Windmill House on the Pearlie

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Windmill House on the Pearlie

Windmill House on the Pearlie

Introduced 13 October 2017 (Vampire vs. Werewolf)
Total area 2,061p
Features Rotating platforms
Hazards Abyss

Windmill House on the Pearlie is a multiplayer stage in Splatoon 2. It was the fourth variation of Shifty Station, and first appeared in the Vampire vs. Werewolf, Dexterity vs. Tenacity, and Warm Breakfast vs. Cold Breakfast Splatfests. It returned in My Melody vs. Pompompurin and Chaos vs. Order. As of version 5.0.0, it is exclusively available in Private Battles. It features four rotating walls placed around the stage.


Players spawn on either end of the stage, on raised platforms that lead down to a central area. Each side has a rotating platform where the walls can be covered to climb on it and not fall to the abyss. At the center, there is a big wall and two uncoverable rotating platforms, and only can be crossed to the other side by going through the rotating platforms. This original version of the map is no longer available for play.

When this stage was reused during the Sanrio Splatfest tournament, the central revolving doors were skewed with the left one (per player point of view) moved closer to the spawn. The middle has also been opened up, allowing free movement from one side to the other. The right side of the spawn point has also been expanded.




  • Its file name is "Deli00" and its codename is "Windmill", likely referring to the way the four rotating platforms resemble windmills.
  • This stage was one of five returning stages to lack the ambience that other Shifty Stations had in Recon mode during Chaos vs. Order. It did not lack the ambience when it first returned in the My Melody vs. Pompompurin Splatfest.
  • Windmill House on the Pearlie and Goosponge are the only Shifty Station layouts to debut in different orders in North America/Oceania and Europe. Of the two, Windmill House on the Pearlie debuted first in North America and Oceania, while Goosponge debuted first in Europe.


Windmill House on the Pearlie is named after Little House on the Prairie, a novel by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Additionally, it references the four rotating platforms, or "windmills," as well as Marina's nickname for Pearl, "Pearlie".

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ウィンドミル・キス
Windmill・Kiss. This is a reference to Good Morning・Kiss by Yue Takasuka.
Netherlands Dutch Malle molens Silly mills
CanadaFrance French Délicieux tournis Delicious dizziness
Germany German Drehtür-Dilemma Revolving door dilemma
Italy Italian Mulini mulinanti Milling mills
Russia Russian Турникетотрон
SpainMexico Spanish Espacio turbulento Turbulent space