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S3 Splatfest Logo.png
Battle alongside players on your Splatfest team.(NA)[a]
Battle alongside players who voted the same way as you.(EU/OC)[b]
Type Online multiplayer mode (with Turf War being the only mode)
Players 8 (4v4) (all games)
8 (4v2v2) (Splatoon 3 only)
Ranked No
Weapons All
Controllers Gamepad GamePad
Nintendo Switch Joy-Con with grip.png Joy-Con
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.png Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
Release Date Launch (playable only during event)
For the Octo Valley mission of a similar name, see Spreader Splatfest.
For the individual Splafest events, see Splatfest events.
Pick a side and battle it out in these special Turf War events. Find out about the latest Splatfests in Inkopolis Plaza, and be sure to pledge allegiance to your favorite side in the week leading up! Then help your side win by competing in Turf War battles!
Splatoon's official website[1]

A Splatfest is a special event that periodically occurs for a limited time in the Splatoon series. In these events, players join a team (with the selection being different each Splatfest) and compete in Turf Wars to raise their teams' scores, ending with the winning team being announced and Super Sea Snails being awarded to all participants (with players on the winning team getting more Super Sea Snails). In Splatoon and Splatoon 2, each Splatfest featured two teams, such as Cats and Dogs, whereas in Splatoon 3, each Splatfest features three teams, such as Rock, Paper, and Scissors.


The Voice from on High

When a Splatfest is held and its theme is not decided on by the organizers or similar, instead, they are held whenever the Voice from on High, a fax machine, recieves signals from the human era that are bounced back from a Voyager-esque spacecraft.[2] These are interpreted as divine questions from the gods, although the Inklings and Octolings don't always understand what the choices in question are, as there are no Nike shoes or McDonald's in their current world. However, they still participate as they want to answer the question in some way.[2]

As Splatfests expand beyond the games and are not limited by their boundaries, the idols occasionally act as if they know that they are in a video game, and therefore their quotes might not always reflect the lore, as seen in Super Mushroom vs. Super Star, where Marina references the fact that it is Mario's 35th anniversary, despite the fact that humanity went extinct about 12,000 years ago.[3]



Inkopolis Plaza during the event.

In Splatoon, Splatfests were recurring events hosted by the Squid Sisters, Callie and Marie. During this event, Inklings were able to choose between two teams and participate in battles against each other. Inklings were limited to two colors during the Splatfest, reflecting which side they were on. The clothing section of the equip screen also became locked and all players were forced to wear the Splatfest Tee, which changed in color and design based on an Inkling's chosen team, although they could still change hats, shoes, and weapons. Inkopolis Plaza and all the stages were decorated with a flood of Miiverse posts from the Splatfest/Festival tag on the Splatoon community, some of which took the form of neon signs, banners, and even fireworks. Nighttime also descended over Inkopolis and all Turf War stages. Fireworks went off periodically in the Plaza, and specks of light resembling fireflies or fire embers could be seen rising into the sky. Both Callie and Marie danced throughout the entire duration of this event, singing and dancing to City of Color.

For the most part, each Splatfest lasted 24 hours, during which time the region involved was isolated and Splatfest players would only face off against players from their own region. Meanwhile, all other regions continued to play amongst each other. A few choice Splatfests deviated from these rules. Super Sea Snails were awarded to participating players upon Splatfest's conclusion.

Splatoon 2

Splatfests returned in Splatoon 2, now hosted by Off the Hook's members, Pearl and Marina. Besides this, the structure was largely the same. Although Miiverse is not compatible with the Nintendo Switch, Splatoon 2's exclusive drawing feature allows for players to submit doodles that appear in-game as neon signs, banners, fireworks, or graffiti, as well as upload doodles to social media accounts. Inkopolis Square is decorated similarly to Inkopolis Plaza in the first game and all areas once again become locked in nighttime as Pearl and Marina perform Color Pulse in Inkopolis Square.

In a similar vein to Callie vs. Marie, Chaos vs. Order (also known as Final Fest: Splatocalypse) was heavily promoted as Splatoon 2's final Splatfest, featuring many special and unique characteristics, and would influence events of the sequel. Despite that, 2020 would see four additional Splatfests hosted after a year of inactivity, during the COVID-19 pandemic, giving players further entertainment during lockdown. The first three additional Splatfests were rematches of previous Splatfests, with largely unchanged dialogue.[c] Dialogue from the fourth (and only original) additional Splatfest, Super Mushroom vs. Super Star, did briefly mention how the Splatocalypse was meant to be the final Splatfest with no mention of the previous three rematches, suggesting they were non-canonical.

Splatoon 3

Splatfests are now hosted by Shiver, Frye, and Big Man of Deep Cut in Splatoon 3. They all parade through Splatsville for the duration of the Splatfest, which are now a battle between three different teams, each represented by a different member. Each member has their own float, however they all combine to form one large stage that remains stationary after the Halftime Report. Deep Cut performs Anarchy Poisons on the first day of a Splatfest and Anarchy Rainbow on the second.

In Inkopolis Plaza, Callie and Marie once again perform during Splatfests, singing City of Color (2023) on the first day and Tomorrow's Nostalgia Today on the second.

As Splatoon 3 does not have separate regional versions like previous games, players are instead given the option to set a Splatfest Region. The available Splatfest Regions and their respective languages are as follows:

  • Japan
    • Japanese
  • Americas, Australia, and New Zealand[d]
    • English
    • French (Canada)
    • Spanish (Latin America)
  • Europe
    • English
    • Dutch
    • French (France)
    • German
    • Italian
    • Russian
    • Spanish (Spain)
  • Hong Kong and South Korea
    • English
    • Chinese (Simplified)
    • Chinese (Traditional)
    • Korean

Players are able to change their region freely before voting for a Splatfest, but will not be able to change it for 60 days (1440 hours) if changing it once a Splatfest has begun or after the player has voted. Prohibition Period will be refreshed to 60 days every time a player votes for a Splatfest, even if prior Prohibition Period has not yet expired. If a player's console is set to a language that is not available in their Splatfest Region, then Splatfest-related text may appear in a different language, such as Anarchy Splatcast broadcasts and Splatfest teams. As all post-launch Splatfests held so far have been shared worldwide, so have all localizations' texts.

In Splatoon 3, battles played between the time the Splatfest is announced and when it begins, known as the Splatfest Sneak Peek, also contribute to the final results.

Inkopolis Plaza the day before a Splatfest.


Before a Splatfest begins, Inkopolis Plaza, Inkopolis Square and Splatsville experience a variety of visual upgrades to prepare for the event. One week before a Splatfest in Splatoon, a voting booth appeared next to the Miiverse mailbox and the event's theme was announced by Callie and Marie during their Inkopolis News segment. Pearl and Marina similarly announce the event's theme a week prior during their Off the Hook segment in Splatoon 2, while the voting booth appears in the Square. The same is true for Splatoon 3, where Deep Cut will announce the theme approximately a week before the Splatfest begins. The voting booth will also appear at this time.

Players receive a themed Splatfest Tee, a piece of gear that is wearable only until the Splatfest ends when they join a team. Two days before a Splatfest in Splatoon, neon signs adorned with up and down pointing arrows appeared on walls and buildings, and the day before it took place, the Plaza became noticeably more crowded and two large trucks supporting stage scaffolding appeared in the area's center.

In Splatoon 2, one day before the Splatfest, a large performance stage appears in the Square, above the entrance to the battle lobby. On the tower behind the stage is a screen displaying the two battling teams' mascots. There are also large black lattice boards, which, later on, become the area where posts are featured in the form of neon signs.

Splatoon 3 has a number of changes for both Splatsville and Inkopolis Plaza.

  • After the announcement:
    • Floats for Deep Cut will begin to appear around Splatsville. In addition, a T-shirt booth along with the Splatfest voting board appears near the spawn point. Metal framing with neon signs and small flags also appear scattered around Splatsville, featuring posts seen in the city.
    • In Inkopolis Plaza, the Squid Sisters' trucks (with the screens on the side displaying test patterns) and a small lift platform appear in the center of the area, while the kitsune and tanuki statues and Inkopolis Tower are repainted in the colors of the first, second, and third team respectively. Neon signs and framing also appear around the plaza for displaying user posts, though they are turned off initially. The Splatfest voting board appears in front of Inkopolis Tower, in the same location it was in Splatoon, and the speakers near the tower begin playing an instrumental dance remix of City of Color.
  • Two days before the Splatfest, the time of day will change to evening:
    • The entrance of the Battle Lobby in Splatsville gains a wooden frame around it as well as various lanterns.
  • One day before the Splatfest:
    • The music heard near the Battle Lobby in Splatsville changes to be more festival-like and more lanterns appear, and the torii gate-like structure near the spawn starts shining rainbow neon lights.

During a Splatfest, Regular and Ranked Battle options are not available, as they are temporarily replaced by the Splatfest Battle option; however, Private Battles and Salmon Run can still be accessed.[4]


Oh, while you're deciding, we have more Splatfest findings to share. It seems there are two types of Splatfest battles: Open and Pro. Choose Open to squad up with your friends or play solo against randoms. Pro mode is serious business for solo players only. You can try both!
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[5]

In Splatoon 2, there are two ways to enter Splatfest Battles as of Version 4.0.0: Normal and Pro. Normal mode lets the player either start solo or battle with two to four friends by joining together in a private lobby before choosing to find other random players. Players from the same team can continue being matched up together in the same lobby if they choose to continue after the end of a match. Pro mode works identically to how Solo mode worked before this version; the player cannot team up with friends and is automatically matched with three other players. Players from the same team are not matched up in the same lobby after a match.

Before Version 4.0.0, there were two other options for Splatfest Battles: Solo and Team. Solo mode worked like Splatfests in Splatoon; the player was automatically matched with three other players and battled against groups of four random players from the opposing team. However, as opposed to the original game, players from the same team were not automatically matched up in the same lobby after a match. Team mode required four players (that must be friends with someone from the same team who is in the lobby) to join a private lobby before being matched up against another team of four.[6]

In Splatoon 3, there are three different Splatfest Battle modes, Open, Pro, and Tricolor. Open and Pro are available for the entirety of the Splatfest, while Tricolor is only available after the Halftime Report. Open and Pro function identically to Normal and Pro mode in Splatoon 2. Players that chose Tricolor will play a Tricolor Turf War, with the attackers and defenders for the match being random, if the leading team at the Halftime Report is the defending team during the match, the winning team will receive a 1.5x clout bonus. Pro mode is unaffected by the Halftime Report, and Tricolor Turf Wars will not occur there.

Prior to Version 2.0.0, only members of the 2nd and 3rd place teams could select the Tricolor Battle mode, where they were guaranteed to be on the attacking teams. The leading team would randomly play a Tricolor Battle when selecting Open mode, where they would always on the defending team.


Splatfest Power

Splatfest Power Level of the team shown before starting a Splatfest Turf War.
Main article: Power level

Splatfest Power was a feature introduced in Version 2.6.0 of Splatoon as a way of tracking players' skill during Splatfests, replacing the Vibe meter. While Splatfest matchmaking was previously based on play styles, players were then matched based on similar Splatfest Power levels. It was initially determined by one's Rank and may rise or fall depending on how well one did in battles.

After each Splatfest Battle, players on the winning team got roughly ten points toward their Splatfest Power and the losing team lost roughly ten, depending on the difference between the two teams' Splatfest power level, while the player on the winning team with the highest Splatfest Power gained an additional one to two points.

The top 100 players with the highest Splatfest Power were shown on SplatNet and on the social network sites of Splatoon.

Splatfest Power returned in Splatoon 2, where the player's initial Splatfest Power was based on their performance in their first seven matches. The top 100 players are displayed in SplatNet 2 and can be viewed under each Splatfest event. As of Version 5.3.1, to adjust fairness in matchmaking and to prevent improper behavior, the names and levels of all players in a match are not shown on the lobby waiting screen and are replaced with question marks if the player's Splatfest Power is above 2,200. Due to this, players are able to battle against people blocked in their Nintendo Switch system settings as long as their power is also this high.

Splatfest Power returned in Splatoon 3, working similarly to Splatoon 2. The player's Splatfest Power is based in their performance in the first seven matches. However, the Splatfest Power is only available on Splatfest Battle Pro. On SplatNet 3 after the results of an Splatfest are in, the Splatfest Top 100 is now available, based on the players Splatfest Power.


Clout is a mechanic introduced in version 4.0.0 of Splatoon 2 that is used to determine the winner in Splatfests as opposed to strictly using the win rate. Clout is counted separately for two of the available Splatfest Battle modes, Normal and Pro. Battling against the same Splatfest team does not contribute to the Clout score.

In Normal mode, players can multiply their Clout by a factor of up to ×2.0 based on the Synergy Bonus they get if they win the match. Synergy Bonuses are earned by having matching gear, weapons, and appearance, which are also tied into the team names players get during Splatfests. An example of the highest possible Synergy bonus would be if all four players were Inkling boys with the ponytail hairstyle and dressed in the Soccer Headband, Blue Sea Slugs and Aerospray PG. The nickname will be "The Ponytail Soccerband Blue Sea Slug Bronze Aero gang."

Conditions Synergy Bonus factor
Either hairstyle, gender, or species matching + 0.1×
Main weapon type matching + 0.2×
Sub weapons matching + 0.2×
Special weapons matching + 0.2×
All different main weapon types + 0.2×
Only two main weapons matching + 0.1× (Counts only for the teammates matching)
Only three main weapons matching + 0.2× (Counts only for the teammates matching)
All main weapons matching + 0.3×
Headgear genre matching + 0.2×
Headgear brand matching + 0.2×
Only two headgear matching + 0.1× (Counts only for the teammates matching)
Only three headgear matching + 0.2× (Counts only for the teammates matching)
All headgear matching + 0.3×
Shoe genre matching + 0.2×
Shoe brand matching + 0.2×
Only two shoes matching + 0.1× (Counts only for the teammates matching)
Only three shoes matching + 0.2× (Counts only for the teammates matching)
All shoes matching + 0.3×


The multiplier begins at ×1.0, where each matching element adds to the factor. For example, if a team has all matching hairstyles and all matching shoes, they will get a Synergy Bonus of ×1.0 + ×0.1 + ×0.3 = ×1.4.

10x, 100×, and 333x Battles

SRL checking in now that the Splatfest is live. Did you know that a 10x Battle can randomly occur? Our Stats dept. is still calculating the probability of one happening, but if you see one, get ready to splat with everything you've got - you could earn 10x the Clout!

Winning a 10x Battle also earns everyone on your team a festival shell. And if you team up with other players with lots of festival shells, the odds of triggering a 100x Battle increase! What happens if both teams trigger a 100x Battle at the same time? An ultra-rare 333x Battle!

Now, if you play in a 100x or a 333x Battle, you'll lose all your festival shells. But isn't it worth it for a chance at all that Clout? (Trust us - it is.) Plus, 100x or 333x winners will also get a Splatfest Star above their nickname for the rest of the Splatfest. So cool!

— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[8][9][10]

Normal, Open, and Pro modes occasionally feature 10×, 100× and 333× Battles, where the Clout score is multiplied by a factor of ten, 100 or 333 if the team won.

In Splatoon 2, 100× Battles occurred every ten minutes at their introduction, but around June 2019 were changed to occur every five minutes,[11] while 10× Battles occur more frequently. The 100× Battle rate was later increased again in celebration of Final Fest, where approximately ten 100× Battles can happen in a minute. This increased rate was still in place for the special encore Splatfests that were held afterwards and the Super Mushroom vs. Super Star Splatfest.[12][13] The Synergy Bonus is rounded to the nearest integer before the 10× or 100× bonus is applied. Losing a 10× or 100× Battle adds no bonus to Clout.

They function slightly differently in Splatoon 3. Here, 10× Battles are much more common and will reward the winning players with festival shells. These increase the odds of a 100× Battle occurring. 333× Battles can rarely occur if both teams manage to activate a 100× Battle at once, with the odds increasing depending on how many festival shells each player has. When winning a 100× or 333× Battle, the winning team will perform a unique victory animation. 10×, 100×, and 333× battles can not occur during a Tricolor Turf War.

In Splatoon 2, the winners of both 10× and 100× battles are featured in a newsflash that is displayed as text in the lobby, as text on the SplatNet 2 app, and as an image on the Splatfest booth in the Square. Images of 100× winners are also displayed on SplatNet 2. Newsflashes of players that win a 100× Battle are displayed for all players of their Splatfest, while newsflashes of players that win a 10× Battle are displayed for themselves and their friends who are playing during the same Splatfest. If a player won a 100× Battle, the newsflash of their victory would display on their session for around half an hour before displaying winners of other battles. The news images of the winners from these battles showed the players striking different poses, where the winners from a 100× Battle would be holding a large check.

In Splatoon 3, as of the Version 2.0.0 update, the winners of 10×, 100×, and 333× battles appear at their pledge box once again. A new feature was also added that allows 100× and 333× battle winners to board a parade float with their team to take commemorative pictures.[14]

Splatfest team names

Main article: Splatoon 2 Splatfest team names

Splatoon 2's Version 4.0.0 introduced special team names for individual teams of four (not to be confused with the overall Splatfest team) which were assigned if the whole team has matching gear, weapons, or appearance.

Splatfest team names are separated into five main categories, each of which has one slot in the final team name, meaning there can only be up to five name parts in a team name. Under these categories are a number of sub-series that determine what the displayed name unit should be if there are more matching properties within a category.

Main category Sub-series and priority
Headgear Headgear name > brand > genre
Shoes Shoe name > brand > genre
Weapons Main weapons > specials ? subs ? weapon types ? different weapon types[e]
Player customization Hairstyles > species > gender
Group name (Automatically assigned if the player has any of the previous categories)

For example, if everyone on the team has matching hairstyles, species, and gender, the game will only choose the hairstyle for the team's name. If a team only has matching species and gender, the game will choose species for the team's name.

The Synergy Bonus and Splatfest team names are closely related as they are both determined by the same factors, but not everything that warrants a Synergy Bonus has an equivalent team name. Some bonuses are earned by just having two or three teammates with matching properties, while Splatfest team names are only earned if all teammates match.

Reward Tiers

Super Sea Snails are awarded to participants based on the size of their team, matches won, and ground covered, which dictate each player's Splatfest Title.


Title Total EXP required Super Sea Snails
Winning team Losing team
[Team Name] Fanboy/Fangirl (NA/EU/OC)[f]
Normal [Team Name] Boy/Girl[g] (EU/OC)[b]
4 2
[Team Name] Fiend (NA/EU/OC)[f]
Full-on [Team Name] Boy/Girl[g] (EU/OC)[b]
10 6 3
[Team Name] Defender (NA/EU/OC)[f]
Super [Team Name] Boy/Girl[g] (EU/OC)[b]
35 10 5
[Team Name] Champion (NA/EU/OC)[f]
Charismatic [Team Name] Boy/Girl[g] (EU/OC)[b]
85 16 10[h]
[Team Name] King/Queen (NA/EU/OC)[f]
Eternal [Team Name] Boy/Girl[g] (EU/OC)[b]
184 24 18[i]
Splatfest Power Level Winning EXP points
0 - 1399 +3
1400 - 1499 +4
1500 - 1599 +5
1600 - 1699 +6
1700+ +7

Splatfest EXP was earned by participating in and winning matches. Winning a match earned the player points based on their Splatfest Power, and a participation bonus was based on how many Battle Points worth of ground was inked during the match. Players who covered 200–399p worth of ground earned 1 EXP, and 400p or above granted 2 EXP. The player on the winning team with the highest Splatfest Power gained an additional 2 EXP. Players could earn a maximum of 11 EXP per match in the case that their team won, they had the highest Splatfest Power among their team, and they covered at least 400p worth of ground during the match.

One hour after Splatfest concluded, the results were announced during an Inkopolis News broadcast. Results were based on team popularity (the percentage of the vote each team received) and wins (the percentage of matches each team won). As of 2015, win percentage was worth 6× as much as popularity. Players were awarded Super Sea Snails based on the Splatfest Title they earned, and players on the winning team earned more Super Sea Snails than those on the losing team.

To collect prizes, players had to log into Splatoon before the next Splatfest theme was announced, as the new Splatfest announcement overrode the announcement of winners from the previous Splatfest.

Splatoon 2

Before Version 4.0.0, the experience meter was the same as in Splatoon. The experience meter, inking bonuses, and win bonuses were increased by a factor of ten to allow whole number values for the new Synergy Bonuses.

Title Total EXP required Super Sea Snails
Winning team Losing team
[Team Name] Fanboy/Fangirl 3 2
[Team Name] Fiend 100 5 3
[Team Name] Defender 350 9 7
[Team Name] Champion 850 16 13
[Team Name] King/Queen 1849 24 21

The win bonus for the Splatfest title EXP points was based on what the opponents' Splatfest Power is.

Splatfest Power Level Winning EXP points
0 - 1399 +30
1400 - 1699 +40
1700 - 1799 +50
1800 - 1899 +60
1900+ +70

Splatoon 3

The experience meter functions similar to how it does in Splatoon 2: earning a higher title leads to more Super Sea Snails at the end of the Splatfest. In Splatoon 3, upon reaching the Ruler title, players can continue refilling the 999 point meter to earn the title of Ruler +number, where number is the amount of times it has been refilled. For example, refilling it once changes it to Ruler +1, refilling it twice changes it to Ruler +2 etc. This additional number has no effect on the rewards. The titles were also changed to remove any gendered terms.

Title Total EXP required Super Sea Snails
1st place 2nd & 3rd place
[Team Name] Fan 3 2
[Team Name] Fiend 100 5 3
[Team Name] Defender 350 9 7
[Team Name] Champion 850 16 13
[Team Name] Ruler 1849 24 21
Splatfest Power Level Winning EXP points Losing EXP points
0 - 1399 +30 +10
1400 - 1699 +40 +10
1700 - 1799 +50 +15
1800 - 1899 +60 +15
1900+ +70 +20


The Splatfest theme descends from the heavens via fax machine.


The final score was calculated based both on popularity and on wins. The formula in Splatoon was as follows:

Final Score (out of 700) = Popularity Percentage + (Win Percentage × 6)

When the Squid Sisters announced the results, the highest of the popularity and win percentages were both individually highlighted before the final results were shown.

The formula used to use Win Percentage × 4, but this was changed in Version 2.2.0.

The formula was at first Win Percentage × 2, but this was changed in Version 2.0.0.

Splatoon 2

In Splatoon 2, the final score is a tally of how many categories each team had a majority percentage in. There are three categories:

  • Popularity
  • Normal Mode Clout
  • Pro Mode Clout

Popularity is a straight percentage of how many joined each Splatfest team, while Clout is calculated as the average of each player's total Clout.

When Off the Hook announces the results, the highest of each category is individually highlighted before the final results are shown, just as in the previous game.

Before Version 4.0.0, the latter two categories were Solo Wins and Team Wins.

Splatoon 3

In Splatoon 3, each category has a scoring value attached to it, with the final score being the sum of the scores of the categories each team won. There are 57 points in total. There are five categories:

  • Sneak Peek (8 points)
  • Popularity (10 points)
  • Open Mode Clout (12 points)
  • Pro Mode Clout (12 points)
  • Tricolor Mode Clout (15 points)

Sneak Peek refers to conch shells collected for a team. Popularity is a straight percentage of how many joined each Splatfest team, while Clout is calculated as the average of each player's total Clout.

When Deep Cut announces the results, the highest of each category is individually highlighted before the final results are shown, just as in the previous games. The points are distributed in a way that a tie for 1st place is not possible, though there can be a tie for 2nd.

Before Version 2.0.0, there were only four categories, with Tricolor clout being combined with Open clout. Open Clout was worth 15 points while the other three categories were worth 10 for a total of 45 points.

Upcoming or ongoing Splatfests

The following is a list of upcoming or ongoing Splatfest events and their start times.

Options Article Region Start Artwork
  Nessie   Aliens   Bigfoot Nessie vs. Aliens vs. Bigfoot USAEuropeJapanSouth KoreaHong KongAustralia 1 April 2023 00:00 UTC S3 Splatfest Nessie vs Aliens vs Bigfoot.png

Past Splatfests

The following tables list all Splatfests in every region. Bold text signifies a Splatfest victory.


Main article: List of Splatfests in Splatoon
Splatfests in North America
Callie Marie
  Cats   Dogs
  Roller Coasters   Water Slides
  Marshmallows   Hot Dogs
  Autobots   Decepticons
  Art   Science
  Cars   Planes
  Pirates   Ninjas
  Burgers   Pizza
  Naughty   Nice
  Past   Future
  Pokémon Red   Pokémon Blue
  Snowman   Sandcastle
  SpongeBob   Patrick
  Fancy Party   Costume Party
  Early Bird   Night Owl
  Callie   Marie
Splatfests in Europe and Oceania
Callie Marie
  Rock   Pop
  Eating   Sleeping
  North Pole   South Pole
  Singing   Dancing
  Messy   Tidy
  Cats   Dogs
  Zombies   Ghosts
  Pro-pineapple   Anti-pineapple
  Fit   Rich
  Barbarian   Ninja
  Pokémon Red   Pokémon Blue
  Hoverboard   Jet Pack
  SpongeBob   Patrick
  Black Tie Event   Fancy Dress Party
  World Tour   Space Adventure
  Callie   Marie
Splatfests in Japan
Callie Marie
  Rice   Bread
  Red Fox   Green Tanuki
  Lemon Tea   Milk Tea
  Grasshopper   Ant
  Boke   Tsukkomi
  Squid   Octopus
  Love   Money
  Mountain Food   Sea Food
  Red Fox   Green Tanuki
  Perfect Body   Perfect Brain
  Pokémon Red   Pokémon Green
  Go all out!   Focus on healing
  Tuna Mayonnaise Onigiri   Red Salmon Onigiri
  Fancy Party   Costume Party
  Mushroom Mountain   Bamboo Shoot Village
  Callie   Marie

Splatoon 2

Main article: List of Splatfests in Splatoon 2
Splatfests in North America and Oceania
Pearl Marina
  Cake   Ice Cream
  Mayo   Ketchup
  Flight   Invisibility
  Vampire   Werewolf
  Sci-Fi   Fantasy
  Sweater   Sock
  Action   Comedy
  Money   Love
  Chicken   Egg
  Baseball   Soccer
  Raph   Leo
  Mikey   Donnie
  Raph   Donnie
  Pulp   No-Pulp
  Squid   Octopus
  Fork   Spoon
  Retro   Modern
  Trick   Treat
  Salsa   Guac
  Hero   Villain
  Fam   Friend
  Pancake   Waffle
  Knight   Wizard
  Hare   Tortoise
  Time Travel   Teleportation
  Unicorn   Narwhal
  Chaos   Order
  Mayo   Ketchup
  Chicken   Egg
  Trick   Treat
  Super Mushroom   Super Star
Splatfests in Europe
Pearl Marina
  Cake   Ice Cream
  Mayo   Ketchup
  Flight   Invisibility
  Front Roll   Back Roll
  Warm Breakfast   Cold Breakfast
  Film   Book
  Action   Comedy
  Gherk-OUT   Gherk-IN
  Chicken   Egg
  Salty   Sweet
  Raph   Leo
  Mikey   Donnie
  Raph   Donnie
  Pulp   No-Pulp
  Squid   Octopus
  Adventure   Relax
  Retro   Modern
  Trick   Treat
  Eat It   Save It
  Hero   Villain
  Fam   Friend
  Pancake   Waffle
  Knight   Wizard
  Hare   Tortoise
  Time Travel   Teleportation
  Kid   Grown-Up
  Chaos   Order
  Mayo   Ketchup
  Chicken   Egg
  Trick   Treat
  Super Mushroom   Super Star
Splatfests in Japan
Pearl Marina
  Rock   Pop
  Mayo   Ketchup
  Fries   McNuggets
  Dexterity   Endurance
  Lemon   No Lemon
  Inner Wear   Outer Wear
  Action   Comedy
  Champion   Challenger
  Hana   Dango
  Newest   Most Popular
  New Lifeform   Future Tech
  Hello Kitty   Cinnamoroll
  My Melody   Pompompurin
  Hello Kitty   My Melody
  Squid   Octopus
  Mushroom Mountain   Bamboo Shoot Village
  Tsubuan   Koshian
  Trick   Treat
  Pocky Chocolate   Pocky: Gokuboso
  Hero   Villain
  Fam   Friend
  Boke   Tsukkomi
  Knight   Wizard
  Hare   Tortoise
  Ce   Pa
  No Pineapple   Pineapple
  Chaos   Order
  Mayo   Ketchup
  Chicken   Egg
  Trick   Treat
  Super Mushroom   Super Star

Splatoon 3

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Bold text indicates the winning team.

Italicised text indicates the team winning at the halftime announcement.

Splatfests in The Americas and Oceania
Shiver Frye Big Man
  Rock   Paper   Scissors
  Gear   Grub   Fun
  Grass   Fire   Water
  Spicy   Sweet   Sour
  Dark Chocolate   Milk Chocolate   White Chocolate
  Nessie   Aliens   Bigfoot
Splatfests in Europe
Shiver Frye Big Man
  Rock   Paper   Scissors
  Gear   Grub   Fun
  Grass   Fire   Water
  Spicy   Sweet   Sour
  Dark Chocolate   Milk Chocolate   White Chocolate
  Nessie   Aliens   Bigfoot
Splatfests in Japan
Shiver Frye Big Man
  Rock   Paper   Scissors
  Gear   Grub   Fun
  Grass   Fire   Water
  Spicy   Sweet   Sour
  Dark Chocolate   Milk Chocolate   White Chocolate
  Nessie   Aliens   Bigfoot
Splatfests in Hong Kong and South Korea
Shiver Frye Big Man
  Rock   Paper   Scissors
  Gear   Grub   Fun
  Grass   Fire   Water
  Spicy   Sweet   Sour
  Dark Chocolate   Milk Chocolate   White Chocolate
  Nessie   Aliens   Bigfoot


While the first Splatfest event in Japan (Rice vs. Bread) went by flawlessly, the first North American Splatfest (Cats vs. Dogs) was delayed. The reason given was because of matchmaking issues with Japanese players.[15] The original schedule for the event was from 20 June 2015 at 13:00 UTC for 24 hours. Some days later, it was revealed that it would be moved to 4 July 2015 at 07:00 UTC.

The first European Splatfest event (Rock vs. Pop), which was meant to start on 27 June 2015 at 22:00 UTC, was equally postponed for one week so that it would take place on the same day as the North American one.

Later, the first Splatfest event held simultaneously worldwide (Pokémon Red vs. Pokémon Blue/Green) was supposed to have its results announced at the same time across all regions, despite the different start and ending times. Initially, the results were going to be announced on 21 February 2016 at 07:00 UTC. However, despite notification of Callie and Marie's announcement, servers ended up being under maintenance half an hour before this, preventing the results from being received. Eventually, an hour later than intended, the servers were running again and players were able to view the results.


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  • Some randomly selected players are able to join as early as five minutes before the official start time for faster matchmaking.[16]
  • If the game takes too long to find an enemy team for Splatfest, members of the same team will battle each other with regular colors. Players will still earn Splatfest points for these, but no Clout will be awarded. Prior to Version 4.0.0, the win was not counted when tallying up the results. The reason for this is likely to prevent the more popular team from having the decided advantage, as the more popular team will be more likely to have to battle each other.[16][17]
  • In Splatoon, when Judd danced on his box, the pillow he slept on disappeared. It reappeared after the Splatfest when Judd went back to sleep. In Splatoon 2, he and Li'l Judd are moved to a different location while a Splatfest is going.
  • Many characters in both games will bob their head or start dancing while a Splatfest occurs, like Cap'n Cuttlefish and Spyke in Splatoon, Marie and Murch in Splatoon 2, and the Staff in Splatoon 3.
  • During the preparation for a Splatfest, the voting booth does not appear when the player is not connected to the internet.
  • The Fox and Tanuki statues in Inkopolis Plaza each represent opposite sides during a Splatfest. The Fox's bib and Tanuki's shirt changed color to match their team. The Fox and Tanuki represent Callie and Marie respectively.
    • Similarly, in Splatoon 2, the Tortoise and Origami Crane on top of Headspace and The Shoal in Inkopolis Square change colors during Splatfests, with the Tortoise's color changing and the Crane's pattern changing color to match Pearl and Marina respectively.
      • In Splatoon 3, while the statues in Splatsville do not change during a Splatfest, it is hinted by the song Anarchy Poisons that the bird, snake and pig statues do still represent Shiver, Frye And Big Man respectively.
        • instead of the statues, theTableturf Battle opponents Baby Jelly, Cool Jelly, and Aggro Jelly do change their bodies' colors to match the teams that Shiver, Frye, and Big Man are representing respectively.
  • The end pose of the dance Callie and Marie did during a Splatfest represented the two teams fighting each other.
  • According to dialogue in the localizations in Splatoon 2, Splatfest rules state that the option that won a Splatfest is legally better than the one that lost. This even holds true if Splatfest results contradict scientific consensus, as evidenced by Pearl's comments at the conclusion of the Chicken vs. Egg Splatfest.
    • In the same dialogue, Pearl refers to this rule as article 3, section 2 of Splatfest law.
    • Marina suggested during the opening banter for Squid vs. Octopus that such a Splatfest could be "dangerous" due to Splatfest law. However, in the post-banter, no mention was made of any repercussions.
  • In Japan, Team Hello Kitty and Team My Melody were the first two consecutive wins for Pearl, while Marina's first two European consecutive victories occurred in their respective Splatfest tournament of Team Donnie twice in a row.
  • In Splatoon and Splatoon 2, the player's clothing defaults back to the Basic Tee if they are an Inkling, or the Fresh Octo Tee if they are an Octoling, but in Splatoon 3, the player instead wears the Tri-Shred Tee regardless if they are Inkling or Octoling.
  • During the Squid vs. Octopus Splatfest, players on Team Squid were Inklings, and players on Team Octopus were Octolings, even if players had not yet unlocked Octolings by completing the Octo Expansion. Players kept the rest of their customization, such as gender, eye, and skin color, while having the default hairstyle for the character, if a player happened to be the opposite species.
    • The lifetime ink coverage tracked in SplatNet 2 counted the turf inked as the species the player appeared as during battle. Therefore, it only counted as an Inkling if the player was on Team Squid, even if they were playing as an Octoling.
  • After having selected a team and using the Splatfest booth in Splatoon 2, it is possible to view the winners of 10× and 100× battles. When viewing these before the Splatfest has begun, the screen shows no players, and placeholder text for the team name is shown instead as [Group] [Property] "Черный шлем для экстрима, Фиолетовые сушитапки 750с и Шпионский зонт «Родиччи»" — Russian for "Matte Bike Helmet, Purple Iromaki 750s and Undercover Sorella Brella" — while the player names are 0123456789 with each player having the Rainmaker as their weapon.[18]
  • The special Frosty Fest Splatfest Fam vs. Friend was the first Splatfest to include a unique match start theme. This theme could only be heard in-game during this special Splatfest.
  • Each Splatfest art in Splatoon 2 has a small signature next to it at the bottom left side, which denotes which artist made that artwork. For example Seita Inoue made the Retro vs. Modern Splatfest art as his signature is present on the art.
    • As of now three different artists have made Splatoon 2's Splatfest artwork.
  • In supplementary material for Splatoon 2, it was shown that the Squid Sisters chose teams for Splatfests despite not appearing in Inkopolis Square. Callie usually picked Pearl's teams and Marie picked Marina's.[Citation needed]
  • In Splatoon 3, when a Splatfest has recently been announced, the Splatfest floats and other decorations can be seen in the square.
    • The sun will also appear to be setting in the days before a Splatfest starts, and ink in the Battle Lobby begins to glow.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese フェス
Fes, short for 'Festival'
Netherlands Dutch Splatfest
Same as English
Splatterfeast[note 1]
Canada and France French Festival Festival
Germany German Splatfest Splatfest
Italy Italian Festival Festival
Russia Russian Сплатфест
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Festival del Teñido Dyeing Festival
Spain Spanish (NOE) Festival temático Thematic Festival
China Chinese 祭典
South Korea Korean 페스티벌

Splatfest titles

Inkling Full 2.jpg Translation needed

Add meanings for Korean titles. edit

USA English (NOA)[j] United Kingdom English (NOE)[k] Japan Japanese
Title Title Title Meaning
[Theme] Fanboy (Splatoon 1 & 2)
[Theme] Fangirl (Splatoon 1 & 2)
[Theme] Fan (Splatoon 3)
Normal [Theme] Boy
Normal [Theme] Girl
Futsūno [Tēma] Bōi
Futsūno [Tēma] Gāru
Futsūno [Tēma]-ha
Normal [Theme] Boy (Splatoon 1 & 2)
Normal [Theme] Girl (Splatoon 1 & 2)
Normal [Theme] Person (Splatoon 3)
[Theme] Fiend Full-on [Theme] Boy
Full-on [Theme] Girl
Makotono [Tēma] Bōi
Makotono [Tēma] Gāru
Makotono [Tēma]-ha
True [Theme] Boy (Splatoon 1 & 2)
True [Theme] Girl (Splatoon 1 & 2)
True [Theme] Person (Splatoon 3)
[Theme] Defender Super [Theme] Boy
Super [Theme] Girl
Sūpā [Tēma] Bōi
Sūpā [Tēma] Gāru
Sūpā [Tēma]-ha
Super [Theme] Boy (Splatoon 1 & 2)
Super [Theme] Girl (Splatoon 1 & 2)
Super [Theme] Person (Splatoon 3)
[Theme] Champion Charismatic [Theme] Boy
Charismatic [Theme] Girl
Karisuma [Tēma] Bōi
Karisuma [Tēma] Gāru
Karisuma [Tēma]-ha
Charismatic [Theme] Boy (Splatoon 1 & 2)
Charismatic [Theme] Girl (Splatoon 1 & 2)
Charismatic [Theme] Person (Splatoon 3)
[Theme] King
[Theme] Queen
[Theme] Ruler (Splatoon 3)
Eternal [Theme] Boy
Eternal [Theme] Girl
Eienno [Tēma] Bōi
Eienno [Tēma] Gāru
Eienno [Tēma]-ha
Eternal [Theme] Boy (Splatoon 1 & 2)
Eternal [Theme] Girl (Splatoon 1 & 2)
Eternal [Theme] Person (Splatoon 3)
Netherlands Dutch Quebec French (NOA)
Title Meaning Title Meaning
Fan van team [thema] Fan of Team [Theme] Novice en [thème] Novice of [Theme]
Bezeten van team [thema] Obsessed by Team [Theme] Spécialiste en [thème] Specialist of [Theme]
Vedette van team [thema] Star of Team [Theme] Expert en [thème]
Experte en [thème]
Expert of [Theme]
Held van team [thema]
Heldin van team [thema] (Splatoon 2)
Hero of Team [Theme]
Heroine of Team [Theme]
Virtuose en [thème] Virtuoso of [Theme]
Koning van team [thema]
Koningin van team [thema]
Heerser van team [thema] (Splatoon 3)
King of Team [Theme]
Queen of Team [Theme]
Ruler of Team [Theme]
Roi en [thème]
Reine en [thème]
King of [Theme]
Queen of [Theme]
France French (NOE) Germany German
Title Meaning Title Meaning
Novice en [thème] Novice of [Theme] Normalo-[Thema]-Fan Average [Theme] Fan
Spécialiste en [thème] Specialist of [Theme] Volle-Kanne-[Thema]-Fan Full-on [Theme] Fan
Expert en [thème]
Experte en [thème]

Boss en [thème] (Splatoon 3)

Expert of [Theme]

Boss of [Theme]

Super-[Thema]-Fan Super [Theme] Fan
Virtuose en [thème] Virtuoso of [Theme] Glorreicher [Thema]-Fan Glorious [Theme] Fan
Maître en [thème]
Maîtresse en [thème]

Star en [thème] (Splatoon 3)

Master of [Theme]
Mistress of [Theme]

Star of [Theme]

[Theme] Fan Club Leader (Splatoon 1 & 2)
Ultimate [Theme] Fan (Splatoon 3)
Italy Italian Russia Russian
Title Meaning Title Meaning
Ragazzo comune [tema]
Ragazza comune [tema]
Common [Theme] Boy
Common [Theme] Girl
Ragazzo in gambero [tema]
Ragazza in gambero [tema]
Fresh[note 2] [Theme] Boy
Fresh[note 2] [Theme] Girl


Ragazzo super [tema]
Ragazza super [tema]
Super [Theme] Boy
Super [Theme] Girl


Ragazzo carismatico [tema]
Ragazza carismatica [tema]
Charismatic [Theme] Boy
Charismatic [Theme] Girl
Ragazzo élite [tema]
Ragazza élite [tema]
Elite [Theme] Boy
Elite [Theme] Girl
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Spain Spanish (NOE)
Title Meaning Title Meaning
Fan de [tema] [Theme] Fan Novato de [tema]
Novata de [tema]
Principiante equipo [tema]
[Theme] Rookie (Splatoon 1 & 2)
Team [Theme] Beginner (Splatoon 3)
Devoto de [tema]
Devota de [tema] (Splatoon 1 & 2)
[Theme] Devotee Fanático de [tema]
Fanática de [tema]
Entusiasta equipo [tema]
[Theme] Fanatic (Splatoon 1 & 2)
Team [Theme] Enthusiast (Splatoon 3)
Defensor de [tema]
Defensora de [tema] (Splatoon 1 & 2)
[Theme] Defender Guerrero de [tema]
Guerrera de [tema]
Combatiente equipo [tema]
[Theme] Warrior (Splatoon 1 & 2)
Team [Theme] Fighter (Splatoon 3)
Protector de [tema]
Protectora de [tema] (Splatoon 1 & 2)
[Theme] Protector Experto de [tema]
Experta de [tema]
Eminencia equipo [tema]
[Theme] Expert (Splatoon 1 & 2)
Team [Theme] Eminence (Splatoon 3)
Rey de [tema]
Reina de [tema]
Estrella de [tema]
[Theme] King (Splatoon 1 & 2)
[Theme] Queen (Splatoon 1 & 2)
[Theme] Star (Splatoon 3)
Maestro de [tema]
Maestra de [tema]
Gurú equipo [tema]
[Theme] Master (Splatoon 1 & 2)
[Theme] Mistress (Splatoon 1 & 2)
Team [Theme] Guru (Splatoon 3)
China Chinese (Simplified) Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional)
Title Meaning Title Meaning
pǔtōng de [zhǔtí] pài
Normal [Theme] Person 普通的[主題]派
pǔtōng de [zhǔtí] pài
Normal [Theme] Person
zhēnchéng de [zhǔtí] pài
True [Theme] Person 真誠的[主題]派
zhēnchéng de [zhǔtí] pài
True [Theme] Person
chāo jí [zhǔtí] pài
Super [Theme] Person 超級[主題]派
chāo jí [zhǔtí] pài
Super [Theme] Person
yǒu mèilì de [zhǔtí] pài
Charismatic [Theme] Person 有魅力的[主題]派
yǒu mèilì de [zhǔtí] pài
Charismatic [Theme] Person
yǒngyuǎn de [zhǔtí] pài
Eternal [Theme] Person 永遠的[主題]派
yǒngyuǎn de [zhǔtí] pài
Eternal [Theme] Person -
South Korea Korean
Title Meaning
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese こうけん度
Amount of contribution
Netherlands Dutch Invloed Influence
Canada and France French Contribution Contribution
Germany German Beitrag Contribution
Italy Italian Contributo Contribution
Russia Russian Вклад
Spain Spanish Aportación Contribution
South Korea Korean 공헌도
Amount of contribution
#× Battle
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese #倍マッチ
#bai Matchi
×# Match
Netherlands Dutch ×#-strijd ×# Battle
Canada and France French Bonus ×# ×# Bonus
Germany German ×#-Kampf ×# Fight
Italy Italian Battaglia ×# ×# Battle
Russia Russian Бонус ×#
Bonus ×#
×# Bonus
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Combate ×#[l]
Bonificación ×#[m]
×# Battle
×# Bonus
Spain Spanish (NOE) Bonificación ×# ×# Bonus
China Chinese (Simplified) #倍比赛
#bèi bǐsài
×# Match
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) #倍比賽
#bèi bǐsài
×# Match
South Korea Korean #배 매치
#bae Maechi
×# Match
Sneak Peek
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ヨビ祭
Preliminary Fest
Netherlands Dutch Voorbereiding Preparation
Canada and France French Préstival pré (before) + festival (fest)
Germany German Aufwärmphase Warm-up phase
Italy Italian Anteprima Preview
Russia Russian Сплатфест-разминка
Splatfest warm-up
Spain Spanish Prefestival Prefestival
China Chinese (Simplified) 准备祭
zhǔnbèi jì
准备(preparation) + 祭(festival)
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 準備祭
zhǔnbèi jì
準備(preparation) + 祭(festival)
South Korea Korean 사전 페스티벌
sajeon peseutibeol

Translation notes

  1. From spetteren ("to splatter") and feest ("feast")
  2. 2.0 2.1 In gambero is a pun on gambero ("shrimp") and in gamba (slang with positive connotation)


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  4. In the Splatoon 3 Splatfest World Premiere, Australia and New Zealand were instead grouped with Hong Kong and South Korea.
  5. The ? denotes that the priorities for each sub-series are currently unknown/untested
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