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The Joy-Cons labelled

The Joy-Cons are the main controllers of the Nintendo Switch that can be used in Splatoon 2.


The Joy-Cons are the main controllers for the Switch, and two are included with every Switch, with extra's sold separately. They are small controllers, that can be slotted into both sides of the Switch Console to form the Gamepad esque Handheld mode, slotted into a Joy-Con Grip to form a more conventional controller, or used separately such as one in each hand, or as a controller each for multiplayer games. They Joy-Cons include SL and SR triggers, HD Rumble, and motion controls, and the Joy-Con (R) contains an IR camera and NFC pad. The Button1 DPad.png is replaced by directional buttons, to help 2 player modes.

Joy-Con Grip

The Joy-Con Grip compared to the Joy-Con Charging Grip.

The Joy-Con Grip is an accessory included with every Nintendo Switch that forms a more conventional controller. The player slots the Joy-Cons into either side of the Grip. The Grip does not add any more features. The Joy-Con Charging Grip is separate accessory that charges the Joy-Con while using it, and has a translucent plastic backing rather than the matte style plastic used in the regular grip.


Joy-Con (L)

  • Button1 LS.png: The Button1 LS.png stick is used primarily to move the player's Inkling forward, backward, left, and right.
  • Button1 ZL.png: The Button1 ZL.png button allows players to transform into squids. In this form, Inklings are able to move faster through their own ink and jump farther.
  • Directional Buttons: Up and down on the Directional buttons is used for Signals. On the map screen, holding Button1 A.png while pressing Left, Right or Up on the Super Jumps to a specific Player and Down super jumps to the Spawn Point.

Joy-Con (R)

  • Motion controls: By tilting the Joy-Con up, down, left, and right, players are able to change their Inkling's view and aim, and to move the cursor to Super Jump.
  • Button1 RS.png: The Button1 RS.png stick, on the other hand, is used for more precise aiming, and controls which direction the player looks. Clicking it in will activates the players Special Weapon. The Button1 RS.png stick is used a lot in menus.
  • Button1 ZR.png: The Button1 ZR.png button allows players to splatter ink using a variety of weapons. In Inkopolis Plaza, this button is used to zoom in on specific landmarks.
  • Button1 R.png: The Button1 R.png button allows players to use a variety of sub weapons. These have various effects which range from allowing teammates to Super Jump to one's current location at any time, to a robot that tracks and tries to splat nearby opponents.
  • Button1 A.png: The Button1 A.png button is used in menus to select specific actions and options.
  • Button1 B.png: The Button1 B.png button causes the player's Inkling to jump button and is used in some menus to exit the current selection or action.
  • Button1 X.png: The Button1 X.png button is used to bring up the map.
  • Button1 Y.png: The Button1 Y.png button resets the camera angle, allowing for quick corrections. This feature is most commonly used alongside motion controls.
  • NFC Pad: Used for reading amiibo.

Splatoon themed Joy-Cons

Neon Green and Neon Pink Joy-Cons.jpeg

Nintendo announced new Splatoon 2 themed Joy-Con colors soon after the ARMS Direct, Neon Green Joy-Con (L) and Neon Pink Joy-Con (R), along with other Splatoon 2 themed accessories including a Splatoon 2 themed Switch Pro Controller. They are sold together, or in a bundle with a Nintendo Switch and Splatoon 2 in Japan. They will be released in the Fall, but release has not yet been confirmed for North America or Australia.