Salmonid Smokeyard

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Salmonid Smokeyard

Salmonid Smokeyard

Introduced 24 November 2017
Total area

Salmonid Smokeyard is a Salmon Run exclusive online multiplayer stage in Splatoon 2. It was made available at The Shoal with the release of Version 2.0.0 on 24 November 2017.


Salmonid Smokeyard is a small island with two lone structures. Ramps on each structure will lead down to the sandbar while propeller platforms connect the tops of both structures. In the crevice between the two structures is a long rectangular pool of water. Salmonids can spawn from this pool, but only during fog.

During high tide, it is not possible to walk from one structure to the other, and the propeller platforms are the only way of reaching the other side.

During low tide, a large dock will reveal itself to the side of the island.

Notable locations

  • Main Structure: This structure is where the basket and spawn is. The area consists of fairly simple geography and three ramps which lead to the sandbar.
  • Opposing Structure: This structure consists of two ramps and an uneven geography of ramps.
  • Shore: The entire map consists of a lower beach.
  • Propeller Platforms: Two propeller platforms connect the two structures, each going in the opposite direction. During high tide, these are the only means of traveling between structures.
  • Vegetable towers: North refers to the direction of the propeller platform traveling to the opposing structure. Sausage tower is on the southwest sea, asparagus is on the northwest sea, and corn tower is on the southeast sea.
    • All stages have the three floating vegetable-themed towers with two searchlights that serve as landmarks.


  • On high tide, players can only get to the other side of the area using the propeller platform to reach the other side, as both sides of sand are under the water.
  • On low tide, a large dock will reveal itself, and Salmonids will launch their assault from the far end of the dock.



  • The stage name is a reference to salmonidae.
  • The internal codename for this stage in the game files is "Shakelift".
    • While in development, the internal name was "Threepoints".

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese トキシラズいぶし工房
Toki-Shirazu Ibushi Kōbō
Toki-Shirazu (spring salmon) Smoking Workshop
Netherlands Dutch Visrokerij Fish smokehouse
France French (NOE) Fumoir Sans-Espoir Hopeless Smokehouse
Germany German Räucherwerk Smokeworks
Italy Italian Fortino Fumino Smoke fort (from "fumo", smoke)
Russia Russian Коптильня «Угаръ»
Koptil'nya «Ugar"»
Smokehouse «Fume»
Spain Spanish Ensenada Ahumada Smoked Cove