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A pair of Joy-Con labelled.
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Joy-Con are the main controllers for the Nintendo Switch and one of two types that can be used in Splatoon 2. They use Bluetooth LE technology and have a battery life of over twenty hours of continuous gameplay. They also feature finer haptic feedback called HD Rumble instead of traditional vibration technology and replaced the traditional Button1 DPad.png on the Joy-Con (L) with a four-button array identical to the Button1 A.pngButton1 B.pngButton1 X.pngButton1 Y.png cluster, for more comfortable controls and the same single-controller experience as with the Joy-Con (R).


A Joy-Con (L) and Joy-Con (R) pair, two straps and a grip are included with every Nintendo Switch, with extras and individual controllers sold separately. Minus the Button1 L.png and Button1 R.png, they are exactly as tall as the console itself to create a continuous rounded rectangle shape when they are attached to it.

The Joy-Con (L) has eleven buttons, including a directional four-button array that replaces Button1 DPad.png, the clickable Button1 LS.png, the Button1 L.png shoulder button, the Button1 ZL.png trigger, the Capture button, SL and SR, Button1 Minus.png, and SYNC, which doubles as a power/reset button.

The Joy-Con (R) also has eleven buttons, including the Button1 A.pngButton1 B.pngButton1 X.pngButton1 Y.png diamond, the clickable Button1 RS.png, the Button1 R.png shoulder button, the Button1 ZR.png trigger, the Home button, SL and SR, Button1 Plus.png, and SYNC.

Joy-Con Grip

The Joy-Con Grip compared to the Joy-Con Charging Grip.

The Joy-Con Grip is an accessory included with every Nintendo Switch. The player can slot the Joy-Con into either side of it to form a more conventional controller. However, it does not add any other features or establish any communications with the console or controllers. The Joy-Con Charging Grip is a separate accessory that charges the controllers while using it, if connected to the Nintendo Switch, and has a translucent plastic backing rather than the matte opaque plastic used in the regular grip.


Joy-Con (L)

  • Button1 LS.png: Used primarily to move the player's character in all directions.
  • Button1 ZL.png: Allows players to transform into squids or octopuses. In this form, Inklings and Octolings are able to move faster through their own ink and jump farther.
  • Button1 L.png: Used to throw clams that the player currently possesses in Clam Blitz.
  • Directional Buttons: Up and down on the directional buttons is used for signals. On the map screen, holding Button1 A.png while pressing Left, Right or Up allows the player to Super Jump to another player and Down jumps to the spawn point.

Joy-Con (R)

  • Motion controls: By tilting the Joy-Con up, down, left, and right, players can change their character's view and aim, as well as move the cursor to Super Jump.
  • Button1 RS.png: Used for more precise aiming, and controls which direction the player looks. Clicking it activates the player's special weapon. Also used a lot in menus.
  • Button1 ZR.png: Allows players to shoot ink using a variety of weapons. In Inkopolis Square, this button is used to zoom in on specific landmarks.
  • Button1 R.png: Allows players to use their sub weapon and, along with Button1 L.png, skip pages when selecting gear or using the menu.
  • Button1 A.png: Used in menus to select specific actions and options and, along with Button1 L.png, to throw clams in Clam Blitz.
  • Button1 B.png: Cancels an action or exits a menu or prompt, and doubles as the jump button.
  • Button1 X.png: Used to bring up the map in multiplayer matches and the shooting range, and the menu in the Square and places like Grizzco, The Shoal, and the shops.
  • Button1 Y.png: Resets the camera angle, allowing for quick corrections. This feature is most commonly used alongside motion controls.
  • NFC touchpoint: Used for reading amiibo.

Splatoon-themed Joy-Con

Neon Green and Neon Pink Joy-Cons.jpeg

Soon after the ARMS Direct, Nintendo announced new Splatoon 2 themed Joy-Con colors, in neon green and neon pink, along with other Splatoon 2-themed accessories including a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. They are sold separately in Japan, as a pair in Japan and Europe, or in a bundle with a Nintendo Switch, Splatoon 2 and a Splatoon 2-themed carrying case in Japan and America. They were released on 28 July 2017, a week after the release of Splatoon 2. Neon green and neon pink Joy-Con straps were also offered exclusively in Japan.

On 5 January 2018,[1] Joy-Con with the swapped color scheme were announced, available by choosing them in the custom Nintendo Switch configurator in Japan or sold as a pair in America.

Joy-Con colors

Joy-Con (L) Joy-Con (R)
  Neon blue
  Neon red
  Neon yellow
  Neon green
  Neon pink
  Cardboard brown
  Eevee brown   Pikachu yellow
  Neon purple
  Neon orange
  Animal Crossing green   Animal Crossing blue
  Fortnite yellow   Fortnite blue
  Mario red
  Hylian Shield blue   Master Sword purple