Recycled Brella 24 Mk I

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The Recycled Brella 24 Mk I is a main weapon in Splatoon 3. It is a brella that fires off and recovers its shield faster than the other weapons in the class.


The Recycled Brella 24 Mk I resembles a traditional Japanese oil-paper umbrella, with the main shield being made of thin paper. The handle made from red bamboo and the circular cap are similar to the Bamboozler weapons.

This weapon's design could be a nod to members of the New Squidbeak Splatoon: it resembles the umbrella Marie uses in Octo Canyon and reuses parts of a Bamboozler, Cuttlefish's signature weapon. Its name formatting also matches that of the Bamboozler 14 Mk I in various languages.

Splatoon 3

Recycled Brella 24 Mk I

Recycled Brella 24 Mk I

Basic information
Category Main
Class Brella
Sub Angle Shooter
Special Big Bubbler
Special points 190p
Special depletion
56 / 100
75 / 100
Fire rate
Charge speed
Ink speed
8 / 100
Obtainable at
Level 13
Added in
Base damage
Base duration
Ink consumption
Base range
Rate of fire
Muzzle velocity
Base accuracy

MPU effect
SPU effect
SPU effect
Other variant Recycled Brella 24 Mk II Recycled Brella 24 Mk II

The Recycled Brella 24 Mk I was revealed in the Fresh Season 2024 trailer on 13 February 2024 and was be released on 1 March 2024. Its kit consists of Angle Shooter and Big Bubbler.


  • The Recycled Brella 24 Mk I is a middleweight weapon.
  • The matchmaking range is 14.5. The game's matchmaking system looks at a team's average matchmaking range value, and matches them against a team with a similar average.
  • The Recycled Brella 24 Mk I has a canopy with 100 HP, and regenerates 0.5 HP per frame (30 HP per second) when the canopy is not active and not destroyed.
  • The canopy takes 10 frames to open (0.17 seconds).
  • The canopy does 20 damage on contact with a cooldown of 30 frames.
  • The canopy takes 40 frames to launch (0.67 seconds) and 2.17 seconds to regenerate.
    • The canopy initially travels at a speed of about 0.15 units per frame, and remains onstage for 2.83 seconds. During this time, all damage to the shield is multiplied by 0.5.
  • Ink consumption is 7% per shot, allowing the user to fire 14 times with a full ink tank.
  • Once the canopy is fully open, it consumes 45% of the ink tank per second, requiring 15% of the tank to release.
  • After firing, there is a 50 frame (0.83 second) cooldown before the ink tank starts refilling.
    • After holding but not releasing the canopy, there is a 20 frame (0.33 second) cooldown before the ink tank starts refilling.
    • After releasing the canopy, there is a 55 frame (0.92 second) cooldown before the ink tank starts refilling.
  • When firing from humanoid form, the first shot takes 8 frames to come out. When firing from swim form, the first shot takes 15 frames to come out.
  • The time between consecutive shots is 35 frames.
  • The time between firing the weapon and being able to use a sub or enter swim form is 25 frames.
  • The movement speed while firing is 0.058 units per frame.
  • The movement speed while shielding is 0.05 units per frame.
  • The Recycled Brella 24 Mk I fires 11 pellets per shot.
  • Pellets fly straight at 3.0 units per frame for 3 frames, covering a distance of 9 units.
    • After that, the speed of the pellets is set to 2.0 units per frame if it is not already lower than the listed value, and they lose 36% of their speed every frame (including the first frame after they stop traveling straight). Once the velocity decreases below a certain threshold, they will begin to be slowed less and fall faster.
  • Each pellet has a base damage of 15. After the pellet has been in the air for 8 frames, it begins to lose damage every frame until it reaches 10 damage at frame 24. The maximum damage that can be dealt to a single target per shot is 90.
    • The effective range is about 12.17 units.
      • This number may vary at different firing angles.


Version history

Version Adjustments
  • Reduced the time required for canopies lost by being launched or broken by an opponent to recover by about 1/3rd of a second: 150 frames → 130 frames.


Sheldon's Introduction

The Recycled Brella 24 Mk I is an interesting brella. It's made from paper stretched over a wood-and-bamboo framework. As you can imagine, that doesn't make for the sturdiest canopy, so it offers less protection than usual. But the brella is quick to launch and travels at a good clip when fired, making it better than usual as an offensive tool! Even better, direct hits from the main weapon really hurt! Distract your foes with a launched canopy and the Angle Shooter sub, then squeeze off a direct hit! Many brella users are uneasy about giving up their protection, but that's what the Big Bubbler special is for. When the ink starts to fly, it'll keep you safe! Probably! A brella centered around launching the canopy rather than hiding behind it takes some getting used to, but I highly recommend this to anyone who doesn't mind getting a bit wet!

The new Recycle[sic] Brella 24 Mk 1[sic] floats in with Fresh Season 2024!

Its fast canopy release & cooldown is possible thanks to unique materials and crafting methods.
The canopy is primarily nori seaweed & is environmentally friendly, even when left scattered around the battlefield!


Main article: Badge#Weapon freshness

Reaching certain Freshness levels with the Recycled Brella 24 Mk I will reward the player with special badges that they can use on their Splashtag.

Recycled Brella 24 Mk I Badges
4★ Recycled Brella 24 Mk I User
5★ Recycled Brella 24 Mk I User



For competitive tips about the Recycled Brella 24 Mk I

Click to view the strategy for Recycled Brella 24 Mk I. View the strategy page.


  • The Recycled Brella Mk I is not included in Return of the Mammalians due to it being added post-release.
  • The nori seaweed that forms the canopy of the brella is most commonly used as a wrap for sushi and onigiri.
  • The weapon's name has been misspelled three times in official media: twice by the Splatoon NA twitter account as "Recycle Brella 24 Mk 1"[2][3] and by the Tableturf Battle card as "Recycle Brella 24 Mk I".


Recycled and Mk I refer to the weapon's appearance being similar to a Bamboozler. "Recycled" could also be in reference to the stated environmentally-friendly composition of the canopy, or its fast shield regeneration.

Names in other languages

Translation needed
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Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 24式張替傘・甲
24 Shiki Harikae Kasa: Kō
Type 24 Replaceable Umbrella: First
Netherlands Dutch Protoplenzer 24-I From proto- and plenzer ("brella") + 24-I
CanadaFrance French Para-encre Ré-gen 24 Mk I Regenerating Brella 24 Mk I
Germany German Bast-Pluviator 24-A Raffia Umbrellator[a] 24-A
Italy Italian Sparasole riciclo 24-I Recycled Brella 24-I
Russia Russian Ребут-зонтган М-1
Rebut-zontgan M-1
Reboot-umbrellagun M-1
SpainMexico Spanish Prototintas 24-I From prototipo ("prototype") + tintas (paraguas + tinta) ("umbrella + ink")
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 24式可替換傘·甲
èrshísì shì kě tì huàn sǎn jiǎ (Mandarin)
jaa6 sei3 sik1 ho2 tai3 wun6 saan3 gaap3 (Cantonese)
Type 24 Replaceable Umbrella: First
South Korea Korean 24식 도돌이 우산 갑
24sig dodol-i usan gab
 Internal Shelter_Focus_00[4]

Translation notes

  1. Composition of the Latin word pluvia ("rain") and the suffix -tor used for machines.