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Judd determining the winner of a Turf War based on each team's total Battle Points.
This article is about experience points gained in standard online multiplayer modes. For a similar type of points earned in Salmon Run, see Salmon Run#Rank. For the reward points earned in that mode, see Salmon Run#Rewards.

Battle Points, usually shortened to BP, Points, or simply p, act as experience awarded to players after completing a multiplayer match. These contribute towards the player's level and are also the determining factor in the winner of Turf War battles.

Use of Battle Points

Points are primarily used to level up players and unlock abilities. Points are also converted into cash and can be used to purchase gear such as clothes, shoes, and headgear, or buy weapons. Battle Points are counted at the end of every Turf War match to decide a winner and are also used to fill the Special Gauge.

In Splatoon, from Level 1 to 20, Battle Points directly translate to the amount of experience earned to level up. From Level 20 to 50, the amount of Battle Points earned in Turf War and performance in Ranked Battles correspond to a specific amount of experience.


Players can earn points in Turf War, Splat Zones, Tower Control, Rainmaker, and Clam Blitz. In all these modes, Battle Points are used to fill the Special Gauge, which allows players to use their special weapon.

From Splatoon 3, the first win of the day also awards a bonus 7500p.

Turf War

The results screen after a Turf War, ranking players by amount of Battle Points earned.

In Turf War, points are earned by covering ground with ink. Each stage has a set number of total Battle Points, based on the amount of land available for inking. However, players may easily earn more points than this amount because ink is often recovered by the opposing team. In a given match of Turf War, the team with the most turf covered after three minutes wins.

Points are awarded based on the amount of turf covered by individual players and some bonuses:

Game Win Bonus Time Bonus Turf Bonus
Splatoon 0 0 Turf inked only
Splatoon 2 1000 [a] 300 500 (?)
Splatoon 3 600 300 500
  1. 300 before the final Splatfest

Ranked Battles

Battle Points are based on the team's score, which is how much the team moved their counter for each mode's objective. The counter goes down by holding the control of the Zones in Splat Zones, riding the Tower in Tower Control, moving the Rainmaker close to the opponent's podium in Rainmaker, and tossing clams inside the opponent's basket in Clam Blitz. The players earn five Battle Points per score point, where the winning team gets a win bonus depending on the player's rank and whether they scored a knockout.

Splatoon Splatoon 2
Rank KO Bonus Win Bonus KO Bonus Win Bonus
C- 1300 1000 1200 1000
C 1600 1300 1300 1100
C+ 2000 1600 1400 1200
B- 2300 2000 1800 1500
B 2600 2300 1900 1600
B+ 3000 2600 2000 1700
A- 3300 3000 2400 2000
A 3600 3300 2500 2100
A+ 4000 3600 2600 2200
S 5000 4000 3000 2600
S+ 6000 5000 3400 3000

Anarchy Battles

In Splatoon 3, all ranks have a flat Battle Points system.

  • Winning with a KO awards 2500p KO bonus.
  • Winning without KO awards a 1500p bonus.
  • Both teams are awarded a time bonus of 100p for each minute of gameplay, and a progress bonus of 5p for each objective point.


  • In Regular Battles, players are ranked on the results screen in terms of Battle Points earned. In Ranked Battles, every team member earns the same amount of points, so players are instead ranked by the number of splats they caused and how many times they were splatted.
  • In the demo version of Splatoon shown at E3 2014, after a player splatted an opponent, the number of points earned from splatting them would show up where the player was splatted.
  • In the Rainmaker mode, battle points continue to count when using the Rainmaker weapon for the player's total Battle Points of the match and the total turf inked with their weapon.

Names in other languages

Battle Points
Language Name Meaning
Netherlands Dutch Ervaringspunten [1] Experience points
Rank Points
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ウデマエポイント
udamae pointo
Prowess Points
Netherlands Dutch Rangpunten
CanadaFrance French Points de rang
Germany German Rangpunkte
Italy Italian Punti rango
Russia Russian очки за разряд
SpainMexico Spanish Puntos de rango
China Chinese (Simplified) 技术点数
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 技術點數
South Korea Korean 랭크 포인트
 Internal UdemaePoint [2] Romanization of the Japanese name
Rank-Up Battle
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 昇格戦
Netherlands Dutch Ranggevecht
CanadaFrance French Match de rang
Germany German Aufstiegskampf
Italy Italian Partita rango +
Russia Russian бой за разряд
SpainMexico Spanish Combate de ascenso
China Chinese (Simplified) 晋级战
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 晉級戰
South Korea Korean 승급전
 Internal UdemaePoint_00 [2]


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