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SSBU Murch Spirit.png
Artwork of Murch
Species Sea Urchin
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Purple
Gender Male
Location Inkopolis Square

Murch (Japanese: スパイキーSupaikī) is a character in Splatoon 2.


Murch is a sea urchin, looking similar to Spyke other than the fact that Murch has only one eye. Like Spyke, he has orange skin and his eye has green sclera, but with a purple iris and blue pupil. He wears a purple bandana with designs similar to Spyke's poncho, a white T-shirt with with black sleeves, black jean shorts, and blue shoes.


Murch mostly acts tough. He appears to think quite highly of himself, as seen in some of his dialogue, often saying cockily that he "amazes even himself". He refers to the player rudely as "chum", and this is also shown in the Japanese localization, with Murch using the rude version of "you" when talking to the player, but the normal version of "I". However, he sincerely looks up to Spyke and tries to copy him, following his "get rich quick" scheme. When the player refuses to buy the gear they ordered from him, he brushes it off with a "whatevs." His rude, rough-and-ready manner may be partially because he is a literal "street urchin", and partially because he tries to imitate Spyke.


Similar to Spyke in Splatoon, Murch offers services that tweak abilities on gear. In addition to the same services Spyke offered, he provides a new service called gear scrubbing. Gear scrubbing wipes a gear item clean of its filled sub-ability slots, turning it back into an item with no slots filled. However, all abilities removed in this manner (and when re-rolling abilities) are turned into collectibles called "ability chunks". When enough ability chunks of the same kind are collected, they can be converted back into the corresponding ability and be put freely into a sub-ability slot on any gear. If ability chunks are used on a slot that is already filled, the new ability will replace the slot's contents and the old ability will be converted into an ability chunk.

He can also deliver orders made via SplatNet 2 on the Nintendo Switch Online app.

When ordering gear from other players, the probability of getting the same number of sub-abilities as the original piece of gear differs depending on the player's level and the number of slots the original gear had. A table detailing the different odds is listed below:

Odds of getting sub abilities on ordered gear
Level Ordered ability slots The gear actually comes
No sub Ability 1 sub Ability 2 sub Ability 3 sub Ability
4~9 Zero 100% - - -
One 70% 30% - -
Two 70% 29% 1% -
Three 70% 29% 0.9% 0.1%
10~15 Zero 100% - - -
One 50% 50% - -
Two 50% 45% 5% -
Three 50% 45% 4.8% 0.2%
16~19 Zero 100% - - -
One 40% 60% - -
Two 40% 52% 8% -
Three 40% 52% 7.7% 0.3%
20+ Zero 100% - - -
One 30% 70% - -
Two 30% 60% 10% -
Three 30% 60% 9.5% 0.5%

These values are identical to Splatoon's order system through Spyke, but Splatoon 2 has an extra entry for players between level 16 to 19 that was not present in the first game.


FlagUSA.svgNorth America (English)

  • “Take a look. It’s exactly what you asked for. Yeah, sometimes I amaze even myself.” -When the player’s order is exact.
  • ”Wanna buy it?”
  • “Whatevs. Get at me before the end of the day if you change your mind. I’ll trash it otherwise.” -When the player does not buy their order.
  • ”What piece of gear do you want to scrub, chum?”
  • ”Scrub this?”
  • ”Good as new, chum! Oh yeah, these ability chunks came out in the wash, so to speak, so here ya go. Don't lose 'em.”
  • ”You got a Super Sea Snail for me? You don't have a single snail? Pssh. Come back when you're ready to talk business” -When the player tries to increase slots or reroll without any Super Sea Snails.
  • “Add another slot?”
  • “Reroll the abilties?”
  • “It's done.” -When rerolling a piece of gear.
  • “Cool it, chum. You haven’t even ordered anything!”
  • “Hey, the stuff you ordered from Annie was just delivered.”
  • “Pssh. You already have that same gear! You know the rules. Which one do you want to keep?”
  • “Whatevs. Get at me if you change your mind.” -When the player chooses to keep their old gear instead of purchasing the gear ordered from Annie.
  • ”Word. Nice doing business.” -When buying something from Murch.
  • ”Later.” -When leaving after not buying something from Murch.



  • The briefcase next to Murch can be seen slightly open. Inside the briefcase, some Super Sea Snails without shells can be seen. Murch can also be heard playing Squid Jump from Splatoon.
  • Some of Murch's dialog suggests he looks up to S Icon Spyke.png Spyke.
    • This was confirmed in a developer interview, where it was stated that Murch and Spyke grew up in the same town, and Murch started working for Spyke since he had looked up to him for a long time.[1]
  • Murch appears to have been based off of a banded sea urchin.


Murch's name is a combination of merch, short for "merchandise" and an allusion to his services, and urchin, referring to his species.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese スパイキー
FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch Mikey Mikey
FlagFrance.svg French Tipik Similar to Kipik (Spyke) and possibly from typique (typical)
FlagGermany.svg German Sid English given name, similar to Siggi (Spyke)
FlagItaly.svg Italian Echino From echidna
FlagRussia.svg Russian Иглюха
From игла igla, spike/needle, and Илюха, Ilyuha, Ilya (Russian name)
FlagSpain.svg Spanish Enrizo From Enrico, Italian given name, similar to Eri (Spyke)


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