Freshness (stars)

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For Freshness meter referring the number of flags, see Freshness (flags).

Freshness, also referred to as weapon rating or Freshness rating, is a progression system used for tracking main weapon usage in Splatoon 3.


Freshness is tracked for each specific main weapon and does not drop or reset. After each match, a player's weapon gains Freshness points based on Battle Points awarded.

The meter can be seen from the equipment select screen, and pressing on the weapon.


Obtaining a new star for a weapon grants the player the reward associated with that level:

Stars Freshness required Reward
1 10,000 1 Sheldon License
2 25,000 Normal sticker of the weapon
3 60,000 Reflective sticker of the weapon
4 160,000 Badge of the weapon
5 1,160,000 Golden badge of the weapon

Once a player has reached five stars, they can no longer earn Freshness towards that weapon, and the bar changes to "MAX".


S Judd Artwork.png
Judd's Advice
Meow. (Each weapon has a Freshness rating, which grows as you use it. You'll get bonuses for boosting a weapon's rating, like Sheldon Licenses, stickers, and badges! Stickers and badges are great for showing everyone which weapons you like to use.


  • Earning 1,160,000p is equivalent to 464 Anarchy Battle KOs (at 2500p per game), 829 Turf War wins (at 1400p per game), or 1,450 Turf War losses (at 800p per game).
  • Once a weapon reaches 4 or 5 stars the amount of stars that weapon has can be seen when selecting a weapon.