The Ink is Spreading

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The Ink is Spreading

The Ink is Spreading

Added in 16 March 2019 (Knight vs. Wizard)
Total area 2,259p
Features Splat-Switches, Spreaders
Hazards Abyss

The Ink is Spreading is a multiplayer stage in Splatoon 2. It was the twentieth variation of Shifty Station, and first appeared in the Knight vs. Wizard Splatfest, and returned in the Chaos vs. Order Splatfest. As of version 5.0.0, it is exclusively available in Private Battles. It features Splat-Switches that can be inked to change the ink color the Spreaders on the stage use.


Spawn Points are located on opposite sides of the map and are inaccessible. Down a layer is an open area that leads to the middle. To the right is a ramp that has a Splat Switch and Spreaders that spread on the ramps that lead to an open area that leads to the middle. To the left is a narrow area that then leads to a island that has a Splat Switch in the middle that controls the Spreader on the wall that can be used to climb up to the narrow area. A small Bumper is located near it. In the middle is a giant Splat Switch that controls the four Spreaders in the middle. A Bumper is located diagonally in the middle for cover.




  • The file name for this stage is "Deli20" and the codename is "DeliNuri". "Deli" is the file name for every variation of Shifty Station, while "Nuri Nuri Bar" and "Nuri Switch" are the Japanese names for Spreaders and Splat-Switches, both of which are seen on this stage.


The Ink is Spreading is named after The Dark is Rising, a book by Susan Cooper. It refers to the Spreaders, and the ink they spread across the stage.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ヌリヌリトゥナイト
Nurinuri Tunaito
Splat-Splat Tonight. A pun on Tokimeki Tunaito (Heartthrob Tonight), by Koi Ikeno.
Netherlands Dutch Inktsmeerderinfiltratie Spreader infiltration
CanadaFrance French Traîtresses tartineuses Treacherous Spreaders
Germany German Burschikose Bürsten Boyish brushes
Italy Italian Spargitori sparsi Spreaded Spreaders
Russia Russian Заливщик-манеж
Pouring arena
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Recinto embarrador Spreader compound
Spain Spanish (NOE) Recinto embadurnador Spreader compound