Tenta Missiles

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Tenta Missiles

Tenta Missiles

Category Special
Base Damage 30 (Splash)
150 (Direct hit)
Base Duration 10s (aiming)
Ink Consumption
Special Points
Sp. Depletion
Fire Rate
Charge Speed
Ink Speed

The Tenta Missiles are a special weapon in Splatoon 2.


When activated, the Inkling can lock onto up to five opponents using Button1 ZR.png and fire four homing missiles per opponent locked onto.


If you press Button1 ZR.png, this will fire missiles at all enemies that you tag with your cursor. The more enemies you tag, the more effective it is.
— In-game Description


Version history


  • Increased damage dealt to opposing S2 Weapon Special Baller.png Ballers when shooting ink by roughly 50%.


  • Reduced the interval between missile launches when locked on to multiple targets in proportion to the number of targets.


  • Made it so that the player can press the ZL Button, enter Squid form, and move around in the period between readying the weapon and firing it.


  • Locking on to as many opponents as possible will maximize the number of missiles that are fired. However, this will also extend the firing animation and leave the user exposed for a slightly longer period of time.
    • To prevent this, get into a safe spot and or perform a Super Jump back to the respawn point, which will likely give you enough of a vantage point to lock onto and shoot down most or all foes. The farther you are, the more chances you will have to track the entire enemy team.
    • After 2.3.0, due to the ability to assume squid form while the special is active, this can be taken advantage of to scout all the opponents and get into a better position before firing.
  • After the special is activated and fired, markers appear that show where the missiles land. Move away from marked spots to avoid the missiles,and avoid your teammates, as you could end up getting them splatted. Be aware that each missiles has splash damage so a sizable distance between each missile's landing point is advised.
  • There will be a ring with 4 arrows surrounding your Inkling to show how many missiles are still left, check that to make sure you know how many are left so you can avoid them all, if you are at the receiving end of this special.
  • Tenta Missiles can also locate and briefly track opponents; While aiming and firing, the crosshair will persist on all locked on targets on the user's screen and will follow each target till all the missiles have reached their destination.
  • Tenta Missiles have a maximum targeting capacity of 5 targets. This is impossible to achieve in normal Multiplayer, however can been seen in Octo Canyon and Testing Range.




  • The Tenta missile launcher appears to be some modified soda crates, as hinted by the logo which looks like a certain cola brand, and can be found on vending machines around the square. This is further hinted at by the fact that the projectiles that the Tenta Missile launchers shoot look like soda bottles of some sort.
  • In Salmon Run, the Flyfish appears to use its own version of the Tenta Missiles.
  • Based on word from Nintendo representatives during preview events for Splatoon 2, early versions of the Tenta Missiles may have fired a fixed ten missiles as opposed to the current version which varies depending on the number of opponents targeted.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese マルチミサイル
maruchi misairu
FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch Spetterraketten Splatter Rockets
FlagFrance.svg French Multi-missile Multi-missile
FlagGermany.svg German Schwarmraketen Swarm Rockets
FlagItaly.svg Italian Lanciarazzi Missile Launcher
FlagRussia.svg Russian Каракатница
From каракатица karakatitsa, cuttlefish
FlagSpain.svg Spanish Lanzamisiles Missile Launcher
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