Fresh Start

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Fresh Start
S2 Band Squid Sisters.jpg
Performer Squid Sisters
Album Splatune 2
Game Splatoon 2
Heard in Splatoon 2 Credits
Squid Beatz 2
Vocals keity.pop
Mari Kikuma
Callie (in-game)
Marie (in-game)
Length 3:59
BPM 125
Genre Pop
Key signature D major
Track list no. 29 (Splatune 2 Disc 2)
17 (Octotune Disc 2)
8 (1st Concert, Octotune Disc 2)
Audio file

Fresh Start is a song performed by the Squid Sisters.


Fresh Start is a slow and heartfelt song played during the credits of Splatoon 2. The verses and choruses alternate between Callie and Marie singing together and individually. After the first chorus, an instrumental break starts with the song's normal melody before quickly alternating between parts of Bomb Rush Blush and Tide Goes Out (with elements of the Calamari Inkantation in the background). Callie and Marie eventually start singing the lines of their respective songs before joining together to sing each other's at the end. After this, a final bridge and chorus finish the song.

Other versions

Fresh Start (Live)

During live Squid Sisters concerts, a slightly extended version of Fresh Start is used. Although each performance is different due to the live bands, they retain the same strong structure. The song is almost identical to its in-game version, but the intro is extended, first playing with no vocals before Callie and Marie appear on stage. A recording of this version from their first live concert can be found in Octotune.


  • In summer 2018, a contest for the Nintendo 3DS game Daigasso! Band Brothers P was held to coincide with the release of Octotune. Winners had their songs distributed in-game. Among the silver prize winners was a version of Fresh Start with fan-made Japanese lyrics by Mio (ミオ). A staff member complimented the arrangement for sounding like the live version, as well as the Japanese lyrics sounding similar to the original.[1]
  • Interestingly, one of the verses appears to be saying Asatte Color, the Japanese title of the song, making it one of the few cases of definitive human language spoken within the human world.



Fresh Start is named after the Squid Sisters' desire to start over again after their gradual separation and Callie's brainwashing, combined with their catchphrase, "stay fresh".

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese あさってColor
Asatte Karā [TN 1]
Color of the Day After Tomorrow

Translation notes

  1. A pun on Asatte kara, "From the day after tomorrow".



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