Recon (mode)

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Recon in Rainmaker mode
Type Practicing / Exploration single-player mode
Players 1, 2-8 (Private Battle)
Ranked No
Weapons All
Controllers width=auto GamePad, Joy-Con, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
Release Date Launch
This article is about the stage preview mode. For the ability, see Recon (ability).

Recon is a single-player mode in the Splatoon series that allows players to explore a stage on their own without taking part in a battle. The mode features no music, leaving only sound effects. It has many of the same mechanics as a battle would, but it is impossible to win or lose due to the absence of the other team. In Splatoon and Splatoon 2, recon can be accessed from the lobby by pressing Y when hovering over the Regular Battle, Ranked Battle, or League Battle options, and it can only be played on stages that are in rotation. In these games, recon will use the mode that is currently in rotation for the type of battle selected and has the same time limit as that mode usually would, though the player can pause the game and quit before the time elapses. In Splatoon 3, while recon functions identically to previous games as of version 5.0.0, it can also be accessed by speaking to the Recon Guide in Splatsville, Inkopolis Plaza, or Inkopolis Square, allowing it to be played offline; the Recon Guide will also allow the player can choose any stage and mode in the game rather than only using those that are in rotation. The time limit is extended to one hour for all modes. In Splatoon 3, players cannot recon stages that have been added after release unless they have an online subscription, meaning that they can access only the base stages.

In Splatoon and Splatoon 2, playing recon during a Splatfest changes the stages to their nighttime Splatfest versions. However, in Splatoon 3, stages in recon only use their normal variants regardless of whether a Splatfest is underway.


Recon functions mostly the same as the game mode it uses, though there are several differences:

  • There are no allies or opponents.
  • In Splatoon 3, the time limit is extended to one hour.
  • There is no music. This makes ambient sound effects much easier to hear, such as those of cars driving past in Blackbelly Skatepark or jellyfish testing video games in Ancho-V Games.
  • The player is always on Team Alpha, unless they are playing during a Splatfest in Splatoon or Splatoon 2 in which case they will be on whatever team they chose.
  • The Turf Inked score of the player's main weapon is unaffected by recon.
  • The game can be paused by pressing Plus, which causes a menu to appear that allows the player to end the game immediately.
  • Ranked Battle matches cannot be ended early by meeting the knockout criteria.
    • In Splat Zones, the zones can be inked, but there is no countdown.
    • In Tower Control, the player can ride the tower to the opposing side, but nothing happens when it reaches the goal besides the tower's music stopping. Even if the tower is at the goal, it will still move back to the center of the stage if the player stays off of it for too long. Since there are no opponents, the tower will never get any closer to the player's side of the stage except when it returns to the center.
    • In Rainmaker, nothing happens when reaching the goal while holding the Rainmaker in Splatoon and Splatoon 2. In Splatoon 3, the player can claim checkpoints; reaching the goal resets them.
    • In Clam Blitz, although it is possible to open the basket by throwing a Super Clam at it and then throw clams into it, no points are scored.

In Splatoon 3, multiple players can join recon via Private Battles. Whenever the host presses , Photo Mode activates.


SRL Splatsville surveyor here with info on the recon function. Did you know that you can visit any stage at any time just to walk around and explore? It's almost too good to be true! Just don't tell the SRL security team, OK? Visit the Recon Guide to start!
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[1]


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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese さんぽ
Netherlands Dutch Verkennen Scout
France French (NOE) Balade Stroll
Germany German Rundgang Tour
Italy Italian Perlustra Scour
Russia Russian Разведка
Spain Spanish (NOE) Explorar Explore
China Chinese 散步