REEF-LUX 450 Deco

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The REEF-LUX 450 Deco is a main weapon in Splatoon 3. It is the Deco-branded version of the REEF-LUX 450, with identical stats.


The REEF-LUX 450 Deco appears similar to the original REEF-LUX 450, but features yellow Deco-brand arrow stickers, as well black strings and outer nozzles, with the original having white ones.

Splatoon 3

REEF-LUX 450 Deco

REEF-LUX 450 Deco

Basic information
Category Main
Class Stringer
Sub Splash Wall
Special Reefslider
Special points 200p
Special depletion
60 / 100
Fire rate
Charge speed
75 / 100
Ink speed
60 / 100
Obtainable at
Level 12
Added in Chill Season 2023 (6.0.0)
Base damage 30-45(x3) (Direct)
Base duration
Ink consumption
Base range
Rate of fire
Muzzle velocity
Base accuracy

MPU effect
SPU effect
SPU effect
Other variant REEF-LUX 450 REEF-LUX 450

The REEF-LUX 450 Deco was added as a part of Chill Season 2023. It features the Splash Wall and Reefslider.


  • The REEF-LUX 450 Deco is a lightweight weapon.
  • The matchmaking range is 15. The game's matchmaking system looks at a team's average matchmaking range value, and matches them against a team with a similar average.
  • The REEF-LUX 450 Deco fires 3 arrows per shot.
  • Ink consumption scales with charge level. It starts at 3.5% of the ink tank at no charge, 4.68% of the ink tank at one charge circle, and 6.5% of the ink tank at full charge.
  • The REEF-LUX 450 Deco can store its charge while submerged in ink.
    • A stored charge can be held for up to 75 frames (1.25 seconds). The animation of coming out of a stored charge lasts for 21 frames, and a shot can be fired 27 frames after coming out of ink.
  • Shots fired by the REEF-LUX 450 Deco do not explode.
  • The weapon cannot fire until it has charged for 6 frames. The first circle is reached after charging for 12 frames (0.2 seconds), and full charge is reached after 34 frames (0.57 seconds).
  • After firing, there is a delay before another shot can be charged. This delay is 8 frames at no charge, 15 frames at one charge circle, and 15 frames at full charge.
  • The delay between firing a shot (charged or uncharged) and submerging in ink is 10 frames.
    • When charging while out of ink, the amount of time it takes to charge is multiplied by 3. The charge speed while airborne is the same as the charge speed on the ground.
  • The movement speed while charging is set to 0.084 units per frame.
  • Initial shot velocity scales with charge level. It starts at 1.45 units per frame at no charge, 1.45 units per frame at one charge circle, and 2.55 at full charge.
    • Shots travel straight for 4 frames, regardless of charge level.
    • The effective range is 8.38 units at no charge, 8.38 units at one charge circle, and 14.73 units at full charge.
      • This number represents the range in which the crosshair changes shape when placed over an enemy. However, since stringer weapons do not have damage falloff, these numbers are otherwise arbitrary.
  • Damage scales with charge level. It starts at 30 damage at no charge, 45 damage at one charge circle, and 45 at full charge.
  • Arrow angle changes with charge level. It starts at 10.5 degrees at no charge, 5 at one charge circle, and 0.5 degrees at full charge.
  • The arrows fire 0.2 units apart from each other.



Sheldon's Introduction

On the surface, the REEF-LUX 450 Deco is what you might expect — a decorated version of the REEF-LUX 450. But with a fresh loadout, it offers new possibilities. For instance, you can now stake out a safe area with the Splash Wall sub, allowing you a window of opportunity to snipe far-off foes with fully charged shots. And when that special gauge is full, don't hesitate to twist the wrist and fire off a Reefslider special. It's a great way to help push the front line forward for your team. I recommend this set for folks who simply love inking turf but also want the option to boldly venture behind enemy lines when the moment is right.


Main article: Badge#Weapon freshness

Reaching certain Freshness levels with the REEF-LUX 450 Deco will reward the player with special badges that they can use on their Splashtag.

REEF-LUX 450 Deco Badges
4★ REEF-LUX 450 Deco User
5★ REEF-LUX 450 Deco User



Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese LACT-450デコ
Netherlands Dutch RIF-LEX 450 Deco From rif ("reef") and reflex, 450, and Deco
CanadaFrance French Coralux 450 chic Deco REEF-LUX 450
Germany German LACT-450 Deko
Italy Italian ARCO-RAL 450 DX
Russia Russian КО-РАЛЛ 450 «Деко»
KO-RALL 450 «Deko»
CO-RAL 450 «Deco»
Mexico Spanish (NOA) AR-CR0 450 chic AR-CR0, short for Arcromatizador, the name for Stringers in Spanish, + chic
Spain Spanish (NOE) AR-CR0 450 DX AR-CR0, short for Arcromatizador, the name for Stringers in Spanish, + DX ("deluxe")
China Chinese (Simplified) LACT-450 装饰
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) LACT-450 裝飾
South Korea Korean LACT-450 데코