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An example of graffiti, as seen in the credits of Splatoon.

Graffiti is found all over Inkopolis, from every stage to the Plaza and Square. It is shown in the form of player drawings, stickers and scribbles on the ground, billboards and on walls. During Splatfests, they can be seen on the back of the two trucks Callie and Marie dance on top of in Splatoon, on banners, on neon signs, and in the sky possessing the form of what appears to be fireworks.

Graffiti Located in Splatoonlogo.png Located in Splatoon 2 logo.png
S2 Mem Cake Jr. Mark.png
Jr. Mark (mem cake)
S2 Mem Cake "Slow Your Roll" Mole.png
"Slow Your Roll" Mole (mem cake)
Construction company
Mascot of "Neo"
S2 Mem Cake iShipIt Logo.png
iShipIt (mem cake)
Shipping company
S2 Mem Cake Familiar Graffiti.png
Familiar graffiti (mem cake)
S2 Mem Cake Li'l Max.png
Li'l Max (mem cake)
Climbing Skipjack tuna
(ノボリガツオくん / Noborigatsuo-kun)[1]
Fish with legs and a backpack
Indicates a slope nearby.
Graffiti face A.png
Graffiti Squid slopes.png
Squid slopes
Graffiti SquidEyes.png
Squid eye stickers
Graffiti Octarian Poster 1.png
Octopus Poster
Graffiti SquidExit.png
Squid exit sign
Graffiti OctoExit.png
Octopus exit sign
S Vending Machines Logo.png
Vending Machines
Shark fins graffiti.png
Shark fins
Reel graffiti.png
Octopus oil company.png
Octopus oil company
Graffiti stickers.png
Graffiti Octopus 1.png


  • Miiverse or in-game posts can be hidden via the Options screen. They will then be replaced by Splatoon-related placeholder drawings, the source of which is unknown, but can be assumed to be made by the developers.
  • If a player holds down Button1 ZR.png when in the plaza or square while aiming at drawing made by players, they can "yeah" or "fresh" it.
  • The background color of the player drawings in stages is the neutral color of the two ink colors in the current battle.
  • For the name tag graffiti stickers, there are different variants appearing in Octo Valley and Octo Canyon compared to those found in Inkopolis. In Octo Expansion round versions of the name tag graffiti stickers can be found.