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They call this a shipyard, but where the heck are the ships?
Pearl, this entire stage is a ship that's being built!

Sturgeon Shipyard is a multiplayer stage in Splatoon 2. The entire stage is a ship being built inside a shipyard. Drawbridges around the stage will periodically be raised and lowered, modifying the players' navigation options.


Sturgeon Shipyard Overview

Sturgeon Shipyard contains many low areas surrounded by high perches, featuring a few bridges which open and close between a vertical and horizontal positon during a battle. Sturgeon Shipyard has four platforms that rise and fall over the course of a match, starting in an upright position. Two are located immediately in front of the Spawn point and two are located at opposing ends of the central area. The position of these platforms can create different advantages through out a match, such as the central ones allow access to the opponent's vantage point. The are closer to each team's base is comprised of two layers, in order to reach the opposing team's spawn, one must travel across the entirely of the middle level from right to left. Going from spawn, there is a small hallway to the left which will drop off in a lower area to the side of the map. The exterior of the center of the map contains raised areas which can function as vantage points overlooking the central bridge in the center. There is also an area underneath the central bridge which is uninkable but can allow for some sneaky movements below the typical combat areas.

Ranked Battle Terrain

In Ranked Battle, specifications for the terrain or placement of objects are different between the modes; these changes create new paths or new objects to take cover behind.

Splat Zones

The zone covers the center bridge and the ramps leading up it. Two new blocks facing perpendicular to the zone's length are added.

Tower Control

The tower is located on top of the center bridge. When taking the tower it will travel right, then move towards down into enemy territory. It will continue to move up the ramp and into the middle layer where it will reach its goal half way through the area.


  • The first checkpoint is located on the lip of the central area right before it drops off down into enemy territory.
  • The second checkpoint is located just before the ramp that leads to the home stretch.


The Rainmaker is located in the center of the map, on top of the bridge. The goals are now near where the spawn points normally sit, closer to the ramps, with the spawn point now on a new platform further back. In each teams' base's lowest platform, an inkable block on a section of the wall and a sponge of the opposing team's color are added to aid the attacking team, in addition to another ramp on each side that directly leads to the corresponding podium. A few blocks are added on the gratings to help defense.

Clam Blitz

The Baskets are located in the bottom section of each base, against the middle of the wall away from the center of the map, with the bump on the ground next to the ramp leading up. An inkable block on the right side of wall is placed for easy access into the base, and small blocks are added on the grates. The spawn points are now on a new platform further back.

Splatoon 2

Sturgeon Shipyard

Sturgeon Shipyard

Introduced Launch
Total Area 2,356pp
Features Moving platforms, Sponges(TC and RM)
Hazards Abyss

Sturgeon Shipyard was released with launch of Splatoon 2.

Version history

Version Adjustments
  • Fixed an issue occurring in Sturgeon Shipyard where players would occasionally fall through the stage.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to clip into stage objects on Sturgeon Shipyard.
  • Fixed an issue on Sturgeon Shipyard in which if a certain wall was hit with a bomb, ink would splash onto a nearby wall that players were occasionally unable to submerge into.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would forcibly close when a player did a Splashdown in a certain spot under the drawbridge as it was coming down on them in Sturgeon Shipyard.
  • Fixed an issue in Sturgeon Shipyard causing bubbles from the S2 Weapon Special Bubble Blower.png Bubble Blower that explode beneath the central bridge to mistakenly ink the walkway on the bridge.
  • Fixed an issue in Sturgeon Shipyard causing the surfaces of the drawbridge to not count on the turf map when inked at a specific time while in motion by bombs or other objects.
  • Fixed an issue in Sturgeon Shipyard causing players Super Jumping to an ally standing on the edge of the area covered by the drawbridge to fall off the stage depending on the timing of their jump.




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  • The stage name is a reference to the family Acipenseridae, known as sturgeon fish.
  • According to one of the stage quotes, Port Mackerel can be seen from Sturgeon Shipyard.
  • The internal codename for this stage in the game files is "Nagasaki".
  • Squid Beakons can be placed in the moving walls, since it count as the ground, not walls.
    • Because of this, the Beakons are sticked to the moving wall when the wall is going vertical, which is not possible.
      • With this trick, the player can stack Beakons in the same place. To do this, the player must go into the moving wall in the middle, then place a Beakon in the moving wall near to the small stack of blocks in the middle of the moving wall, then once the wall goes vertical, go into the top of the small block and place a Beakon in the same place that they put their first Beakon.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese チョウザメ造船
Chōzame Zōsen
Sturgeon Shipyard
FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch Walruswerf Walrus Shipyard
FlagFrance.svg French Chantier Narval Narval Shipyard (From naval and "Narval": narwhal)
FlagGermany.svg German Störwerft Sturgeon Shipyard
FlagItaly.svg Italian Cantiere Pinnenere Blackfins Shipyard
FlagRussia.svg Russian Осетровые верфи
Osetrovyye verfi
Sturgeon shipyards
FlagSpain.svg Spanish Astillero Beluga Beluga Shipyard

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