, the same term applies to both sanitization and Grayscaling