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Species Inkling
Height 145cm (4'9")[1]
Hair Color Cream/Pink
Eye Color Light Gold
Age 21[1]
Gender Female
Location Inkopolis Square
Don't get cooked... stay off the hook!
— Off the Hook's catchphrase.

Pearl is one of the two members of Off the Hook, a band featured in Splatoon 2, along with Marina, that hosts their own television show, similar to the Squid Sisters from the first game. Her signature color is pink.


Pearl resembles a "pop princess" stereotype. She appears shorter and smaller in height than most Inklings. Her tentacles are shoulder length and creamy white blonde with pink tips, and a small bang. She has light golden eyes with pale yellow pupils in the shape of a plus, and a beauty mark at the left of her lips. Like Marina, and unlike other inklings, she has one sharp tooth in the middle at the top and bottom of her teeth, instead of the usual two. Her outfit consists of a pearly white sleeveless dress with a high collar, a slanted diamond like pattern at the bottom left, and a large golden zipper on the front with a plus-shaped hole zipped all the way, white shorts, pink tights, white, slightly platformed boots with big golden zippers that have plus shaped holes zipped up, and black soles at the bottom, black fingerless gloves, and a white crown with pink tips on her head that resembles a squid ring tooth. Her pink color will change depending on the Splatfest team she chooses, except for her crown.

In “Octo Expansion”, she wears a more hip hop attire than her pop stage outfit. She wears a golden, jeweled crown on her head, a long, golden chain necklace with a plus symbol pendant (similar to her zippers on her stage outfit) around her neck, multiple golden rings on her fingers on both of her hands, a pastel pink, baggy hoodie with yellow sleeves, and rainbow metallic platform shoes.


Pearl speaks rather bluntly and uses various slang, in line with her characterization as a rapper (despite her "pop princess" appearance). Compared to her partner, Marina, Pearl is a lot more expressive, quick to jump onto a topic with a bit of a short temper, and has a knack for composing new songs as they come to her. Often times, her comments can be playfully sarcastic, playing off her co-host. Her lively attitude is most obvious if you view her through the window, as she looks at the player quizzically before striking a pose.

Octo Expansion

Jelonzot.png Fuuuuuture!

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Pearl will have a role in the upcoming Octo Expansion, where she wears a different outfit (reminiscent of the rapper The Notorious B.I.G.), and is known by the moniker MC.Princess.


  • Like the Squid Sisters, she also has golden eyes with plus shaped pupils.
  • Unlike Marina and the Squid Sisters, she has no eyelashes.
  • Her main color is pink, however it sometimes can be shown with a purple tint, similar to Callie.
  • According to many of her dialogs with Marina, Pearl comes from a rich family, explaining some of her attitude, appearance, and personality.
    • Pearl remembers owning a ship of the same model as the Manta Maria when she was six years old.
    • She owns a go-cart.
  • Pearl's Japanese names, ヒメ, literally means "princess", which is why her hair accessory is shaped like a crown. Her name is actually reference to ヒメイカ, the Japanese name for the species Idiosepius paradoxus, known as Northen Pygmy Squid.
    • The pink tips of her "crown" don't change color during a Splatfest, unlike how the Squid Sisters' main colors would completely change, even on their hair accessories.
    • The sole exception is the S2 Splatfest Icon Fries.png Fries vs. S2 Splatfest Icon McNuggets.png McNuggets Splatfest artwork where her crown is tinted red at the tips, rather than pink. The reason for this is unknown.
    • In the S2 Splatfest Icon Warm Inner Wear.png Warm Inner Wear vs. S2 Splatfest Icon Warm Outer Wear.png Warm Outer Wear Japanese splatfest artwork, Pearl is shown tossing her crown while posing like a Uniqlo model. The next artwork to be released, for the North American S2 Splatfest Icon Sweater.png Sweater vs. S2 Splatfest Icon Socks.png Socks Splatfest, shows that her crown is cracked, likely from falling on the ground following the previous picture. All the following Splatfest artwork show her with a new, golden crown instead. This is not reflected on her in-game model.
  • Her favorite weapon appears to be the Splat Dualies.
  • Her tentacles appear to change to completely one color like other Inklings, although this is never shown in-game. This is shown in most Splatfest artworks. The same likely goes for the Squid Sisters.
  • According to dialogue in the Japanese version of the game, Pearl is referred to as "senpai" by Marina. "Senpai" is an honorific used in addressing someone of an elder with the same social standing or to one of more experience in a field or trade, implying that Marina looks up to Pearl as a respectable figure who came before her; in this case, the music industry (or the Inkling world, as Marina grew up among the Octarians).
    • This is also due to the fact that Pearl is older than her by three years.
  • Pearl seems to have a special connection with Snapper Canal from multiple news dialogues.
    • Pearl's dad use to take to her Snapper Canal to learn how to ride a bike. But according to Marina, she still uses training wheels.
    • Pearl mentions a boy from school took her to Snapper Canal as a kid, but she doesn't respond to Marina the circumstances of it. This also supplements the idea that Inklings have an education system that they ditch for turf war.
  • According to Marina when announcing the S2 Splatfest Icon Warm Breakfast.png Warm Breakfast vs. S2 Splatfest Icon Cold Breakfast.png Cold Breakfast Splatfest, Pearl has digestive issues.
  • In the announcement dialog for the S2 Splatfest Icon Agility.png Agility vs. S2 Splatfest Icon Endurance.png Endurance Splatfest, it is revealed that Pearl has difficulties with sitting still. She says that she starts fidgeting, if she sits still too long, and Marina comments that Pearl always walks around during recordings.
  • According to concept art by Nintendo, Pearl was going to be an Octoling, but that concept was scrapped later on, in favor of her current design. It seems she was supposed to be the same age as Marina as well.
  • She may be short in height due to the type of species she is, since the Northern Pygmy Squid is one of the world's smallest squid species at only 16 millimeters in length and it falls into the bobtail group, which consists of small squids.
  • Her preferred personal pronoun in Japanese is アタシ, which is an informal female form commonly used by young women and girls.
    • She also uses many slang terms on one hand and childish speech patterns (like replacing "sh" sounds with "ch" sounds) on the other, giving the air of a little girl trying to act tough.
    • She speaks almost exclusively in the informal タメ語/タメ口/同目口 (tame-go/tame-guchi), further emphasizing her "street" style.
    • Her text extends syllables very often (with the ー character compared to Marina's ~, mirroring the same difference between Callie and Marie), and she ends many sentences with the particles よ, ぜ and even ぞ, which not only makes her text read as energetic and curt, but also as if she's rapping her lines.
  • Her outfit in the Octo Expansion, particularly her crown, gives a resemblance to rapper The Notorious B.I.G.
  • Both Marina and Pearl subtly break the fourth wall during one of the dialogues for Blackbelly Skatepark. When Pearl says: “Hey, kids-don't spend all your time in front of the TV! Go play outside!”. Marina then responds: “But how can they play video games if they're not in front of a TV?!”, slightly breaking the fourth wall, since they are referring to the players rather than the Inklings in the audience.
    • This dialogue is also a reference to the Nintendo Switch, since it is a hybrid console that can be played both in front of a TV and as a handheld.


Splatfest Promotional Art

Octo Expansion



Concept art


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese ヒメ
Princess; from Hime-ika (Japanese for Northern pygmy squid)
FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch Lorelei Named after the Lorelei, a sort of Siren whose beauty and song unwittingly distracted shipmen, causing them to crash their ships.
FlagFrance.svg French Perle Pearl
FlagGermany.svg German Perla Pearl
FlagItaly.svg Italian Alga Seaweed
FlagRussia.svg Russian Жемчик
From жемчуг zhemchug, pearl
FlagSpain.svg Spanish Perla Pearl


Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese センパイ
Katakana rendering of 先輩 (Senior*)
FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch Lore
FlagSpain.svg Spanish Perlita Little Pearl


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