DJ Real Sole

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DJ Real Sole
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Species ?
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Location Inkopolis

DJ Real Sole, is a musician in Splatoon 2. They are not seen or referred to in-game, only credited on Splatune 2 for their music.


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DJ Real Sole's only known song is New You, four variations of which can be heard in the shops in The Galleria:

  • Ammo Knights version The Ammo Knights version has a marching beat as well as sounds reminiscent of a military radio and a bugle horn, referencing Sheldon's obsession with the military.
  • Headspace version The Headspace version is very calming and has high vocals, mirroring Flow's chilled personality and the fact she sells headgear. It also has sounds of a ukulele and maracas, referencing to her characterization as a hippie.
  • Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe version The Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe version has many bubbly sounds, mirroring Jelfonzo's gelatinous species. It also has a slight upper-class sound, referencing his speech and shop name.
  • Shella Fresh version The Shella Fresh version has a rock sound, mirroring Bisk's look of a rock fan as well as his slang. It also has more emphasis on the bass, referencing the fact he sells shoes.

The original can only be heard in-game via Jelfonzo.


  • Sunken Scroll 6 in Splatoon 2 shows a picture of Bisk and a music sheet of "New You" , hinting that he may be DJ Real Sole.
    • The Sole part of DJ Real Sole, is the bottom part of a shoe, further hinting he is DJ Real Sole as shoes are the kind of gear he sells.
    • Sole is also a type of flatfish, so this may just be a fishy reference.