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S2 Band SashiMori.jpg
Album art
Species Scaly-foot gastropod, carp, largehead hairtail, Octoling
Hair color
Eye color
Location Inkopolis
Members (Non-virtual)
Vocal: Hiroaki Takeuchi, Sachiko Watabe
Guitar: Takafumi "CO-K" Koukei
Drums: Takashi Kashikura
SashiMori are part of the rising tide of new bands emerging in this post Inklings vs. Octolings world we find ourselves in. They were originally a wall-of-sound style hard rock band, but decided to ditch their domineering singer. Now, the remaining three members—a carp, a cutlassfish, and a scaly-foot—have recruited a 10 year old Octoling DJ (a true genius on the wheels of steel), to form a new band with a new sound, for a new generation.
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SashiMori is a band whose music was added into Splatoon 2 in Version 4.1.0.[1][2]


Fictional Band Song Name Audio
S2 Band SashiMori.jpg


  • KARLA is the band's bassist. They are a scaly-foot gastropod and are quite silent, remaining silent even in interviews. They easily endured the harsh vocals of the band before it broke up initially, and much about their life is unknown, including their age, and whether or not they eat anything.
  • PAUL is the band's DJ. He is an Octoling, and his favorite food is kelp and biscuits. He looks up to DJ Octavio and DJ Real Sole as inspirations, and is surprisingly good at mixing ancient records for his age.
  • Ryū-Chang (竜-Chang) is the band's drummer. He is a koi carp and comes from the base of Mount Nantai in an area with a mountain stream. He is 35 years old but has been a fan of punk rock since he was a teenager. In his free time, he enjoys drawing and playing Rainmaker on a team with Kuze and Blow Bottom.
  • Taichi Sawaberu (サワベル たいち) is the band's guitarist. They are a largehead hairtail and they participate in many activities outside the band.




  • The band does not have a vocalist, instead sampling from various interconnected voice clips said to come from ancient records.[3] It is said that these vocals are different from any sea creature, implying that these may be human voices.[4]
  • Dedf1sh's logo can be seen on the Octoling's hat.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese SashiMori (サシモリ) Assorted sashimi. An abbreviation for Sashimi moriawase.