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S3 Murch Render.png
Murch in Splatoon 3
Species Banded sea urchin
Hair color Black
Eye color Purple
Gender Male
Location Inkopolis Square (Splatoon 2)
Splatsville (Splatoon 3)
Let's be honest - most of the posers in the square don't deserve the gear they've got. YOU deserve the gear they've got!
— Murch in Splatoon 2 upon the player first talking to him.

Murch is a character in Splatoon 2 and Splatoon 3 who offers services related to gear and abilities.


Murch is a cycloptic sea urchin. He has orange skin and his eye has green sclera, purple iris, and blue pupil. He has black spines with pink and blue spots as his hair.

In Splatoon 2, Murch has a toddler-like proportion, being half as tall as Inklings and Octolings. He has a spiky hairstyle with a black bandana, a white T-shirt with black sleeves, black denim shorts, and lilac shoes.

In Splatoon 3, Murch has grown to an adult-like proportion similar to Spyke and being taller than Inklings and Octolings. He has a different hairstyle, an unbuttoned red shirt, a white undershirt, a pair of jeans, and white shoes.

Personality and traits

In his debut game, Murch mostly acts tough. He appears to think quite highly of himself, as seen in some of his dialogue, saying cockily that he "amazes even [himself]". He refers to the player rudely as "chum", and this is also shown in the Japanese version, with Murch using the rude version of "you" when talking to the player, but the normal version of "I". However, he sincerely looks up to Spyke and tries to copy him, following his "get rich quick" scheme. When the player refuses to buy the gear they ordered from him, he brushes it off with a "whatevs." His rude, rough-and-ready manner may be partially because he is a literal "street urchin", and partially because he tries to imitate Spyke.

While he still refers to the player as "chum" in the third game, he has become more polite and never tries to insult the player, and in addition displays a more laid-back altitude.

Splatoon 2

In Splatoon 2, Murch offers services that tweak abilities on gear, similar to Spyke in Splatoon. These services are unlocked by talking to him after reaching level 4. However, he also provides new services in addition to Spyke's: scrub slots, apply secondary abilities, and deliver orders made through SplatNet 2.

Scrub slots

For Cash 20,000 (or Cash 2,000 for a Splatfest Tee), Murch can remove all secondary abilities from a piece of gear, yielding one ability chunk corresponding to each ability removed. This can be performed as many times as desired, provided there is at least one ability to remove. The number of ability slots on the gear is unaffected.

Apply secondary abilities

When enough ability chunks of the same kind are collected, they can be used to apply the corresponding ability into one secondary ability slot. If ability chunks are used on a slot that is already filled, the new ability will replace the slot's contents and the old ability will be removed, granting the player one matching ability chunk.

This process uses 10 ability chunks if the selected ability is not already present on the gear (except for the primary slot). Each instance of the ability already present increases the price by a further 10 chunks, for a maximum cost of 30 ability chunks.

Order Gear from SplatNet 2

See also: SplatNet 2#Shop

Murch can deliver orders made through SplatNet 2 immediately after ordering. Only one gear may be ordered from SplatNet at one time, but he will keep it indefinitely until bought or replaced by another SplatNet order. The price of SplatNet gear depends on its rarity. 1-star items have 2.5× the original price, 2-star items have 2× the original price, and 3-star items have 1.5× the original price.

Order Gear from Another Player

The player can order up to three pieces of gear from other players in Inkopolis Square, which are put in a queue. Ordering another gear when the queue is full requires canceling an existing order, after which the new order will be placed at the back of the queue. After midnight (according to the system clock), the first gear in queue will be available for purchase and will be replaced by the next gear in queue the next midnight if not bought, but Murch will not remove gear in the player's queue on days when the game is not played.

Only gear that can be purchased from shops, the starting gear (White Headband, Basic Tee, and Cream Basics), and gear obtained from the Nintendo Switch news channel can be ordered.

A piece of gear ordered from another player is guaranteed to inherit its primary ability even if the original gear has a different primary ability from its default one (i.e. obtained via Splatnet 2), but the ordered gear can inherit fewer secondary abilities than the original gear. The chance of this happening reduces slightly as the player levels up. A table detailing the different odds is listed below.[a]

Odds of getting secondary abilities on ordered gear
Level Filled ability slots The gear that Murch offers
No secondary abilities 1 secondary ability 2 secondary abilities 3 secondary abilities
4~9 Zero 100% - - -
One 70% 30% - -
Two 70% 29% 1% -
Three 70% 29% 0.9% 0.1%
10~15 Zero 100% - - -
One 50% 50% - -
Two 50% 45% 5% -
Three 50% 45% 4.8% 0.2%
16~19 Zero 100% - - -
One 40% 60% - -
Two 40% 52% 8% -
Three 40% 52% 7.7% 0.3%
20+ Zero 100% - - -
One 30% 70% - -
Two 30% 60% 10% -
Three 30% 60% 9.5% 0.5%

The price of an ordered gear depends on its rarity and how many secondary abilities it has. The more stars and abilities it has, the more expensive it is. A table detailing the different prices is listed below.

Prices of ordered gear
Rarity Number of filled secondary ability slots
0 1 2 3
Star-full.pngStar-empty.pngStar-empty.png 1,000 2,000 20,000 100,000
Star-full.pngStar-full.pngStar-empty.png 5,000 10,000 20,000 100,000
Star-full.pngStar-full.pngStar-full.png 15,000 30,000 50,000 100,000

Aside from its price, the ordered gear's rarity only affects the number of empty ability slots. For example, if a player at Level 21 orders a two-star gear with three filled ability slots, the gear offered by Murch has a 30% chance of having two unfilled ability slots, a 60% chance of one filled slot and one empty slot (two slots in total), a 9.5% chance of two filled slots, and a 0.5% chance of three filled slots. In this case, the ordered gear will have at least two ability slots since it is a two-star gear item.

Increase Slots or Reroll

For one Super Sea Snail, Murch will add an empty secondary ability slot into a piece of gear provided it does not already have the maximum of three slots. If the gear already has three ability slots, he will instead reroll the three secondary abilities (if and only if all three slots are filled), with the probability being affected by the gear's brand but not Crust Bucket's drinks.[1] Unlike in Splatoon, the player cannot pay with cash for these services (even if they run out of Super Sea Snails), and rerolling grants one ability chunk matching each rerolled ability.

Splatoon 3

In Splatoon 3, Murch appears older and taller, following a potential growth spurt,[2] and continues to offer gear and ability-related services, including new ones such as replacing the primary ability of gear using ability chunks.[3][4] These services are unlocked by talking to him after reaching level 4.

Add Abilities

Like in Splatoon 2, ability chunks can be used to apply secondary abilities into open slots on gear.[4] However, Murch now has the ability to replace primary abilities, using 45 ability chunks to do so and refunding the player with 6 chunks of the old primary ability.[3] Primary slot-only abilities such as Last-Ditch Effort require 15 of three specific types of chunk (for a total of 45 chunks) to be installed and when overwritten refunds 2 of each component chunks (for a total of 6 chunks). Trying to add more than one of the same secondary ability will bump up the chunk cost. If a slot is already full, a new ability can still be added, but fewer chunks will be yielded for the ability removed; the exact number is not yet confirmed. Murch requires fewer ability chunks to replace the primary and secondary abilities of the Splatfest Tee:[4] three chunks for a secondary ability and six for the primary (meaning that replacing the primary ability again will return all chunks used). Murch cannot add Ability Doubler to gear, and replacing it will not yield any ability chunks.

Boost Star Power

For Super Sea Snails, Murch can increase gear's star power, a service which was previously known as increasing slots. In past games, a gear's star rarity was always the same as the number of secondary ability slots it started with, being between one and three. In Splatoon 3, gear star power begins at zero stars and can increase up to five, with the first and second stars each adding an ability slot to the initial one. Stars beyond the second do not add ability slots, but instead give a small multiplier to the rate at which the gear gains experience. The player can also increase star power outside of Murch by purchasing duplicate gear in the shops.[4] The price for adding stars to gear through either method is significantly higher for gear that already has two or more stars.

Stars Super Sea Snail Cost
0 -> 1 1
1 -> 2 1
2 -> 3 5
3 -> 4 10
4 -> 5 20

Scrub slots

For Cash 20,000 (or Cash 2,000 for the Splatfest Tee), Murch can remove all secondary abilities from a piece of gear. For each ability removed, the player will recieve one matching ability chunk.[3][4] This can be performed as many times as desired, provided that the gear has at least one ability to remove.

Reroll slots

For Super Sea Snails, Murch can randomly reroll the secondary abilities of a piece of gear as long as all of them are filled in[Citation needed]. Like in Splatoon 2, the player cannot pay with cash for these services[4]. The player will receive one matching ability chunk for each ability rerolled. Each reroll costs 1 Super Sea Snail.

Order Gear from Another Player

The player can order gear from other players in Splatsville.[3] Unlike in previous games, orders no longer guarantee that the primary ability is the same as the original ordered piece of gear.[Citation needed]

Gear exclusive to catalogs can only be ordered if the player has reached its respective catalog level.

Order Gear from SplatNet 3

Murch can deliver orders made through SplatNet 3.[3]


Splatoon 2

USA North America (English)

  • "Ugh... You smell that? Something smells like...stale squid. Look, I'm not tryin' to diss, but the crumbs between my couch smell fresher than you, chum. Hmm... I guess I was tryin' to diss. Sorry. But I legit can't help you until you hit level 4. I got a reputation to keep. Go freshen up by getting some battles under your belt, and then we'll talk." -If talked to before reaching level 4.
  • "Take a look. It’s exactly what you asked for. Yeah, sometimes I amaze even myself." - When the gear offered by Murch exactly matches the original order.
  • "Wanna buy it?"
  • "Whatevs. Get at me before the end of the day if you change your mind. I’ll trash it otherwise." - When the player chooses to not buy their order.
  • "What piece of gear do you want to scrub, chum?"
  • "Scrub this?"
  • "Good as new, chum! Oh yeah, these ability chunks came out in the wash, so to speak, so here ya go. Don't lose 'em."
  • "You got a Super Sea Snail for me? You don't have a single snail? Pssh. Come back when you're ready to talk business." - When the player tries to increase slots or reroll without any Super Sea Snails.
  • "What piece of gear do you want another slot in? It'll cost you one Super Sea Snail. I can also reroll the abilities of a piece of gear with full slots."
  • "Add another slot?"
  • "Reroll the abilities?"
  • "It's done." - After rerolling a piece of gear.
  • "Cool it, chum. You haven’t even ordered anything!"
  • "Hey, the stuff you ordered from Annie was just delivered."
  • "Pssh. You already have that same gear! You know the rules. Which one do you want to keep?"
  • "Whatevs. Get at me if you change your mind." - When the player chooses to keep their old gear instead of purchasing the gear ordered from SplatNet 2.
  • "Word. Nice doing business." - After buying something from Murch.
  • "Later." - When leaving after not buying something from Murch.

Netherlands Dutch

When the player talks to Murch before reaching level 4.

  • "Eww… Ruik je dat? Er ruikt hier iets heel erg muf. Luister, ik wil je niet lopen dissen, hoor, maar er zitten kruimels in mijn sofa die frisser zijn dan jij. Hmm, misschien wilde ik je toch lopen dissen. Sorry. Maar ik kan je echt niet helpen voor je niveau 4 hebt gehaald. Ik heb een reputatie. Fris jezelf wat op met een paar goeie knokpartijen, en dan zien we wel weer. Later, gup."

(Eww... You smell that? Something smells here very musty. Listen, I don't want to diss you, but there are crumbs in my sofa that are fresher than you. Hmm, maybe I did want to diss you. Sorry. But I really can't help you before you have reached level 4. I have a reputation. Freshen yourself up with a couple of good brawls, and then we'll see. Later, gup.)

When the player at level 4 talks to Murch for the first time.

  • "Yo, gup. Hey, maatje. Jou ken ik nog niet. En ik kan het weten, want ik vergeet nooit een gezicht. Je lijkt me wel jofel, dus ik wil je wel een geheimpje verraden. Als je hier iets voor elkaar wilt krijgen, moet je de beste uitrusting scoren. Denk je soms weleens: had ik maar net zo’n frisse uitrusting als die luitjes die op het plein rondhangen? Da’s precies waar ik goed in ben! Ga gewoon op ze af en druk op A. Vind je hun uitrusting wel wat, druk dan op ZL om die te bestellen. Ik kan niet beloven dat ik altijd PRECIES dezelfde uitrusting met PRECIES dezelfde effecten kan vinden, maar ik zal m’n best doen."

(Yo, gup. Hey, buddy. I don't know you yet. And I can know it, I never forget a face. You look nice to me, so I want to give away a little secret to you. If you want to get things done here, you have to score the best gear. Do you think to yourself sometimes: If only I had just such fresh gear like the folks that hang around the square? That's exactly where I'm great at! Just go straight to them and press A. Do you like their gear, then press ZL to order that. I can't promise that I always get the EXACT same gear with the EXACT same abilities, but I will do my best.)

When the player at level 10 talks to Murch for the first time.

  • "Yo, gup. Aan de kant allemaal! Er moet een hoge pief door! Je schiet al aardig op, maatje. Maar volgens mij begin je pas net. Als je wat moet hebben, zeg je het maar, oké? Als je een extreem verse vogel ziet op het plein, loop er dan op af en druk op A. Je kunt met ZL direct dezelfde uitrusting bestellen!"

(Yo, gup. Out of the way everyone! A big cheese is coming through! You get along pretty well, buddy. But I think you're just getting started. If you need something, tell me, okay? If you see a fresh bird on the square, walk straight to them and press A. You can use ZL to immediately order the same gear!)

When the player at level 16 talks to Murch for the first time.

  • "Yo, gup. Hooo, wacht ’s eventjes! Je niveau is zo hoog dat je boven de zeespiegel uitkomt! Beloof me dat je me niet vergeet als je het helemaal hebt gemaakt! Als ik met jou rondhang, dan maak ik misschien eindelijk indruk op Spyke! Die gast is rauw, man! Vergeet niet dat je op A kunt drukken om ’s goed naar iemand op het plein te gluren, en op ZL om dezelfde uitrusting te bestellen."

(Yo, gup. Hooo, wait a minute! Your level is so high that you rise above the sea level! Promise me that you won't forget me when you completely made it! If I hang around with you, maybe I can finally impress Spyke! That dude is raw, man! Don't forget you can press A to get a good peep at someone on the square, and then ZL to order the same gear.)

When the player at level 20 talks to Murch for the first time.

  • "Yo, gup. Wat een FORMIDABEL niveau! Ik ben al vereerd dat je met me praat! Ben jij die legende waar Spyke het altijd over heeft? Maar zo’n duizelingwekkend hoog niveau betekent helemaal noppes in Inkopolis als je rondloopt in suffe spullen. Als je indruk wilt maken op Spyke, heb je de allerverste uitrusting ter wereld nodig! Maak geen zorgen, ik sta voor je klaar! Hou goed in je koppie: Druk op A om een hippe vogel ’s goed te bekijken, en op ZL om dezelfde uitrusting te bestellen."

(Yo, gup. What a FORMIDABLE level! I am already honored that you talk with me! Are you the legend who Spyke always talks about? But such a dizzying high level means completely nothing in Inkopolis if you walk around in dull stuff. If you want to impress Spyke, you have to have the most fresh gear of the world! Don't worry, I am here for you! And remember: Press A to take a good look at a hip bird, and ZL to order the same gear.

When the player talks to Murch a second time after any of previous instances.

  • "Yo, gup."

(Yo, gup.)

When the player selects to order on the square.

  • "Wil je wat bestellen?"

(You want to order something?)

  • "Wil je dit hebben?"

(You want to have this?)

When the player has selected to order something.

  • "Goed. Ik krijg maar één artikel per dag binnen, dus kom morgen maar weer terug.

(Good. I only receive one item a day, so you have to come back again tomorrow.)

When the player selects something which cannot be ordered.

  • "Nee, dat vind ik iets te link. Bestel ik niet."

(No, I think that's a bit too dangerous. I won't order.)

When the player's order hasn't arrived yet.

  • "Rustig 's, tijgervis. Ik ben nog bezig met je bestelling. Kom morgen nog maar eens terug."

(Easy there, tigerfish. I am still working on your order. Come back again tomorrow.

When the player hasn't ordered anything.

  • "Eh… gup? Je hebt helemaal niks besteld!"

(Eh... gup? You haven't ordered anything!)

When the player's Splatnet Gear Shop order has arrived.

  • "Hé! Het spul dat je hebt besteld bij Anne is binnen!"

(Hey! The stuff that you ordered by Annie has arrived!)

  • "Wil je het kopen?"

(You want to buy it?)

When the player's in-game order has arrived and it is exactly as ordered.

  • "Luister en huiver! Je bestelling is binnen en het is exact wat je wilde. Soms sta ik verteld van mezelf..."

(Listen and shiver! Your order has arrived and it is exactly what you wanted. Sometimes I even amaze myself...)

  • "Wil je het kopen?"

(You want to buy it?)

When the player already owns the same piece of gear.

  • "Hm, je hebt al precies dezelfde uitrusting! Tja, dan moet je kiezen. Welke wil je bewaren?"

(Hm, you already have exactly the same gear! Well, you have to choose. Which one you want to keep?)

When the player selects to buy it.

  • "Cool. Ik zie je wel weer verschijnen."

(Cool. I'll see you again.)

When the player selects not to buy the gear they ordered from the Splatnet Gear Shop.

  • "Ook goed. Kom maar terug als je je bedenkt."

(Alright. Come back when you you change your mind.)

When the player selects not to buy the gear they ordered in-game.

  • "Ook goed. Mocht je je bedenken, kom dan voor het einde van de dag terug. Zo niet, dan gaat de boel bij het grofvuil."

(Alright. If you change your mind, come back before the end of the day. If not, then I'll throw everything in the trash.)

When the player selects to re-roll slots or add slots but has yet to get any Super Sea Snail.

  • "Sorry gup, ik heb het drukker dan druk. Kom later nog maar eens terug."

(Sorry gup, I am busier than busy. Come back later.)

When the player selects to re-roll slots or add slots.

  • Welke uitrusting moet een extra vakje krijgen? Dat kost je één superzeeslak. Als je uitrusting hebt waarvan alle vakjes al worden gebruikt, kan ik de effecten ervan wijzigen.

(Which gear has to get an extra slot? That is going to cost you one Super Sea Snail. If you have gear of which all slots are being used, I can alter the abilities of it.)

When the player selects a piece of gear to add slots to.

  • "Wil je meer vakjes?"

(You want more slots?)

  • "Tada!"


When the player selects a piece of gear to re-roll.

  • "Effecten wijzigen, ja?"

(Alter abilities, yes?)

  • "Ik heb ze gewijzigd."

(I have altered them.)

When the player selects to scrub slots for the first time.

  • "Wat? Heb je nog nooit de vakjes van je uitrusting geleegd? Echt? Oké, let op, ik leg ’t je uit. Als je niet zo happy bent met de effecten van je uitrusting, kun je de vakjes legen en met een schone lei beginnen. Wanneer je effecten hebt gewist, kun je je uitrusting weer nieuwe effecten meegeven door punten te verdienen in gevechten. De gewiste effecten krijg je terug in de vorm van effectfragmenten, dus dat is wel even belangrijk om te onthouden. Je kunt je vorige effecten weer terugkrijgen door een aantal effectfragmenten samen te voegen. Volg je het nog? Het komt erop neer dat je effectvakjes kunt legen om je uitrusting een nieuw leven te geven! Probeer ’t gewoon een keer, gup. Het is niet gratis, maar dan heb je ook wat."

(What? You have never emptied the slots of your gear? Really? Okay, pay attention, I'll explain it to you. If your not so happy with the abilities of your gear, you can empty the slots and have a fresh start. When the abilities are wiped, you can give your gear new abilities by earning points in battles. You get the wiped abilities back in the form of ability chunks, so that is very important to remember. You can get the previous abilities back by combine an amount of ability chunks. Are you still following it? What it comes down to is that you can empty your ability slots of your equipment to give it a new life! Just try it a time, gup. It's not free, but you getting something out of it.)

When the player selects to scrub slots.

  • "Van welke uitrusting wil je de vakjes legen, gup?"

(Of which gear do you want the slots emptied, gup?)

After the player selects which piece of gear to scrub slots.

  • "Wil je dit legen?"

(You want to empty this?)

After the player selects to scrub a piece of gear but doesn't have enough cash.

  • "Sorry gup, je moet eerst kunnen dokken voordat ik met je in zee ga."

(Sorry gup, You first need enough dough before I work with you.)

When the player selects to use ability chunks for the first time.

  • "Je hebt zeker nog nooit eerder effectfragmenten gebruikt om een nieuw effect te maken, toch? Ja, dat dacht ik al. Als je genoeg effectfragmenten hebt, kun je aan een stuk uitrusting een effect naar keuze toevoegen! Je kunt ook effecten toevoegen aan uitrusting die al vol effecten is. De oude effecten worden bewaard als herbruikbare effectfragmenten. Dat moet je echt een keer geprobeerd hebben!"

(You surely have never used ability chunks to make a new ability before, right? Yeah, I already thought so. If you have enough ability chunks, you can add an ability to a piece of gear of choice! You can add abilities to gear that already full with abilities. The old abilities are saved as reusable ability chunks. You really have to try this sometime.

When the player selects to use ability chunks.

  • "Kies de uitrusting en het gewenste effect."

(Choose the gear and the desired ability.)

After the player selects a piece of gear and the ability chunks to use it on.

  • "Dit effect toevoegen?"

(Add this ability?)

  • "En klaar! Hopelijk heb je nu precies wat je nodig hebt om veel te winnen. Zo niet, is het niet mijn schuld!"

(And done! Hopefully you now have exactly what you need to win a lot. If not, I am not to blame!)

When the player leaves.

  • "Later."


Splatoon 3

Last but not least, meet Murch. He's not just a street urchin - I mean, he IS an urchin, but... Look, he can buff your gear. Whether it's adding an ability, changing an ability (even a primary one), or ordering gear you see on other players, he puts the function in fashion.
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[5]
Murch can be found hanging around Splatsville in #Splatoon3 - he's certainly grown a lot since we last saw him!

He can add an ability of your choice to gear using ability chunks, and this time can even change the Primary Gear Ability of your freshest threads!

— @NintendoEurope on Twitter[6]
Here to help you scrub your style with cool customizations.
Murch doesn’t have a store, but you can find him chilling out on the streets of Splatsville. This urchin can help you swap one ability for another. He can even help customize your style by adding an ability of your choosing to your favorite gear!
— Play Nintendo[7]

For Tableturf Battle quotes, see List of Tableturf Battle rivals in Splatoon 3#Quotes.

USA North America (English)

  • When greeting him:
    • "Oi, chum." When the player talks to him, which always come before the following quotes. However, if there's no special occasion for the player speaking to him, then none of these dialogue blurbs are added.
    • "Hm... I'm not feeling a whole lotta fresh coming off of you. Tell ya what. Go hit up a few battles, and get yourself to level 4. If you can prove you're fresh enough to pull that off, then we can talk." - When a player visits below level 4.
    • "Going for full-fledged freshness, I see. Looking good, chum! But something tells me you've got sights set somewhere even fresher! And that's got me thinking...Where are MY sights set? Maybe I oughta be aimin' higher too. What that all boils down to is this: if you're gonna be a big deal, then I wanna be a big deal's gear hookup. So keep those orders coming. If you're in the square checking out folks with and they've got gear you want, I need to know!" - When a player of level 4 or above talks to him for the first time.
    • "Oi! Seriously? I can't tell whether your freshness is scary or awesome. So this means you're a legend now, right? What am I saying–just LOOK at you! Well, there's no way I'm gonna go anywhere. I wanna see just how far you're gonna take it. And, y'know, do my part to get you there. So yeah, same deal as always–if you're in the square checking out folks with and they've got gear you want, I can order it for ya!" - When talking to him after having reached level 10.
    • "Oi! When did you get so crazy fresh? Hang on, you want to get even FRESHER?! Is that possible? Is that safe? I'm not judging. In fact, I wanna help. Let's conquer the world, you and me! Which brings me right back to it... If you're in the square checking out folks with and you see gear you want, call me so I can order it for ya!" - When talking to him after having reached level 20.
    • "Got yourself a Splatfest Tee, huh? Check this out, chum... If you ever wanna get that Splatfest Tee scrubbed so you can change out its gear abilities, I'll give you a real good deal. The scrub is just Cash 2,000 a pop. Not bad, eh? It gets better. I'll also slot new abilities onto it using way fewer ability chunks! It's a special trick I know. You're probably wondering what the deal on this deal is... Really, I just like seeing everyone in their Splatfest Tees. Things feel festive, y'know? So throw on that Splatfest Tee, battle like mad, then bring it to me for a good scrub. Oh, and the deal's good for as many scrubs as you like." - When a player brings a Splatfest Tee to him for the first time.
    • "Whoa, whoa, WHOA! Is that a Super Sea Snail?! Hey, I don't suppose you'd be willing to part with it? I'm collecting them for...reasons. But you know how Super Sea Snails have that lid on 'em? I can use that to boost your gear's star power. It's just a trick I know. Pretty cool, eh? Oh, and if you have any gear with all three of its ability slots full, I know how to reroll its abilities for a random bunch of new ones. I'll do the rerolls for free. It's my way of proving you that I won't do you wrong. Just get me those Super Sea Snails." - When the player brings one or more Super Sea Snails to him for the first time.
    • "Hey, you're not connected to the internet! If you're offline, I'm offline, so go to the lobby, connect up, and THEN let's chat." - When the player tries to talk to him while disconnected from the Internet.
  • Regarding gear orders:
    • Placing orders:
      • "Oi, chum. Wanna order something?" - When the player clicks the "Order Gear" button on another player.
      • "Got your eye on somethin'?" - When selecting a piece of gear to order
      • "OK, gear orders will arrive 1 per day in the order they were, um...ordered. Don't forget to come pick 'em up!" - After placing an order.
      • "You know you already ordered that one, right?" - When placing an order for a piece of gear that the player already ordered.
      • "Sorry, chum. That one's way too hot for me to get my hands on." - If the player tries to order something not for sale.
    • Picking up ordered gear:
      • "I don't have any orders for you, chum." - If the player tries to check their orders on another player but without having ordered something.
      • "I'm still gonna need a little time to get that gear you ordered. Why don't you check back tomorrow." - When asking about an order that has yet to arrive.
      • "Hey, so...this was the best I was able to get. I tried, chum." - When he tells the player that an ordered item that he found doesn't match their original order.
      • "Still wanna buy it?" - When he presents it to the player.
      • "Check it out! It's exactly how you wanted it. Am I good or what!" - When he presents the player with an ordered item that is an exact match of the order that they placed.
      • "Yo, you've already got that same gear. If you buy the ordered one, I'll take your old one off your hands." When the player accepts an order for an item that they already own.
      • "You don't want it? Fine. If you change your mind, come find me before the end of the day. Otherwise it's gone." When declining an ordered item.
      • "Thanks, chum! You know where to find me if you need anything else." - When purchasing an ordered item.
  • Regarding star power-boosting:
    • "If you've got any Super Sea Snails you feel like giving me, I can use 'em to boost your gear's star power. More star power means more slots, which means more abilities. Then, once it's got all its slots, it'll start to earn extra gear experience! If there's any gear you use a lot, you're gonna wanna pump up its star power. Trust me on it! Of course, the higher the star power, the more Super Sea Snails it'll take to boost further. But that's just the price of perfection, right, chum? Anyway..." - When asking him to boost the star power of a piece of gear for the first time, which then leads into the following quote.
    • "Which gear needs more star power? If you've got Super Sea Snails for me, I can do it, no prob." - When asking him to boost the star power of a piece of gear.
    • "Boost star power?" - When making a selection.
  • Regarding gear-scrubbing:
    • "You ever gotten your gear scrubbed before? Scrubbing gear wipes out all of its secondary abilities at once, leaving it as clean as new. Take your newly scrubbed gear into battle, and you could end up with a few new abilities on it! Scrubbing also leaves behind a bunch of ability chunks. Those are all yours. I don't need 'em. Once you get enough ability chunks, mash 'em together, and you can make whatever ability you like. Trust me, chum, you won't be the only one with scrubbed-up gear out there. And you should SEE some of the fresh gear folks are coming up with. Wow! Anyway, if you've got any gear you want scrubbed and you've got the cash, then I'm your urchin! Now, let's see..." - When asking him to scrub a piece of gear for the first time, which then leads into the following quote.
    • "Which gear do you want scrubbed, chum? I'll get it cleaned up and like new in no time." - When asking him to scrub a piece of gear.
    • "Scrub that gear?" - When showing him a piece of gear to be scrubbed.
    • "Check it out–clean as a whistle! Also, these ability chunks popped out. They're all yours, chum!" - After he scrubs a piece of gear, leaving ability chunks in exchange.
    • "Uh... This gear's already sparkling clean. If there aren't any secondary abilities in it, then there's nothing for me to scrub!" - When presenting him with a piece of gear to be scrubbed that has no secondary abilities.
  • Regarding adding gear abilities:
    • "Oi! Have you ever added a gear ability before? No big deal if you haven't. How it works is there's these ability chunks you'll find everywhere. Mash a few of those together, and they can be made into any ability you want. Also, if a slot's got an ability in it, just break the one that's there and stick the new one in. They break into more ability chunks too, which is nice. Maybe that was a lot to take in...but give it a quick whirl, and you'll see it's pretty straightforward." When asking him to add abilities to a piece of gear for the first time, which leads into the following quote.
    • "Pick out the gear and ability you'd like." - When asking him to add an ability to a piece of gear.
    • "Careful, chum! Once you break that Ability Doubler and slot in another ability, there's no getting it back!" - A word of caution when trying to remove an Ability Doubler primary ability, such as on a Splatfest Tee.
    • "Looking good?" - After making the selection of gear and ability.
    • "All set! Hope it ups your battle game. And if it doesn't,'ll still look cool, so don't sweat it." - After he replaces the ability on a piece of gear.
  • Regarding slot-rerolling:
    • "Give me a Super Sea Snail, and I can take all the secondary abilities on a piece of gear and reroll them for random new ones. I'll even let you keep the ability chunks from your old abilities! Oh! But I can only reroll slots on gear that has all 3 slots filled. Just something to keep in mind. So yeah, let's see here..." - When asking him to reroll the secondary slots of a piece of gear for the first time, which then leads into the following quote.
    • "If you've got gear with all three of its slots filled, I can reroll all of its secondary abilities if you give me a Super Sea Snail. Just an idea." -
  • Regarding SplatNet 3:
    • "Just so you know, any gear you order from the SplatNet Shop can be picked up here from me. Annie's stuff on the SplatNet Shop has lots of different gear abilities you won't find here in town too. If you have any questions about the SplatNet Shop, just hit to read up on how it works. Anyway, let me check on your order..." - When the player inquires about SplatNet 3 for the first time.
    • "Chill out, chum. You haven't ordered anything yet." - If the player has placed no orders.
    • "Hey, I've got a special delivery from Annie here for you." - When the player has placed an order.
    • "Still wanna buy it?" - When he presents it to the player.
    • "Don't want it? Fine, whatever. Get at me if you change your mind." - When the player declines the order.
    • "Thanks, chum! You know where to find me if you need anything else." - When the player accepts an order.
  • Other:
    • "Oi! Sorry, chum, but I'm kinda tied up right now." - When trying to reroll or boost the star power of a piece of gear before the end of Gear vs. Grub vs. Fun, at which point no player had any Super Sea Snails.

Netherlands Dutch

When a player below level 4 talks to Murch:
  • "Oi, oi, gup. Hmm... Weet je, ik mis bij jou een zekere... versheid. Weet je wat? Ga een paar gevechtjes aan en zorg dat je niveau 4 bereikt. Als je vers genoeg bent om dat voor elkaar te krijgen, dan praten we nog eens."
(Oi, oi, gup. Hmm... You know, I miss a certain freshness with you. You know what? Engage in a few battles and make sure you reach level 4. If you're fresh enough to pull that off, we'll talk again.)
When a player of level 4 or up talks to Murch for the first time:
  • "Oi oi, gup. O, kijk eens aan wie zich aardig heeft laten opfrissen! Nou is vers zijn op het slagveld nog wat anders dan kakelvers gekleed gaan. En als je in deze stad wat wilt voorstellen, dan telt de juist uitrusting. Zoals wanneer je iemand tegenkomt op het plein en denkt, "jeetje, wat een baas!" Dat gebeurt jou vast best vaak. Nou, de volgende keer dat je weer een hippe haai loopt te bewonderen met en jaloers bent op hun uitrusting, laat je het me gewoon weten en dan bestel ik het voor je. Geen problemo. Misschien krijg ik niet precies hetzelfde voorwerp met dezelfde eigenschappen binnen, maar ik doe m'n best. Hier heb je m'n nummer."
(Oi oi, gup. Oh, look who's been nicely freshened up! Now being fresh on the battlefield is a bit different from being dressed farm-fresh. And if you want to represent something in this town, the right gear counts. Like when you run into someone in the square and think, "Gee, what a boss!" That probably happens to you quite often. Well, the next time you are admiring another hip shark with and are jealous of their gear, just let me know and I'll order it for you. No problemo. I may not get the exact same item with the same attributes in, but I'll do my best. Here's my number.)
When a player of level 10 or up talks to Murch for the first time:
  • "Als het op versheid aankomt, neem jij geen halve maatregelen, hè? Mijn complimenten, hoor. Maar mijn gevoel zegt me dat jij op weg bent naar nog veel hogere hoogtes op het gebied van versheid. Ik word er een beetje onzeker van. Mik ik zelf wel hoog genoeg? Misschien ben ik te bescheiden geweest in mijn ambities. Als jij de kampioen van de versheid wilt worden, dan wil ik graag de officiële leverancier van die versheid zijn. Dus blijf maar komen met die bestellingen. Zodra je iemand bekijkt met en die heeft iets aan dat zelfs jij cool vindt, dan moet ik het meteen weten."
(When it comes to freshness, you don't take half measures, do you? My compliments, you know. But my gut tells me you're on your way to much higher heights when it comes to freshness. It makes me a little insecure. Am I aiming high enough myself? Maybe I've been too modest in my ambitions. If you want to become the champion of freshness, then I would like to be the official supplier of that freshness. So keep those orders coming. As soon as you look at someone with and they have something on that even you think is cool, I need to know right away.)
When a player of level 20 or up talks to Murch for the first time:
  • "Niet te doen! Sinds wanneer ben jij verser dan de rest van Splatsville bij elkaar? Wacht, jij wilt... NOG VERSER worden? Is dat technisch mogelijk? En is dat niet gevaarlijk? Luister, ik wil je niet in de weg staan. Ik wil je zelfs helpen. Laten we samen de wereld veroveren! Als je luitjes tegenkomt op het plein die je inspireren in je jacht op de ultieme versheid, bekijk ze dan eens goed met en bestel bij mij wat bevalt!"
(Impossible! Since when are you fresher than the rest of Splatsville put together? Wait, you want to... become EVEN FRESHER? Is that technically possible? And isn't that dangerous? Look, I don't want to get in your way. In fact, I want to help you. Let's conquer the world together! If you run into folks in the square who inspire you in your pursuit of ultimate freshness, take a good look at them with and order what you like from me!)
When a player of level 30 or up talks to Murch for the first time:
  • "Zooo! Meen je dit nou echt? Je bent zo vers, dat ik er een beetje bang van word. Maar bang op een coole manier, weet je. Jij moet zo onderhand officieel een legende zijn, of niet dan? Zo zie je er in ieder geval helemaal uit. Geloof maar dat ik nergens heenga. Ik blijf hier, om te volgen hoe jouw versheid de planeet gaat ontstijgen. En om je daarbij te helpen, natuurlijk. Dus ja, je weet ondertussen hoe het werkt. Als je iemand op het plein van dichtbij bekijkt met , kun je hun uitrusting door mij laten bestellen."
(Yooo! Are you for real? You're so fresh, it kind of scares me. But scared in a cool way, you know. You must be officially a legend by now, right? At least that's what you totally look like. You better believe I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying here, to follow how your freshness is going to transcend the planet. And to help you do that, of course. So yes, by now you know how it works. If you take a close look at someone in the square with , you can have me order their gear.)
When talking to Murch without an internet connection:
  • "Eh... gup? Je bent niet verbonden met het internet. Als jij offline bent, ben ík offline, dus ga naar de lobby, zorg dat je verbonden bent en praat dán nog eens met me."
(Um... gup? You're not connected to the internet. If you're offline, I'm offline, so go to the lobby, make sure you're connected and THEN talk to me again.)
When talking to Murch while having a Splatfest Tee:
  • "O, je hebt zo'n wreed Splatfest-T-shirt gescoord, zie ik. Ik zal je eens wat vertellen, gup... Als je ooit eens de vakjes van je Splatfest-T-shirt wilt legen, zodat je er nieuwe effecten mee kunt verzamelen, dan wil ik dat wel voor je doen. En voor een schappelijk prijsje. Een gloednieuw T-shirt voor Cash 2,000 per keer. Is niet onredelijk, toch? Maar ik weet het nog beter gemaakt. Ik kan er ook nieuwe effecten aan toevoegen, en ik gebruik daarvoor een stuk minder effectfragmenten! Een handigheidje dat alleen ik ken. Nou zoek je misschien naar het addertje onder het gras, maar dat is er niet. Ik vind het gewoon leuk om iedereen in een Splatfest-T-shirt te zien. Lekker feestelijk, weet je. Dus laat je op het slagveld zien in je Splatfest-T-shirt, leef je uit, en breng het dan naar mij voor een goeie schrobbeurt. En mijn aanbod geldt voor zo vaak als je wilt."
(Oh, you scored such a wicked Splatfest Tee, I see. I'll tell you what, gup.... If you ever want to scrub the slots of your Splatfest Tee, so you can collect new abilities, I'd be happy to do it for you. And for a reasonable price. A brand new T-shirt for Cash 2,000 each time. Isn't unreasonable, right? But I'll do you one better. I can also add new effects to it, and I use a lot less ability chunks! A little trick that only I know about. Now you may be looking for the catch, but there isn't one. I just like seeing everyone in a Splatfest Tee. Nice and festive, you know. So show up on the battlefield in your Splatfest Tee, live it up, and then bring it to me for a good scrubbing. And my offer is valid for as often as you like.)
When talking to Murch while having Super Sea Snails for the first time:
  • "Stop! Ho! Halt! Zie ik daar... Een superzeeslak?! Zeg, je zoekt toch niet toevallig naar een nieuwe eigenaar voor dat slakje, hè? Want ik verzamel die toevallig. Gewoon, om redenen. O, maar weet je dat klepje dat superzeeslakken bovenop hebben? Daarmee kan ik de zeldzaamheid van uitrusting verhogen. Gewoon een talent van mij. Goed, hè? O, en als je uitrusting hebt waarvan alle drie de effectvakjes zijn gevuld, dan weet ik hoe je alle effecten kunt vervangen door willekeurige nieuwe effecten. Dat doe ik voor niks, gewoon, als vriendendienst. In ruil voor een superzeeslak gun ik je dat met alle liefde."
(Stop! Ho! Halt! Do I see... A Super Sea Snail?! Say, you don't happen to be looking for a new owner for that little snail, do you? Because I happen to collect those. Just, for reasons. Oh, but you know that little lid that Super Sea Snails have on top? That allows me to boost your gear's star power. Just a talent of mine. Pretty good, eh? Oh, and if you have gear with all three ability slots filled, I know how you can replace all abilities with random new abilities. I'll do that for nothing, just, as a favor. In exchange for a Super Sea Snail, I'll gladly grant you that.)

Regarding gear orders:

When deciding to order something:
  • "Oi, gup. Wil je wat bestellen?"
(Oi, gup. Want to order something?)
When selecting a piece of gear:
  • "Heb je iets op het oog?"
(Do you have something in mind?)
After placing an order:
  • "Onthoud goed dat ik één bestelling per dag ontvang, in de volgorde waarin ze zijn besteld. Kom ze wel ophalen!"
(Remember well that I receive one order per day, in the order they were ordered. Do pick them up!)
When selecting a piece of gear that's already ordered:
  • "Gaat het wel met je? Je weet dat je die al bij me hebt besteld, toch?"
(Are you okay? You know you already ordered it from me, right?)
When ordering something that's not for sale:
  • "Sorry, gup, daar begin ik niet aan. Die is me te link."
(Sorry, gup, I'm not getting into that. That one's too dangerous for me.)
When trying to order a fourth item:
  • "Hoho, rustig aan. Zoveel kun je niet tegelijk bestellen. Dan zul je eerst een oude bestelling moeten annuleren."
(Hoho, slow down. You can't order that much at once. Then you'll have to cancel an old order first.)
When cancelling an order:
  • "Dus je wilt deze bestelling vervangen door je nieuwe?"
(So you want to replace this order with your new one?)
When the order has yet to arrive:
  • "Sorry, maar zo'n bestelling kom niet zomaar uit de lucht vallen, dat duurt even. Vraag het morgen nog maar eens."
(Sorry, but such a order doesn't come out of the blue, it takes a while. Just ask tomorrow again.)
When picking up an item that doesn't match the original order:
  • "Hé, moet je luisteren... Dit is wat ik voor je heb kunnen ritselen. Het is niet helemaal wat je zocht, maar... Nou ja, ik heb het geprobeerd."
(Hey, listen up... This is what I was able to rustle up for you. It's not quite what you were looking for, but.... Well, I tried.)
When picking up an item that does match the original order:
  • "Check dit dan! Precies wat je had besteld, of niet dan? Wat ben ik hier goed in, hè?"
(Then check this out! Just what you ordered, isn't it? How good I am at this, aren't I?)
When deciding whether to buy it:
  • "Wil je het kopen?"
(You want to buy it?)
When declining:
  • "Je hebt er toch geen trek in? Mij best. Je hebt tot het einde van de dag om je te bedenken, en anders is het foetsie."
(You have no appetite for it after all? Fine with me. You have until the end of the day to change your mind, it's gone otherwise.)
When accepting:
  • "Dank je, mattie. Tot de volgende keer. Je weet waar ik uithang."
(Thank you, mate. See you next time. You know where I hang out.)
When accepting while already having that item:
  • "Hééé, je hebt al zo'n zelfde stuk uitrusting. Oké, als je het bestelde artikel toch wilt kopen, dan neem ik je oude van je over."
(Heyyy, you already have such same piece of gear. Okay, if you still want to buy the ordered article, I'll take over your old one from you.)

Regarding star power-boosting:

When selecting to boost star power for the first time:
  • "Als je superzeeslakken hebt die je me wilt geven, dan kan ik ze gebruiken om de zeldzaamheid van je uitrusting te laten stijgen. Hogere zeldzaamheid betekent meer vakjes, en meer vakjes betekent meer effecten. En met alle vakjes beschikbaar is het tijd om meer uitrustingservaring op te doen! Als je uitrusting hebt die je graag gebruikt, dan is het zeker de moeite om de zeldzaamheid te verhogen. Geloof mij maar! Alleen kost het je wel steeds meer superzeeslakken om de zeldzaamheid te laten stijgen. Tsja, perfectie komt niet zomaar aanwaaien, toch? In ieder geval..."
(If you have Super Sea Snails that you want to give me, I can use them to boost the star power of your gear. Higher star power means more slots, and more slots means more abilities. And with all the slots available, it's time to gain more gear experience! If you have gear that you love to use, then it's definitely worth to boost the star power. Take my word for it! Only it will cost you more and more Super Sea Snails to boost the star power. Well, perfection doesn't come easy, right? Anyway...)
When selecting to boost star power:
  • "Van welk stuk uitrusting wil je de zeldzaamheid verhogen? Als je superzeeslakken voor me hebt, dan ga ik meteen voor je aan de slag."
(Which piece of gear would you like to boost the star power of? If you have Super Sea Snails for me, I'll get right to work for you.)
When deciding whether to boost it:
  • "Zeldzaamheid verhogen?"
(Boost the star power?)

Regarding gear-scrubbing:

When selecting to scrub gear for the first time:
  • "Als je dat laat doen, dan worden alle extra effecten in één keer gewist. Zo heb je weer een heel fris stuk uitrusting met lege vakjes vol mogelijkheden. Als je je frisgewassen uitrusting mee het strijdtoneel op neemt, kun je er zomaar een paar verse nieuwe effecten mee verzamelen! Het legen van vakjes levert je ook effectfragmenten op. Die mag je houden, daar ben ik verder niet zo aan gehecht. Als je genoeg effectfragmenten hebt verzameld, kun je ze samenvoegen om er spannende nieuwe effecten mee te maken. Echt, geloof me maar, je zult niet de enige zijn die op die manier in de weer is geweest met uitrusting. En je zou eens moeten zien wat voor verse combinaties van effecten luitjes hebben gemaakt. Het is echt inspirerend. Dus als je wat effecten kwijt wilt van je uitrusting om opnieuw te kunnen beginnen, en je zit niet te krap bij kas, praat dan met deze zee-egel! Oké, eens zien..."
(If you have that done, all secondairy abilities will be erased at once. This leaves you with another very fresh piece of gear with scrubbed slots full of possibilities. If you take your freshly laundered gear into battle, you can collect some fresh new abilities with it just like that! Scrubbing slots also gets you ability chunks. You can keep those, I'm not particularly attached to them otherwise. Once you have collected enough ability chunks, you can merge them together to create exciting new abilities. Really, believe me, you won't be the only one who has been into gear that way. And you should see what fresh combinations of abilities folks have created. It's really inspiring. So if you want to get rid of some abilities from your gear to start over, and you're not too tight on cash, talk to this sea urchin! Okay, let's see...)
When selecting to scrub a piece of gear:
  • "Effectvakjes legen? Doe ik graag voor je. Je hoeft het stuk uitrusting maar aan te wijzen."
(Scrubbing ability slots? I'm happy to do it for you. Just point to the piece of gear.)
When deciding to scrub a piece of gear:
  • "Vakjes legen?"
(Scrub slots?)
After scrubbing a piece of gear:
  • "Wat blinken die lege vakjes mooi, hè! Hier, ik heb deze effectfragmenten lost weten te schrobben. Doe er je voordeel mee!"
(How beautifully those scrubbed slots shine, don't they! Here, I managed to scrub these ability chunks loose. Take advantage of it!)
When selecting a piece of gear without secondary abilities:
  • "Eh... Deze uitrusting is al blinkend schoon en helemaal leeg... Als iets geen extra effecten heeft, dan valt er voor mij niks aan te legen!"
(Uh... This gear is already shiny-clean and completely scrubbed.... If something doesn't have secondary abilities, then there's nothing for me to scrub!)

Regarding adding gear abilities:

When selecting to add gear abilities for the first time:
  • "Hé, zeg, heb jij al eens nieuwe effecten toegevoegd aan je uitrusting? Geen probleem als het niet zo is, hoor. Wat in elk geval belangrijk is om te weten, is dat je overal en nergens effectfragmenten kunt tegenkomen. Als je er genoeg hebt van een bepaald effect, dan kun je dat toevoegen aan je uitrusting. Dus precies het effect dat je zelf wilt! En als er al een effect in een vakje zit, dan kun je dat vakje leeg laten maken. Dat oude effect breekt dan weer in fragmenten uiteen, dus die kunnen ook nog van pas komen! Klinkt misschien een beetje als gedoe allemaal, maar als je het een keer uitprobeert, zul je zien dat het zo ingewikkeld niet is."
(Hey, say, have you ever added new abilities to your gear yet? No problem if you haven't, mind you. In any case, what's important to know is that you can come across ability chunks anywhere and everywhere. If you have enough of a particular ability, you can add it to your gear. So exactly the ability you want! And if an ability is already in a slot, you can have that slot scrubbed. That old ability then breaks up into chunks again, so those can come in handy too! Might sound a bit like hassle all around, but if you try it out once, you'll see that it's not that complicated.)
When selecting to add gear abilities:
  • "Kies maar uit welk stuk uitrusting en welk effect je wilt hebben."
(Just pick which piece of gear and which ability you want.)
When selecting a Splatfest Tee:
  • "Kleine waarschuwing, gup. Als je die verdubbelaar verwijdert en vervangt door een ander effect, dan ben je hem kwijt!"
(Little warning, gup. If you remove that Ability Doubler and replace it with another ability, then you'll lose it!
When deciding whether to add the ability:
  • "Helemaal blij, zo?"
(Completely pleased, like that?)
After adding the ability on a piece of gear:
  • "Gepiept. Hopelijk helpt het bij het spetteren. En als het niet helpt, nou ja. Je bent in elk geval de coolste van het slagveld."
(All done. Hopefully it will help with the splattering. And if it doesn't help, well. At least you're the coolest on the battlefield.)

Regarding SplatNet 3:

When selecting SplatNet 3 for the first time:
  • "Als je uitrusting bestelt in de Tentashop, kun je die hier bij mij op komen halen. Dat spul dat Annie aanbiedt in de Tentashop heeft een hoop andere effecten dan wat je hier in de stad kunt vinden. Als je meer vragen hebt over de Tentashop, kun je op drukken en lezen hoe het allemaal werkt. Ik zal ondertussen eens kijken hoe het met je bestelling staat..."
(If you order gear from the SplatNet Shop, you can pick it up here from me. That stuff Annie offers in the SplatNet Shop has a lot of other abilities than what you can find here in town. If you have more questions about the SplatNet Shop, you can press and read how it all works. In the meantime, I'll check on your order....)
When nothing's ordered:
  • "Blijf even chill, gup. Je hebt nog niet eens wat besteld."
(Stay chill, gup. You don't even have something ordered yet.)
When something's ordered:
  • "Hé hé, ik heb hier een speciale bestelling van Annie voor je."
(Hey hey, I have a special order here from Annie for you.)
When deciding whether to buy it:
  • "Wil je het kopen?"
(You want to buy it?)
When declining:
  • "Je hebt er toch geen trek in? Mij best. Je hebt tot het einde van de dag om je te bedenken, en anders is het foetsie."
(You have no appetite for it after all? Fine with me. You have until the end of the day to change your mind, it's gone otherwise.)
When accepting:
  • "Dank je, mattie. Tot de volgende keer. Je weet waar ik uithang."
(Thank you, mate. See you next time. You know where I hang out.)


Splatoon 2

Splatoon 3


Splatoon 2

  • The briefcase next to Murch can be seen slightly open. Inside the briefcase, some Super Sea Snails without shells can be seen, He also has this Briefcase in Splatoon 3 which can be seen in the gallery above.
  • Murch can be heard playing Squid Jump from Splatoon.
  • Some of Murch's dialog suggests he looks up to Spyke.
    • This was confirmed in a developer interview, where it was stated that Murch and Spyke grew up in the same town, and Murch started working for Spyke since he had looked up to him for a long time.[8]
  • According to the relationship chart posted by Nintendo, Craymond and Murch have some form of history together. All that is known is that Murch seems to think positively of Craymond, while Craymond seems to regret his history with Murch.[9]
  • Murch was on Team Order for the Chaos vs. Order Splatfest, as it reflects the focus he needs for his job.[10]


Murch's name appears to be a combination of merch, short for "merchandise" and an allusion to his services, and urchin, referring to his species.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese スパイキー
Netherlands Dutch Mikey Diminutive of the male given name Micheal
Canada and France French Tipik Similar to Kipik (Spyke), with the prefix ti- referring to a childish way of saying petit (small)
Germany German Sid English given name, similar to Siggi (Spyke)
Italy Italian Echino From Echinoidea
Russia Russian Иглюха
From игла igla, spike/needle, and Илюха, Ilyuha, Ilya (Russian name)
Spain Spanish Enrizo From Enrico, Italian given name, similar to Eri (Spyke), and similar to "erizo" (sea urchin)
China Chinese 刺冠
cìguān (Mandarin)
From 刺冠海胆 (Diadema setosum), one species of sea urchin.
South Korea Korean 스파이키


  1. The odds of getting the same secondary abilities are identical to Splatoon's order system through Spyke, but Splatoon 2 has an extra entry for players from level 16 to 19 that was not present in the first game.