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Splatoon 2
Splatoon 2 (artwork).jpg
Cover Art

Developer Nintendo EPD
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Nintendo Switch
Release Date July 21, 2017
Genre Third-person Shooter
Online multiplayer
Game Modes
Media Game Card
Digital Download (eShop)
Game Size
Ratings ESRB: Everyone 10+


Splatoon 2 (スプラトゥーン2 Supuratūn 2) is a third-person shooter developed and published by Nintendo, and the sequel to the Wii U game Splatoon. The game features battles between Inklings, using weaponized ink to cover territory and "splat" opponents. While it was teased on October 20, 2016 during the reveal trailer for the Nintendo Switch game console, Nintendo did not officially confirm this or any other game showcased in the video as being in development at the time.[1][2] The title was officially unveiled on January 13th, 2017 at the Nintendo Switch Presentation in Tokyo, Japan[3] and demos were playable at Switch hands on events. A testfire demo was playable March 24–26, 2017.[4] The game released on July 21, 2017.[5]


The events of the story take place two years after the completion of the first game's Hero Mode, but little beyond that is known at this time. It appears that Callie has disappeared and Marie needs the player's help finding her; along with Callie, the Great Zapfish has disappeared as well. Another detail to mention is that the snow globe DJ Octavio was imprisoned in is smashed into pieces along with Cap'n Cuttlefish's shack. This mode is now set in Octo Canyon, a place similar to Octo Valley from the first game.


Splatoon 2 is a third-person shooter game focused on online multiplayer battles, in which eight players are divided into two teams of four. Players have two main forms and may switch between the two at will: their humanoid form, in which they can use weapons to spread ink and splatter opponents, and their squid form, which they can use to swim through ink at great speed and up walls, recharge the player's ink tank faster (while in their own ink), and hide in their team's ink. Players can also utilize Sub Weapons, such as Splat Bombs, and Special Weapons, such as Splashdowns.


In the primary game mode, Turf War, players are awarded points based on the amount of turf (ground) they cover in their team's ink— the team that covers the most territory within three minutes wins the match.

There are 3 ranked modes released so far, all returning from the original Splatoon. All three have been changed in at least one way. The Rainmaker shoots large blaster-like exploding shots instead of a large ink tornado. Splat Zones has a new HUD UI, it now shows the progress of how much of the zone is captured. Tower Control now has checkpoints where the tower stops for approximately 5 seconds.

Changes and Additions

Exact information is currently unknown, but Splatoon 2 features both new and revamped stages, weapons (such as the Splat Dualies), special weapons (such as the Splashdown and Inkjet), and gear items, as well as additional character customization in the form of hairstyles and pants. The game also allows for local multiplayer with up to eight people. Certain elements of the Heads-Up Display have also been revamped, showing the weapons each player has and whether their Special Weapons are ready to be used.

Private Battles are now available for Local Multiplayer, and a new feature called LAN Play allows docked Switches to play Private Battles on a LAN without an Internet connection.[6] A spectating mode called Private Battle Spectator View has been added for Private Battles only.

Judd is accompanied by a new cat with a smaller, younger and near-identical appearance to Judd's, named Li'l Judd.

Salmon Run is a new co-op mode, in which players collect Power Eggs and Golden Eggs by defeating Salmonids in order to complete missions.

League Battle is a new online mode, in which teams of two or four battle other teams to gain points in a two hour period.


Main Weapons that are returning include:

New Main Weapons:

Sub Weapons that are returning include:

New Sub Weapons:

  • Autobomb A sub weapon similar to the Seeker from Splatoon. After being thrown, the Autobomb homes in on an opponent within its radius, and then explodes when it gets close enough to its target.
  • Curling Bomb Another sub weapon similar to the Seeker. When deployed, the Curling Bomb travels in a straight line across the floor, leaving a trail of Ink and bouncing off of any wall or obstacle it encounters. It explodes after it has traveled its maximum distance. The Curling Bomb's timer can be shortened by holding it before release.
  • Toxic Mist A throwable sub weapon that creates a slowing Area-of-effect mist where it lands. It is reminiscent of the Disruptor from Splatoon in both appearance and effect.

Multiplayer Stages

Multiplayer stages in Splatoon 2
Humpback Pump Track 2.jpg
Humpback Pump Track
Inkblot Art Academy.jpg
Inkblot Art Academy
Musselforge Fitness
Longspine Urchin Outskirts Concert Hall 1.jpg
Starfish Mainstage
S2 SturgeonShipyard.jpg
Sturgeon Shipyard
Splatoon 2 - The Reef.jpg
The Reef
S2 BoatStage.jpg
unnamed Boat stage
S2 SkateStage.jpg
unnamed Skate Park stage
S2 MorayTowers.jpg
Moray Towers
S2 PortMackerel.jpg
Port Mackerel


Turf War


Inkopolis Square

Octo Canyon

Grizzco Industries




  • From July 5, to July 17, 2017 Nintendo of Denmark held a competition with fifteen winners of the prize of four tickets to LEGOLAND the 2017 season. The contestants had to mail in the right answer to the question: "Which colorful shooting-game releases on the 21st July [the same year] for the Nintendo Switch?" and write "Sommerkonkurrence" (sommer competition) as the topic of the mail to info@bergsala.dk. Three options were given: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch, Pokkén Tournament DX, or Splatoon 2. The right answer was Splatoon 2. The competition was concluded on the 17th and the winners was contacted through mail.[7]
    • Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch does not exist and Pokkén Tournament DX is scheduled to release September 22, 2017.

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