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See and be seen in this bustling city center. It's the place to hang out, gear up, and of course, join the hottest sport in town: Ink battles!
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Inkopolis is a city in Splatoon and Splatoon 2 inhabited by various races, most notably Inklings, Octolings and Jellyfish.


Inkopolis was created long after Earth had been submerged by rising sea levels and its land-dwelling inhabitants, such as humans, were wiped out. Octopuses and squids eventually evolved and began fighting over habitable land in the Great Turf War, inspiring the Turf War sport and Octarian rebellion.

Inkopolis Plaza

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Inkopolis Plaza

Inkopolis Plaza is the hub area of Splatoon. From here, players can access various types of modes and shops as well as interact with other player Inklings they have battled with recently. It is the heart of Inkopolis.


The Plaza is in the shape of a square with a large sidewalk and different shops to the side. At the far back is Inkopolis Tower which players can enter to access Regular Battle and Ranked Battle.

To the left of the main entrance is Booyah Base, a mall in which the player can buy gear from. The stores in this mall are Ammo Knights, the weapon shop, Cooler Heads, the headgear shop, Jelly Fresh, the clothing shop, and Shrimp Kicks, the shoe store. Each shop has a charismatic Shop Keeper, and each one represents a different type of marine life. They are SheldonAnnie (and Moe), Jelonzo, and Crusty Sean. There is also a manhole in the far right corner where Octo Valley is accessed. Other areas include one of the alleyways where Spyke can be found, the Arcade Machine across from the Booyah Base, and the amiibo machine which can be found towards the back.

Inkopolis viewed south-wise

On the second floor is the Battle Dojo and the Inkopolis News Studio.

After battling with other players online, their Inklings will temporarily appear in the player's plaza. Their name, level, rank, gear, and Miiverse post (if present) can all be seen by examining them with Button1 A.png. From there the player can also order their gear from Spyke.

Inkopolis Plaza features two large statues of creatures from Japanese folklore. A tanuki sits on top of the Squid Sisters' studio and a kitsune, or fox spirit, sits on Booyah Base. The animals depicted on these statues were the two sides of the second Japanese Splatfest.

There are also three speakers, aside from the ones infront of Inkopolis Tower, that play different tunes. One can be found by Booyah Base and the other two can be found to the left and right from the back of the Plaza.


A concept image showing Inkopolis' manhole connecting to Octo Valley.

Inkopolis Square

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Inkopolis Square Splatoon 2 promo image 1.jpg

Inkopolis Square is the hub area of Splatoon 2. From here, players can access various types of modes and shops. It is a more modern area of Inkopolis than Inkopolis Plaza.


  • amiibo area - Players can save customized gear, weapons, and settings to amiibo figure.
  • Deca Tower - In the northern most part of Inkopolis Square, where players can choose a multiplayer mode to play.
  • Octo Canyon manhole - Inklings can play Octo Canyon single-player missions.
  • Grizzco Industries - Down the alley just to the left of Deca Tower is the entrance and service booth for Grizzco.
  • Deepsea Metro gate - Left of the Off the Hook Studio is an alley leading to the gate.
  • The Shoal - Players can choose a local wireless or LAN mode for a private battle or Salmon Run.
  • Message Mailbox - Players can post art to be displayed around the city.
  • Off the Hook Studio - Located next to The Shoal. Players can find Off the Hook there.
  • Selfie Spot - A popular spot in Inkopolis Square where players take selfies with others including amiibo.
  • Inkopolis Plaza Café - A café located just on the right side of Deca Tower. Spyke can be found inside on his laptop.
  • Arcade Machine - Players can play Squid Beatz 2 here.
  • Crust Bucket - A food vending truck run by Crusty Sean.
  • Splatfest terminal (during Splatfest) - Players can choose a Splatfest team.
  • Galleria - A row of shops containing gear and weapon vendors.

Notable residents

Other areas

There are a few known other areas inside Inkopolis that the player can access:

There are also a few known locations outside Inkopolis that the player can access:

There are also some locations that have only been mentioned, but aren't accessible by the player:

  • Calamari County - Mentioned as being Callie and Marie's hometown.
  • Arowana Castle - Mentioned in the fifth session of Marina's chat room.
  • Mount Nantai - Mentioned by the Squid Sisters, Off the Hook and Cap'n Cuttlefish in Splatoon 2. It's stated to be near Octo Valley.


  • According to the Sunken Scrolls, it would seem Inkopolis exists approximately 12,000 years in the future of current-day Earth after excessive flooding of the planet has occurred.
  • A glitch allows players to go out of bounds in Inkopolis Plaza and explore. The back of the amiibo case can be found. The words are written in Inkling.
  • The layout and design of Inkopolis is based on the city of Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan.
  • A plane will occasionally fly over Inkopolis Plaza suggesting it may be located near an airport.
  • Sometimes when a train stops in Inkopolis Plaza, the Calamari County anthem, Calamari Inkantation, can be heard.
  • The colors of the chairs, Callie and Marie sit on in the studio reflect the ink colors of the player's last match, or the colors of the current Splatfest. The main color is the opponents' color, with arrows in the player's team color. The train that goes around Inkopolis will have a paint job that matches the neutral color value of the player's previous match. These include the colors of barriers, wall tops and other objects.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese ハイカラシティ
haikara shiti
Trendy city. (ハイカラ means 'high collar'.) Also a pun on Ika (squid) and color.
FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch Inkopolis Same as English name
FlagFrance.svg French Chromapolis From Latin chroma (colour) and the Greek word polis (city)
FlagGermany.svg German Inkopolis Same as English name
FlagItaly.svg Italian Coloropoli From colore (color) and the Greek word polis (city)
FlagRussia.svg Russian Инкополь
From ink and поль pol', common ending for Russian towns
FlagSpain.svg Spanish Cromópolis From chroma, Latin for color, and polis, Greek for city. Also from cromo (chrome)

Locations in Splatoon
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