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Robo ROM-en

Robo ROM-en

Introduced Chill Season 2023
Total area

Robo ROM-en is a multiplayer stage in Splatoon 3. It takes place in a ramen restaurant well-known for its robotic chefs and waiters.

Splatoon 3

Robo ROM-en debuted in Splatoon 3 as part of the Chill Season 2023.


Theme song

The theme song for the restaurant was uploaded on 27 November 2023.[1] It features translated lyrics in Japanese.

Lyrics (Japanese version)

おいしいラーメン バイガイ亭

スープはたっぷり 具だくさん

ちょっと寄ってよ みなみなさん

継ぎ足し 秘伝の ○※△だし

バイ バイ バイガイ バイガイ亭

うれしさいっぱい エルニーニョ

バイ バイ バイガイ バイガイ亭

食べれば お口は カンブリア

Lyrics (Romanized from Japanese version)

oishii rāmen baigaitei

sūpu wa tappuri gudakusan

chotto yotte yo mina minasan

tsugitashi hiden no ○※△-dashi

bai bai baigai baigaitei

ureshisa ippai erunīnyo

bai bai baigai baigaitei

tabereba o kuchi wa kanburia

Lyrics (Translated from Japanese version)

Tasty ramen, Robo ROM-en

The soup is hearty!

Come on down, every-everybody!

We've added our secret ingredients, ○※△

Ro-Ro-Robo Robo ROM-en

An El Niño​ of joy!

Ro-Ro-Robo Robo ROM-en

Eat our food, and your mouth will be like the Cambrian explosion!



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From robo (robot) and ROM (read-only memory). ROM-en sounds like ramen, a Japanese noodle dish served in a broth with various toppings; a bowl of ramen is also present on the stage.

Some localizations have used RAM (random-access memory) instead of ROM for the same effect.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese バイガイ亭
Baigai (Japanese ivory shell) Restaurant
Netherlands Dutch Bami-Byte Bakmi-byte
CanadaFrance French Arène Méca-ramen Mecha-ramen arena
Germany German ROM & RAMen ROM & RAM + ramen
Italy Italian Roboramen Robo + ramen
Russia Russian «Роборамэн»
«Robo ramen»
SpainMexico Spanish Factoría RAMen RAM-en factory + ramen
China Chinese (Simplified) 贝见亭
bèi jiàn tíng
Bei-Jian Pavilion[a]
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 貝見亭
bèi jiàn tíng (Mandarin)
bui3 gin3 ting4 (Cantonese)
Bei-Jian Pavilion[a]
South Korea Korean 수랑정
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Translation notes

  1. 1.0 1.1 Literal meaning for "貝"/"贝" and "見"/"见" is "shellfish" and "to see" respectively. These words are simply combined to form a name that sounds like a restaurant.