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Album art from Splatoon 3. From left to right: Karla, Ryu Chang, Paul, and Myron "Ronnie" Swamps.
Species Karla: Scaly-foot gastropod
Paul: Octoling
Ryu Chang: Carp
Myron "Ronnie" Swamps: Largehead hairtail
Hair color
Eye color
Age 10 (Paul in Splatoon 2, 2018)
16 (Paul in Splatoon 3, 2024)
35 (Ryu Chang in Splatoon 2, 2018)
Likely 41 (Ryu Chang in Splatoon 3, 2024)
Maximum HP
Members (Non-virtual)
Vocal: Hiroaki Takeuchi, Sachiko Watabe
Guitar: Takafumi "CO-K" Koukei
Drums: Takashi Kashikura
Other forms
SashiMori are part of the rising tide of new bands emerging in this post Inklings vs. Octolings world we find ourselves in. They were originally a wall-of-sound style hard rock band, but decided to ditch their domineering singer. Now, the remaining three members—a carp, a cutlassfish, and a scaly-foot—have recruited a 10 year old Octoling DJ (a true genius on the wheels of steel), to form a new band with a new sound, for a new generation.
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SashiMori is a band whose music was added into Splatoon 2 in Version 4.1.0.[1][2] They returned with two new songs in Splatoon 3 as part of Sizzle Season 2024.

The band does not have a vocalist, instead sampling from various interconnected voice clips said to come from ancient records.[3] It is said that these vocals are different from those of any sea creature, implying that these may be human voices.[4]


Image Fictional Band Song Name Audio
SashiMori Chopscrewey



Karla is the band's bassist. They are a scaly-foot gastropod, specifically the Kairei vent field variety, and are quite silent, rarely talking even in interviews. Prior to joining this band, they were part of a now disbanded band that utilized noisy death-metal vocals, which they were able to withstand thanks to their ironclad body. Much about their life is unknown, including their age, and whether or not they eat anything. However, it is stated that they do not appear to have bad intentions.[5]


Paul is the band's DJ, an Octoling. He is 10 years old in Splatoon 2 and 16 years old in Splatoon 3, and his favorite foods are kelp and biscuits. He remixes from sources including DJ Real Sole, DJ Octavio, and various ancient records, and is surprisingly talented for his age.[5] Originally, SashiMori had a traditional vocalist, but they were replaced due to their self-centered personality, after which Paul was recruited through a tweet.[6] According to the Japanese Family vs. Friends dialogue, he is friends with Marina.

Ryu Chang

Ryu Chang is the band's drummer. They are a koi carp and come from the base of Mount Nantai in an area with a mountain stream. They were 35 years old in Splatoon 2 and grew up in a prestigious home, but went hardcore during their teenage years, dedicating themself to punk rock. Their tempestuous drumming has been compared to a "climbing dragon", perhaps giving them their name. They enjoy illustration as a hobby, and designed the band's mascot, "Mr. Wasabi". They play Rainmaker on a team with Kuze and Bertie Feeder.[5]

Myron "Ronnie" Swamps

Myron "Ronnie" Swamps is the band's guitarist. They are a largehead hairtail, and come from an instrumental background, though they formed the band when they wished to incorporate accompanied singing. They had a negative opinion of Paul when he initially joined the band, considering him tiny and awful, but recently they have changed their mind. They are a prestigious studio musician, and they participate in many activities outside the band.[5]



A unique band with a guitar, bass, drums, and DJ. SashiMori used to have a traditional vocalist, but the band moved on after he revealed the extent of his domineering personality. Ultimately he was replaced by a 10-year-old DJ that the band recruited through a tweet!
— Splatoon Base[7]
This music has vocals but no vocalist! Through the genius of DJ Paul, all the vocals have been sampled from a collection of ancient vinyl. So cool! Thanks to DJ Paul, this band is one of the most unique quartets around—even without a vocalist.
— Splatoon Base



  • The band's mascot character is called "Wasabi" or "ワサビくん" in Japanese, and it appears to be shavings of wasabi with a face. This character was designed by Ryu Chang, the band's drummer.
  • The album art for SashiMori contains different kinds of ingredients used in assorted sashimi, some of which include salmon, salmon roe, tuna, squid, yellowtail, cucumber, chrysanthemum, and shiso leaf. Largehead hairtail, the species of Myron, is also often sliced into sashimi.
  • When asked if Pearl is the former vocalist of the band, Hisashi Nogami left it "to your imagination".[8] The vocalist is referred to with male pronouns in the English version of the Splatoon Base website, but their gender is not revealed in the Japanese version.
  • Karla was initially designed as one of the denizens of the deep. In concept art shown in HaikaraWalker, they are described as a "stern older girl".[9] Their design did not appear in the final version of the mode, but was later repurposed as a member of SashiMori.
  • In-universe, Paul and Acht are speculated to be blood relatives.[10] They notably have the same symbol appearing on their hats, wear black clothing, with Paul wearing black T-shirts in both album artwork and Acht wearing a black dress, have three tentacles for their hair, and Paul's ink color looks similar to Acht's ink color before they were sanitized.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese SashiMori (サシモリ) Assorted sashimi. An abbreviation for Sashimi moriawase.

Ryu Chang
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 竜-Chang
"竜" is a kanji that means "dragon" (specifically a Chinese dragon)

Myron "Ronnie" Swamps
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese サワベル たいち
sawaberu taichi
Taichi Sawaberu