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Splatoon is a series of shooter games developed by Nintendo.


The series immediately saw success upon the launch of the initial game, Splatoon, which sold extremely well across all regions. Just over two years after its release, a sequel, Splatoon 2, was released, which was also localised into Dutch and Russian.

Common elements

Plot, themes, and characters

The protagonist is a new arrival, lacking the cash and freshness needed to use the shops. The protagonist participates in ink battles - a sport involving splattering ink on the ground and on opponents to carry out various objectives - to earn popularity and cash. While the primary attraction is a battle lobby in the center, the protagonist notices a strange character off to the side and follows them to a dangerous location where they must enlist as an agent in the New Squidbeak Splatoon to fight the Octarian Army.


The series always takes place in Inkopolis, a large city inhabited by Inklings and other land-dwelling species.

Gameplay mechanics

Players use various weapons to spray ink to claim territory and damage opponents. Players can remain in humanoid form to attack, and switch to cephalopod form to submerge in ink. While submerged in ink, the player can swim to effectively move faster than in humanoid form, or stay still to hide from opponents.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese スプラトゥーン

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