Hero Splatling Replica

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The Hero Splatling Replica is a main weapon in Splatoon 2.

The Heavy Splatling is capable of firing bursts of ink with high range, low damage, and a fast rate of fire. Each fully charged attack consumes 22.5% of the ink-tank capacity, allowing players to fire off four full charges before needing to refill. It takes approximately 0.83 seconds to reach the first level of charge, and 1.25 seconds in total to reach the second level of charge. Reaching the first level of charge will cause the Heavy Splatling to fire for 1.2 seconds, while reaching the second level will cause it to fire for 2.4 seconds. Each ink bullet does enough damage to splat opponents with four hits.

Splatoon 2

Hero Splatling Replica

Hero Splatling Replica

Category Main
Class Splatling
Sub S2 Weapon Sub Sprinkler.png Sprinkler
Special S2 Weapon Special Sting Ray.png Sting Ray
Level 8
Cost Cash 8,600
Base Damage 32
Base Duration
Ink Consumption 22.5% (Full charge)
Special Points 200p
Sp. Depletion
78 / 100
Fire Rate
Charge Speed
38 / 100
Ink Speed
50 / 100

The Hero Splatling Replica is visually identical to the Hero Splatling used in the Octo Canyon single player but is simply a re-skinned Heavy Splatling. Therefore, it comes in a set with S2 Weapon Sub Sprinkler.png Sprinkler and S2 Weapon Special Sting Ray.png Sting Ray. The Hero Splatling Replica is unlocked by completing every mission with the Hero Splatling, where it becomes available for purchase at Ammo Knights.

Version history


  • Increased movement speed while charging by 20%
  • Increased movement speed while shooting by 3%: 0.64 → 0.66


  • Shot Damage: 28 → 32


  • Points to fill special gauge: 180 → 200



List of variants


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  • The Hero Splatling Replica closely resembles the design of the S Weapon Main Heavy Splatling.png Heavy Splatling from Splatoon, as opposed to its redesign in Splatoon 2, noticable by the position of the ink tank.


Hero Splatling Replica is derived from the noun Hero, a portmanteau of Splat and Gatling and the noun Replica.

ヒーロースピナー レプリカ hīrō supinā repurika is derived from Spinner. The name Spinner is due to the fact that the barrels of the Hero Splatling Replica rotate while charging and firing.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese ヒーロースピナー レプリカ
hīrō supinā repurika
Hero Splatling Replica
FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch Helden-Spetling (replica) From helden (hero) and a portmanteau of spet (splat) and gatling + (replica)
FlagQuebec.svg French (NOA) Badigeonneur héroïque (rép.)
FlagFrance.svg French (NOE) Badigeonneur. héroïque (réplique) Heroic painter replica
FlagGermany.svg German Helden-Splatling Replik Hero Splatling Replica
FlagItaly.svg Italian Splatling élite replica Elite splatting replica
FlagRussia.svg Russian Брызгомет-004 (клон)
Bryzgomet-004 (klon)
FlagMexico.svg Spanish (NOA) Garabateador de élite réplica Elite pro doodler replica
FlagSpain.svg Spanish (NOE) Tintralladora de élite (réplica) Elite ink-machine gun (replica)

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