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The Undercover Brella is a main weapon in Splatoon 2.

The Undercover Brella is a brella that can be fired in rapid succession while its semi-transparent shield is open. The shield will open after the first shot fires if the user is holding down the trigger. The shield cannot be launched, and has the lowest durability in its class.

Each shot consumes 4% of the ink tank capacity, allowing users to fire 25 shots before needing to refill. Each shot contains several ink bullets that deal between 7 and 10 damage each, and up to 40 damage will be dealt per shot if most ink bullets hit the opponent. Three well-aimed shots are needed to splat opponents with the Undercover Brella. Opponents who touch the shield will take 15 damage, which is half the damage taken from touching the shield of a S2 Weapon Main Splat Brella.png Splat Brella or S2 Weapon Main Tenta Brella.png Tenta Brella.

Splatoon 2

Undercover Brella

Undercover Brella

Category Main
Class Brella
Sub S2 Weapon Sub Ink Mine.png Ink Mine
Special S2 Weapon Special Splashdown.png Splashdown
Level 13
Cost Cash  9,100
Base Damage 12-40
15 (Contact)
Base Duration
Ink Consumption 4%
Special Points 160p
Sp. Depletion
50 / 100
30 / 100
Fire Rate
Charge Speed
Ink Speed
25 / 100

The Undercover Brella was announced as a part of the November 2.0.0 update. It was released on 30 December 2017 at 02:00 UTC. It comes with the S2 Weapon Sub Ink Mine.png Ink Mine sub and the S2 Weapon Special Splashdown.png Splashdown special.


  • The Undercover Brella is a lightweight weapon.
  • The Undercover Brella's shield has 200 HP.
  • Each shot consumes 4% of the ink tank's capacity, allowing the player to fire 25 shots before needing to refill the ink supply.
  • After firing, there is a 40 frame cooldown before the ink tank starts refilling.
  • When firing while moving, the player's movement speed is set to 0.72 units per frame.
  • The Undercover Brella fires 4 bullets per attack. Each bullet can do between 7 and 10 damage. A maximum of 4 bullets per attack will damage the opponent, so the maximum possible damage per attack is 40.
  • If a bullet is in the air for more than 8 frames after being fired, it loses 4.375 damage per frame until it reaches 70 damage at frame 24.
  • Bullets initially travel at a rate of 20 units per frame for 4 frames, having an effective range of 80 units.
    • After that, the bullet's velocity is set to 19.085 units if the bullet's velocity is not already lower than the listed value, and decreases further as it falls to the ground.


Version history

Version Adjustments
  • Expanded overall ink range.
  • Widened area covered by ink after a shot hits a surface
  • After splatting an opponent or assisting a teammate in splatting an opponent, the umbrella canopy will reappear if it had been destroyed, or be restored to maximum durability if it was still functional.
  • While damage from a single shot remains at 40.0, the damage from peripheral ink splatter has been increased from 10.0 to 12.0.
  • Points to fill special gauge: 160 → 150




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  • The Undercover Brella resembles the umbrella seen in the Kingsman: The Secret Service movie, that can shoot and protect, indicated by its name 'Undercover Brella'(NA/EU/OC)[a] / 'Spy gadget'(JP)[b].
  • This weapon is able to potentially deal 7 damage which is the lowest damage output possible in the game.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese スパイガジェット
supai gajetto
Spy gadget
FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch Paraplenzer From paraplu (umbrella), plenzen (heavy rain) and -er, suffix used for machinery
FlagQuebec.svg French (NOA) Para-encre espion Spy Brella
FlagGermany.svg German UnderCover
FlagItaly.svg Italian Bombrello From bomba (bomb) and ombrello (umbrella)
FlagSpain.svg Spanish (NOE) Paratintas clásico Classic Inkbrella


  1. North America, Europe, and Oceania
  2. Japan

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