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This article is about the character. For the mission by the same name, see The Rampaging Octowhirl!.

Octo Valley Octowhirl render.png
The Rampaging Octowhirl
Species Octoweapon
Hair color
Eye color Blue with purple sclera
Gender Unknown
Location Octo Valley

The Rampaging Octowhirl is one of the many Great Octoweapons battled in Octo Valley.


The Octowhirl was an Octoweapon created during The Great Turf War by the Octarians. When everything seemed to be in favor for the Octarians, a plug was pulled and caused the Octowhirl and the rest of the Octarian machines to lose power. Nearly 100 years later the Octowhirl was unleased once again by the power of the Zapfish in order to attack once again.


The Octowhirl is a giant, black, round, clam-like Octoweapon with several black spikes around its body and an antenna. It has Octarian eyes that can switch from white or purple. It's "mouth" is also filled with purple ink, and in that ink is where the tentacle is located.

Octo Valley

The Octowhirl trying to attack Agent 3.

When Agent 3 arrives to its Kettle in Sector 3, a Zapfish is granted to the Octowhirl. It will then attempt to spin right into Agent 3, and can only stopped by a huge puddle of ink. Octowhirl's tentacle is then revealed and is able to be splatted. Each time a tentacle is splatted, it will then make a scream strong enough to cause some of the panels on the floor to spin. After its tentacle has been splatted three times, the Octowhirl will be defeated and explodes.


  • The Octowhirl is based on a mixture of a giant clam and a spinning top or dreidel.
  • For reasons unknown, the Octowhirl was not included in The Art of Splatoon.
  • Submerging the Octowhirl in ink is done in a similar way to Octoballs, the only difference being the amount of ink needed.
  • There is a glitch where the Octowhirl's tentacle will remain outside of its shell.
  • The Octowhirl is the only Octo weapon that does not get confused when Agent 3 hides in ink. It will not attack them however.
    • Even if Agent 3 is submerged in ink, its eyes will still follow where they currently are.


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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese タコツボール
Octopus-Pot Ball
France French (NOE) De Tentaculbute The Tentaculbute
Germany German Oktovolver Octovolver
Italy Italian Bivalvus il subacqueo Bivalvus the underwater
Mexico Spanish (NOA) El mortífero Trompobot The Lethal Spinbot
Spain Spanish (NOE) Octorbellino Octowhirl