"Voice from on High"

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The Voice from on High announcing a Splatfest theme.

The "Voice from on High" is a fax machine that receives the themes for Splatfests in the world of Splatoon.


According to The Art of Splatoon[1], the "Voice from on High" receives messages from the gods of old and sends them to the Inklings and Octolings of the present. The message from the gods comes every other weekend. Their words manifest through sacred sounds and appear in print on white paper.

The Inklings and Octolings hold festivals called Splatfests in which two teams (three in Splatoon 3) compete to honor these messages. Only through competition and the expression of the joy of victory or the sadness of defeat can one reap the rewards sent down by the gods of old.



  • When first booting up, O.R.C.A. makes a sound similar to the Wii U's power-on jingle, but in a different key. This is followed by the sound effect heard just before the reveal of a Splatfest theme by the "Voice from on High".

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese カミ様[2]
The Great Paper Deity[a]
China Chinese (Simplified) 纸神大人[2]
zhǐ shén dàrén (Mandarin)
The Great Paper Deity
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 偉大的紙神[2]
wěidà de zhǐ shén (Mandarin)
wai5 daai6 dik1 zi2 san4 (Cantonese)
The Great Paper Deity

Translation notes

  1. "Kami" (カミ) can mean either "paper" (紙) or "god" (神).


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