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DJ Lee Fish

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DJ Lee Fish is a musician in Splatoon. Though their appearance is never seen, they are credited in Splatune and Squid Beatz for their music. DJ Lee Fish's only known song is Lookin' Fresh, variations of which can be heard in each of the shops in Inkopolis Plaza.


Fictional Band Song Name Audio
DJ Lee Fish
Lookin' Fresh Ammo Knights version:

Cooler Heads version:

Jelly Fresh version:

Shrimp Kicks version:

Hotlantis version:


  • DJ Lee Fish is one of the five musicians in the Splatoon series to have a symbol resembling a parental advisory label on their album art, the others being Turquoise October, the Squid Sisters, and fellow shop theme creators DJ Real Sole and the Seven Seas Crew.
  • DJ Lee Fish's English name is a pun on "jellyfish", while their Japanese name, "Lee F.", can be read as "reef".
  • The five versions of Lookin' Fresh played in Booyah Base reflect each store and its shopkeeper:
    • Cooler Heads' has louder treble, i.e. vocals, and minimal percussion, giving it a weaker sound in that respect. This is a reflection of Annie's shy, detached personality, as well as the fact that she sells gear for the top part of the buyer's body, hence the emphasis on the treble.
    • Jelly Fresh's music is faded out except for the melody, the "center", because Jelonzo's gear goes on the middle part of the body. It also has many bubbly sound effects in the background, showing his bubbly and ecstatic personality as well as referencing his gelatinous species.
    • Shrimp Kicks' music has the bass turned all the way up and emphasizes percussion because Crusty Sean's or Fred Crumbs's gear corresponds to the lower part of the body. Furthermore, the heavy beat gives it a bouncy sound, reflecting both of their outgoing personalities.
    • Ammo Knights' music is more distant, showing Sheldon's separation from the others as a weapons dealer. It also has static and other sounds reminiscent of a military radio, as a reference to his obsession with the military.
  • While DJ Lee Fish's songs don't have any significant presence in Splatoon 2, a muffled portion of the Shrimp Kicks version of Lookin' Fresh can be heard from the Crust Bucket in Inkopolis Square, referencing how both Shrimp Kicks and the Crust Bucket are run by Crusty Sean. Additionally, the shop song in Splatoon 2, DJ Real Sole's New You, has musical interpolations of Lookin' Fresh. In Splatoon 3, Lookin' Fresh is reused for all the shops in Booyah Base, including a new version used when accessing Hotlantis through the arcade machine.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese DJ Lee F. Pun on reef