DJ Lee Fish

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DJ Lee Fish
Album art leefish.jpg
Album art

Species Most likely jellyfish
Hair Color
Eye Color
Gender ?
Location Inkopolis

DJ Lee Fish(NA/EU/OC), or DJ Lee F.(JP), is a musician in Splatoon. They are not seen or referred to in-game, only credited on Splatune for their music.


Main article: Music

DJ Lee Fish's only known song is Lookin' Fresh, four variations of which can be heard in the shops in Booyah Base:

The original can only be heard in-game via Squid Beatz.


  • DJ Lee Fish's species is assumed from their name sounding like "jellyfish".
    • Their Japanese name, "Lee F.", can be read as "reef".
  • The four versions of Lookin' Fresh played in Booyah Base reflect each store and its shop keeper:
    • Annie's has louder treble, i.e. vocals, and minimal percussion, giving it a weaker sound in that respect. This is a reflection of her shy, detached personality, as well as the fact that she sells gear for the top part of the buyer's body, hence the emphasis on the treble.
    • Jelonzo's music is faded out except for the melody, the "center", because his gear goes on the middle part of the body. It also has many bubbly sound effects in the background, showing his bubbly and ecstatic personality as well as referencing his gelatinous species.
    • Crusty Sean's has the bass turned all the way up and emphasizes percussion, because his gear corresponds to the lower part of the body. Furthermore, the heavy beat gives it a bouncy sound, reflecting his outgoing personality.
    • Sheldon's music is more distant, showing his separation from the others as a weapons dealer. It also has static and other sounds reminiscent of a military radio, as a reference to his obsession with the military.

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