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SSBU Murch Spirit.png
Artwork of Murch
Species Slate pencil urchin
Hair color Black
Eye color Purple
Gender Male
Location Inkopolis Square
Let's be honest - most of the posers in the square don't deserve the gear they've got. YOU deserve the gear they've got!
— Murch upon the player first talking to him.(NA)[a]

Murch is a character in Splatoon 2 who offers services related to gear and abilities.


Murch is a sea urchin, looking similar to Spyke other than the fact that Murch has only one eye. Like Spyke, he has orange skin and his eye has green sclera, but with a purple iris and blue pupil. He wears a purple bandana with designs similar to Spyke's poncho, a white T-shirt with with black sleeves, black jean shorts, and blue shoes.


Murch mostly acts tough. He appears to think quite highly of himself, as seen in some of his dialogue, saying cockily that he "amazes even [himself]". He refers to the player rudely as "chum", and this is also shown in the Japanese localization, with Murch using the rude version of "you" when talking to the player, but the normal version of "I". However, he sincerely looks up to Spyke and tries to copy him, following his "get rich quick" scheme. When the player refuses to buy the gear they ordered from him, he brushes it off with a "whatevs." His rude, rough-and-ready manner may be partially because he is a literal "street urchin", and partially because he tries to imitate Spyke.


Similar to Spyke in Splatoon, Murch offers services that tweak abilities on gear. However, he also provides new services in addition to Spyke's: scrub slots, apply sub abilities, and deliver orders made through SplatNet 2.

Scrub slots

For 20,000 cash (or 2,000 for Splatfest Tee), Murch can remove all sub abilities of a gear, yielding one ability chunk for each sub ability removed. This can be performed as long as the gear has any sub abilities. The number of sub ability slots are unaffected.

Apply sub abilities

When enough ability chunks of the same kind are collected, they can be used to apply the corresponding ability into one sub ability slot. If ability chunks are used on a slot that is already filled, the new ability will replace the slot's contents and the old ability will be converted into an ability chunk.

The number of chunks required depends on the number of the same sub ability already present on a piece of gear. The primary ability does not count for this calculation. If the sub ability is not already present on any sub ability slots, it costs 10 chunks. If the sub ability is already present on one slot, it costs 20 chunks. If the sub ability is already present on two slots, it costs 30 chunks.

Order Gear from SplatNet 2

See also: SplatNet 2#Shop

Murch can deliver orders made through SplatNet 2 immediately after ordering. Only one gear may be ordered from SplatNet at one time, but he will keep it indefinitely until bought or replaced by another SplatNet order. The price of SplatNet gear depends on its rarity. 1-star items have 2.5× the original price, 2-star items have 2× the original price, and 3-star items have 1.5× the original price.

Order Gear from Another Player

The player can order up to three pieces of gear from other players in Inkopolis Square, which are put in a queue. Ordering another gear when the queue is full requires canceling an existing order, after which the new order will be placed at the back of the queue. After midnight (according to the system clock), the first gear in queue will be available for purchase and will be replaced by the next gear in queue the next midnight if not bought, but Murch will not remove gear in the player's queue on days when the game is not played.

The price of an ordered gear depends on its rarity and how many sub abilities it has. The more stars and abilities it has, the more expensive it is. A table detailing the different prices is listed below.

Prices of an ordered gear
Rarity Number of filled sub ability slots
0 1 2 3
1Star-full.pngStar-empty.pngStar-empty.png 1,000 2,000 20,000 100,000
2Star-full.pngStar-full.pngStar-empty.png 5,000 10,000 20,000 100,000
3Star-full.pngStar-full.pngStar-full.png 15,000 30,000 50,000 100,000

A piece of gear ordered from another player is guaranteed to inherit its primary ability even if the original gear has a different primary ability from its default one (i.e. obtained via Splatnet 2), but the ordered gear can inherit less sub abilities than the original gear, the chances of which can be slightly lessened if the player levels up. A table detailing the different odds is listed below.[b]

Odds of getting sub abilities on ordered gear
Level Filled sub ability slots The gear actually comes
No sub ability 1 sub ability 2 sub ability 3 sub ability
4~9 Zero 100% - - -
One 70% 30% - -
Two 70% 29% 1% -
Three 70% 29% 0.9% 0.1%
10~15 Zero 100% - - -
One 50% 50% - -
Two 50% 45% 5% -
Three 50% 45% 4.8% 0.2%
16~19 Zero 100% - - -
One 40% 60% - -
Two 40% 52% 8% -
Three 40% 52% 7.7% 0.3%
20+ Zero 100% - - -
One 30% 70% - -
Two 30% 60% 10% -
Three 30% 60% 9.5% 0.5%

Aside from its price, the ordered gear's rarity only affects the number of empty sub ability slots. For example, if a player at Level 21 orders a two-star gear with three filled sub ability slots, the ordered gear has a 30% chance of having no sub ability and two empty slots, a 60% chance of one filled slot and one empty slot (two slots in total), a 9.5% chance of two filled slots, and a 0.5% chance of three filled slots. In this case, the ordered gear will have at least two sub ability slots since it is a two-star gear item.

Increase Slots or Reroll

For one Super Sea Snail, he will add an empty sub ability slot into a gear, to a maximum of three sub ability slots. If the gear has three filled sub ability slots, he will instead reroll the three sub abilities, with the probability being affected by the gear's brand, but not Crust Bucket's drinks.[1] Unlike in Splatoon, the player cannot pay with cash for this service and rerolling grants one ability chunk of each replaced sub ability.


USA North America (English)

  • “Take a look. It’s exactly what you asked for. Yeah, sometimes I amaze even myself.” -When the player’s order is exact.
  • ”Wanna buy it?”
  • “Whatevs. Get at me before the end of the day if you change your mind. I’ll trash it otherwise.” -When the player does not buy their order.
  • ”What piece of gear do you want to scrub, chum?”
  • ”Scrub this?”
  • ”Good as new, chum! Oh yeah, these ability chunks came out in the wash, so to speak, so here ya go. Don't lose 'em.”
  • ”You got a Super Sea Snail for me? You don't have a single snail? Pssh. Come back when you're ready to talk business” -When the player tries to increase slots or reroll without any Super Sea Snails.
  • ”What piece of gear do you want another slot in? It'll cost you one Super Sea Snail. I can also reroll the abilities of a piece of gear with full slots.”
  • “Add another slot?”
  • “Reroll the abilties?”
  • “It's done.” -When rerolling a piece of gear.
  • “Cool it, chum. You haven’t even ordered anything!”
  • “Hey, the stuff you ordered from Annie was just delivered.”
  • “Pssh. You already have that same gear! You know the rules. Which one do you want to keep?”
  • “Whatevs. Get at me if you change your mind.” -When the player chooses to keep their old gear instead of purchasing the gear ordered from Annie.
  • ”Word. Nice doing business.” -When buying something from Murch.
  • ”Later.” -When leaving after not buying something from Murch.

Netherlands Dutch

When the player talks to Murch before reaching level 4.

  • "Eww… Ruik je dat? Er ruikt hier iets heel erg muf. Luister, ik wil je niet lopen dissen, hoor, maar er zitten kruimels in mijn sofa die frisser zijn dan jij. Hmm, misschien wilde ik je toch lopen dissen. Sorry. Maar ik kan je echt niet helpen voor je niveau 4 hebt gehaald. Ik heb een reputatie. Fris jezelf wat op met een paar goeie knokpartijen, en dan zien we wel weer. Later, gup."

(Eww... You smell that? Something smells here very musty. Listen, I don't want to diss you, but there are crumbs in my sofa that are fresher than you. Hmm, maybe I did want to diss you. Sorry. But I really can't help you before you have reached level 4. I have a reputation. Freshen yourself up with a couple of good brawls, and then we'll see. Later, gup.)

When the player at level 4 talks to Murch for the first time.

  • "Yo, gup. Hey, maatje. Jou ken ik nog niet. En ik kan het weten, want ik vergeet nooit een gezicht. Je lijkt me wel jofel, dus ik wil je wel een geheimpje verraden. Als je hier iets voor elkaar wilt krijgen, moet je de beste uitrusting scoren. Denk je soms weleens: had ik maar net zo’n frisse uitrusting als die luitjes die op het plein rondhangen? Da’s precies waar ik goed in ben! Ga gewoon op ze af en druk op Button1 A.png. Vind je hun uitrusting wel wat, druk dan op Button1 ZL.png om die te bestellen. Ik kan niet beloven dat ik altijd PRECIES dezelfde uitrusting met PRECIES dezelfde effecten kan vinden, maar ik zal m’n best doen."

(Yo, gup. Hey, buddy. I don't know you yet. And I can know it, I never forget a face. You look nice to me, so I want to give away a little secret to you. If you want to get things done here, you have to score the best gear. Do you think to yourself sometimes: If only I had just such fresh gear like the folks that hang around the square? That's exactly where I'm great at! Just go straight to them and press Button1 A.png. Do you like their gear, then press Button1 ZL.png to order that. I can't promise that I always get the EXACT same gear with the EXACT same abilities, but I will do my best.)

When the player at level 10 talks to Murch for the first time.

  • "Yo, gup. Aan de kant allemaal! Er moet een hoge pief door! Je schiet al aardig op, maatje. Maar volgens mij begin je pas net. Als je wat moet hebben, zeg je het maar, oké? Als je een extreem verse vogel ziet op het plein, loop er dan op af en druk op Button1 A.png. Je kunt met Button1 ZL.png direct dezelfde uitrusting bestellen!"

(Yo, gup. Out of the way everyone! A big cheese is coming through! You get along pretty well, buddy. But I think you're just getting started. If you need something, tell me, okay? If you see a fresh bird on the square, walk straight to them and press Button1 A.png. You can use Button1 ZL.png to immediately order the same gear!)

When the player at level 16 talks to Murch for the first time.

  • "Yo, gup. Hooo, wacht ’s eventjes! Je niveau is zo hoog dat je boven de zeespiegel uitkomt! Beloof me dat je me niet vergeet als je het helemaal hebt gemaakt! Als ik met jou rondhang, dan maak ik misschien eindelijk indruk op Spyke! Die gast is rauw, man! Vergeet niet dat je op Button1 A.png kunt drukken om ’s goed naar iemand op het plein te gluren, en op Button1 ZL.png om dezelfde uitrusting te bestellen."

(Yo, gup. Hooo, wait a minute! Your level is so high that you rise above the sea level! Promise me that you won't forget me when you completely made it! If I hang around with you, maybe I can finally impress Spyke! That dude is raw, man! Don't forget you can press Button1 A.png to get a good peep at someone on the square, and then Button1 ZL.png to order the same gear.)

When the player at level 20 talks to Murch for the first time.

  • "Yo, gup. Wat een FORMIDABEL niveau! Ik ben al vereerd dat je met me praat! Ben jij die legende waar Spyke het altijd over heeft? Maar zo’n duizelingwekkend hoog niveau betekent helemaal noppes in Inkopolis als je rondloopt in suffe spullen. Als je indruk wilt maken op Spyke, heb je de allerverste uitrusting ter wereld nodig! Maak geen zorgen, ik sta voor je klaar! Hou goed in je koppie: Druk op Button1 A.png om een hippe vogel ’s goed te bekijken, en op Button1 ZL.png om dezelfde uitrusting te bestellen."

(Yo, gup. What a FORMIDABLE level! I am already honored that you talk with me! Are you the legend who Spyke always talks about? But such a dizzying high level means completely nothing in Inkopolis if you walk around in dull stuff. If you want to impress Spyke, you have to have the most fresh gear of the world! Don't worry, I am here for you! And remember: Press Button1 A.png to take a good look at a hip bird, and Button1 ZL.png to order the same gear.

When the player talks to Murch a second time after any of previous instances.

  • "Yo, gup."

(Yo, gup.)

When the player selects to order on the square.

  • "Wil je wat bestellen?"

(You want to order something?)

  • "Wil je dit hebben?"

(You want to have this?)

When the player has selected to order something.

  • "Goed. Ik krijg maar één artikel per dag binnen, dus kom morgen maar weer terug.

(Good. I only receive one item a day, so you have to come back again tomorrow.)

When the player selects something which cannot be ordered.

  • "Nee, dat vind ik iets te link. Bestel ik niet."

(No, I think that's a bit too dangerous. I won't order.)

When the player's order hasn't arrived yet.

  • "Rustig 's, tijgervis. Ik ben nog bezig met je bestelling. Kom morgen nog maar eens terug."

(Easy there, tigerfish. I am still working on your order. Come back again tomorrow.

When the player hasn't ordered anything.

  • "Eh… gup? Je hebt helemaal niks besteld!"

(Eh... gup? You haven't ordered anything!)

When the player's Splatnet Gear Shop order has arrived.

  • "Hé! Het spul dat je hebt besteld bij Anne is binnen!"

(Hey! The stuff that you ordered by Annie has arrived!)

  • "Wil je het kopen?"

(You want to buy it?)

When the player's in-game order has arrived and it is exactly as ordered.

  • "Luister en huiver! Je bestelling is binnen en het is exact wat je wilde. Soms sta ik verteld van mezelf..."

(Listen and shiver! Your order has arrived and it is exactly what you wanted. Sometimes I even amaze myself...)

  • "Wil je het kopen?"

(You want to buy it?)

When the player already owns the same piece of gear.

  • "Hm, je hebt al precies dezelfde uitrusting! Tja, dan moet je kiezen. Welke wil je bewaren?"

(Hm, you already have exactly the same gear! Well, you have to choose. Which one you want to keep?)

When the player selects to buy it.

  • "Cool. Ik zie je wel weer verschijnen."

(Cool. I'll see you again.)

When the player selects not to buy the gear they ordered from the Splatnet Gear Shop.

  • "Ook goed. Kom maar terug als je je bedenkt."

(Alright. Come back when you you change your mind.)

When the player selects not to buy the gear they ordered in-game.

  • "Ook goed. Mocht je je bedenken, kom dan voor het einde van de dag terug. Zo niet, dan gaat de boel bij het grofvuil."

(Alright. If you change your mind, come back before the end of the day. If not, then I'll throw everything in the trash.)

When the player selects to re-roll slots or add slots but has yet to get any Super Sea Snail.

  • "Sorry gup, ik heb het drukker dan druk. Kom later nog maar eens terug."

(Sorry gup, I am busier than busy. Come back later.)

When the player selects to re-roll slots or add slots.

  • Welke uitrusting moet een extra vakje krijgen? Dat kost je één superzeeslak. Als je uitrusting hebt waarvan alle vakjes al worden gebruikt, kan ik de effecten ervan wijzigen.

(Which gear has to get an extra slot? That is going to cost you one Super Sea Snail. If you have gear of which all slots are being used, I can alter the abilities of it.)

When the player selects a piece of gear to add slots to.

  • "Wil je meer vakjes?"

(You want more slots?)

  • "Tada!"


When the player selects a piece of gear to re-roll.

  • "Effecten wijzigen, ja?"

(Alter abilities, yes?)

  • "Ik heb ze gewijzigd."

(I have altered them.)

When the player selects to scrub slots for the first time.

  • "Wat? Heb je nog nooit de vakjes van je uitrusting geleegd? Echt? Oké, let op, ik leg ’t je uit. Als je niet zo happy bent met de effecten van je uitrusting, kun je de vakjes legen en met een schone lei beginnen. Wanneer je effecten hebt gewist, kun je je uitrusting weer nieuwe effecten meegeven door punten te verdienen in gevechten. De gewiste effecten krijg je terug in de vorm van effectfragmenten, dus dat is wel even belangrijk om te onthouden. Je kunt je vorige effecten weer terugkrijgen door een aantal effectfragmenten samen te voegen. Volg je het nog? Het komt erop neer dat je effectvakjes kunt legen om je uitrusting een nieuw leven te geven! Probeer ’t gewoon een keer, gup. Het is niet gratis, maar dan heb je ook wat."

(What? You have never emptied the slots of your gear? Really? Okay, pay attention, I'll explain it to you. If your not so happy with the abilities of your gear, you can empty the slots and have a fresh start. When the abilities are wiped, you can give your gear new abilities by earning points in battles. You get the wiped abilities back in the form of ability chunks, so that is very important to remember. You can get the previous abilities back by combine an amount of ability chunks. Are you still following it? What it comes down to is that you can empty your ability slots of your equipment to give it a new life! Just try it a time, gup. It's not free, but you getting something out of it.)

When the player selects to scrub slots.

  • "Van welke uitrusting wil je de vakjes legen, gup?"

(Of which gear do you want the slots emptied, gup?)

After the player selects which piece of gear to scrub slots.

  • "Wil je dit legen?"

(You want to empty this?)

After the player selects to scrub a piece of gear but doesn't have enough cash.

  • "Sorry gup, je moet eerst kunnen dokken voordat ik met je in zee ga."

(Sorry gup, You first need enough dough before I work with you.)

When the player selects to use ability chunks for the first time.

  • "Je hebt zeker nog nooit eerder effectfragmenten gebruikt om een nieuw effect te maken, toch? Ja, dat dacht ik al. Als je genoeg effectfragmenten hebt, kun je aan een stuk uitrusting een effect naar keuze toevoegen! Je kunt ook effecten toevoegen aan uitrusting die al vol effecten is. De oude effecten worden bewaard als herbruikbare effectfragmenten. Dat moet je echt een keer geprobeerd hebben!"

(You surely have never used ability chunks to make a new ability before, right? Yeah, I already thought so. If you have enough ability chunks, you can add an ability to a piece of gear of choice! You can add abilities to gear that already full with abilities. The old abilities are saved as reusable ability chunks. You really have to try this sometime.

When the player selects to use ability chunks.

  • "Kies de uitrusting en het gewenste effect."

(Choose the gear and the desired ability.)

After the player selects a piece of gear and the ability chunks to use it on.

  • "Dit effect toevoegen?"

(Add this ability?)

  • "En klaar! Hopelijk heb je nu precies wat je nodig hebt om veel te winnen. Zo niet, is het niet mijn schuld!"

(And done! Hopefully you now have exactly what you need to win a lot. If not, I am not to blame!)

When the player leaves.

  • "Later."




  • The briefcase next to Murch can be seen slightly open. Inside the briefcase, some Super Sea Snails without shells can be seen. Murch can also be heard playing Squid Jump from Splatoon.
  • Some of Murch's dialog suggests he looks up to Spyke.
    • This was confirmed in a developer interview, where it was stated that Murch and Spyke grew up in the same town, and Murch started working for Spyke since he had looked up to him for a long time.[2]
  • Murch appears to have been based off of a banded sea urchin.
  • According to the relationship chart posted by Nintendo, Craymond and Murch have some form of history together. All that is known is that Murch seems to think positively of Craymond, while Craymond seems to regret his history with Murch.[3]
  • Murch was on Team Order for the Chaos vs. Order Splatfest, as it reflects the focus he needs for his job.[4]


Murch's name is a combination of merch, short for "merchandise" and an allusion to his services, and urchin, referring to his species.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese スパイキー
Netherlands Dutch Mikey
France French Tipik Similar to Kipik (Spyke), with the suffix ti- referring to a childish way of saying petit (small)
Germany German Sid English given name, similar to Siggi (Spyke)
Italy Italian Echino From echidna
Russia Russian Иглюха
From игла igla, spike/needle, and Илюха, Ilyuha, Ilya (Russian name)
Spain Spanish Enrizo From Enrico, Italian given name, similar to Eri (Spyke)


  1. North America
  2. The odds of getting the same sub abilities are identical to Splatoon's order system through Spyke, but Splatoon 2 has an extra entry for players from level 16 to 19 that was not present in the first game.