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From the September 2023 Nintendo Direct revealing the Spire's name

The Spire of Order[1] is the location the Side Order expansion for Splatoon 3 takes place in. The Spire of Order replaces Deca Tower in the Order Sector.

Initially, Agent 8 must ascend the spire's ten floors to rescue Marina. After this, the height of the Spire of Order is increased to thirty floors, which must be climbed to defeat Order at the top.


The Spire of Order appears as a blanched-out, dilapidated version of Deca Tower, with a significant amount of metal piping added to its exterior. Blank, forward-facing panels replace the angled billboards, screens, and signage from Deca Tower. Its layout changes each time Agent 8 enters.[2]

The Spire of Order functions as a factory where memory cubes are generated, grayscaled, and ultimately incinerated - the ashes emitted from this process can be seen falling outside in the Order Sector[3].


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Main article: Foyer

The foyer is the ground level of the Spire of Order. Its layout changes after clearing the first climb. It functions as a test range within Side Order, allowing the player to test different weapons that come with different Palettes before starting a climb.


Main article: Elevator

The elevator is the method of transportation used to climb the Spire of Order. It can be ridden from the foyer. It can only go up one floor at a time except during a run with Eight's Palette, where it is possible to use Membux to skip a non-boss floor.


Main article: Floor

During a climb, the player is given the option of three randomly generated floors, with floors 10, 20, and 30 having bosses.

Control Room

Main article: Control Room

The Control Room is the last and highest floor the player can reach during a climb. It is on 10F during the first climb, or 30F during subsequent climbs.


The SRL Zoning Committee doesn't recall approving a permit for the Spire of Order, the strange tower looming over Side Order. The elevator only takes you up one floor at a time? And the floors change every time you get there?! Who reviewed these blueprints?
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[4]
Wave 2 of the #Splatoon3: Expansion Pass, Side Order, is set in the Spire of Order. Located in what looks like Inkopolis Square (minus the colour) this tower seemingly defies the laws of nature – each time you enter, the layout changes!
— @NintendoEurope on Twitter[5]



A spire is a decorative pointed structure typically built atop buildings or towers. Order refers to Team Order, the Splatfest team led by Marina that lost the Final Fest in Splatoon 2.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 秩序の塔
Chitsujo no Tō
Tower of Order
Netherlands Dutch Toren der Orde Tower of Order
France French (NOE) Tour de l'Ordre Tower of Order
Germany German Turm der Ordnung Tower of Order
Italy Italian Torre dell'Ordine Tower of Order
SpainMexico Spanish Torre del Orden Tower of Order
China Chinese 秩序之塔
zhìxù zhī tǎ (Mandarin)
dit6 zeoi6 zi1 taap3 (Cantonese)
Tower of Order
South Korea Korean 질서의 탑 Tower of Order