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Ink Theory
Music S2 Ink Theory album art.jpg
Album art
Species Inkling (trumpet, kazoo)
Nautilus (piano)
Hemicentrotus pulcherrimus (bass)
Sea urchin (drums)
Sea anemone (percussion)
Hair Color
Eye Color
Location Inkopolis

This classically trained, all-female 6-piece band creates jazz and samba-inspired battle music. They owe their unique sound to a blend of academic music theory and modern sensibilities. Ink Theory’s eclectic approach makes them quite popular with young Inklings and middle-aged Inklings alike.

Ink Theory(NA/EU/OC)[a], or カレントリップ (Current Rip)(JP)[b], is an all-female six-piece jazz band. Their songs were added in the Splatoon 2's Version 2.0.0.


Fictional Band Song Name Audio
Music S2 Ink Theory album art.jpg
Ink Theory
Broken Coral
Riptide Rupture


  • Yōko (ヨーコ ), the trumpet player, is the frontman of the band, though her relationship with the other members is hazy. She is an Inkling with a mutation that allows her tentacles to have multiple colors, but it also physically weakens her. Though she often feels under the weather, she always gives a solid performance. She has a sister in high school.
  • Karen (カレン), the pianist, is a nautilus who graduated at the top of her class, allowing her to participate in overseas competitions and receive moral support from her bandmates. She provides a pleasant atmosphere for the rest of the band, but occasionally worries about lacking motivation. She formed Ink Theory after being amazed by the music of Hightide Era.
  • Bibi (ビビ), the kazoo player, is an Inkling who generally gets the most attention of all the members of the band. She can be sickened by how frequently she gets pulled out in front of cameras. She has never struggled very much financially.
  • Aachin (あーちん), the bassist, is a Hemicentrotus pulcherrimus, a type of sea urchin. She grew up in a strict household and was a fan of contemporary music, but eventually fell in love with classical styles as well. However, she is also romantically shy and inexperienced.
  • Mayaya (マヤヤ), the percussionist, is a sea anemone who joined Ink Theory after graduating from a music academy. While her professor recommended she become a music instructor herself, she decided she would rather create her own music. She mainly plays with Ink Theory, but occasionally freelances for other bands.
  • Kitamura (きたむら), the drummer, is a sea urchin and the band's mascot. She has a high singing voice and a calm personality. She lives by herself, paying close attention to her curfew.


  • According to a Splatoon 2 Anniversary Famitsu interview with the developers, in-universe, Ink Theory was inspired by Hightide Era.[1] This connection can be seen in the outfits worn by both bands: Hightide Era wears mainly black with red neckties, and Ink Theory wears mainly black with gold ties.
  • Like MURASAKI of Squid Squad and unlike in-game sea urchins Spyke and Murch, Kitamura's face does not appear to be distinguished from the spiny part of her head.
  • Ink Theory is the largest band in the Splatoon series, with six members.



  1. North America, Europe, and Oceania
  2. Japan


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