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Crusty Sean
Species Japanese Tiger Prawn
Gender Male
Location Booyah Base
What up, squiddo?!
— Crusty Sean upon entering Shrimp Kicks

Crusty Sean (Japanese: ロブ Rob) is a Japanese tiger prawn in Splatoon and Splatoon 2.



Crusty Sean is Japanese Tiger Shrimp, he wears a dark purple beanie and a fuzzy yellow-orange jacket making him resemble a Tempura Prawn. As a shrimp he has 4 pairs of legs and wears a different pair of shoes on each pair of legs, Hi-Horses on the pair of feet he is standing on, Pink Trainers, Blue Sea Slugs, and pink and red Arrows on the 3 pairs of legs on his body.

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Splatoon 2

He returns in Splatoon 2 wearing the same jacket but now wears a white cap backwards and glasses.

Personality and traits


Crusty Sean is the shopkeeper of Shrimp Kicks, the Shoe store in Inkopolis Plaza and is known to be carelessly friendly. He is obsessed with wearing many of his favorite shoes all at the same time thanks to having many legs.[1] While his "fried" body gives him the look of a tempura, it is actually just a slightly morbid designer jacket.[2]

Crusty Sean's version of DJ Lee Fish's song Lookin' Fresh has the bass turned all the way up and emphasizes percussion, because his gear corresponds to the lower part of the body. Furthermore, the heavy beat gives it a bouncy sound, reflecting his outgoing personality.

Splatoon 2

In Splatoon 2 Crusty Sean is no longer the owner of Shrimp Kicks but the owner of a food truck in Inkopolis Square.


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Separate NA quotes from EU/OC. edit

FlagUSA.svgNorth America / FlagEurope.svgEurope and Oceania (English)

  • ""Yo squiddo! Good to see you here in Shrimp Kicks!"...Is what I WOULD be saying if you weren't so UN-FRESH. For reals dude, do you even battle? You gotta have that Level 4 freshness before I can help you. Sorry, them's the rules! You know how to up your level, right? Just go to the lobby and do some regular battles! You got this!" - When a player below Level 4 enters the shop.
  • "What's good, squiddo? Glad to see you here in Shrimp Kicks! You're looking pretty slick there! Somebody's been battling, am I right? Just so you know, all the stuff I'm selling comes with abilities attaches, no extra charge! If you don't know about abilities, just press Button1 Home.png and check out the manual. Ya heard?" - When a player at Level 4 or higher enters the shop for the first time.
  • "Yo, I swear you're fresher every time I see you. Itchin' for some new kicks? Take a look!" - When the player enters the shop upon reaching Level 5.
  • "Whoa there, squiddo. You are waaaaay too offline right now. Talk to me after you get your internet on." - When the player is offline.
  • "What up, squiddo?!" - When the player enters the shop.
  • "You gonna buy it?" - When the player selects a pair of shoes.
  • "You equipping it?" - When the player purchases a pair of shoes.
  • "Nice doin' business with ya! Tap Equip on Wiiu-gamepad-icon.png to switch your gear, aight?" - After the player chooses whether to equip a new pair of shoes.
  • "Don't trip, squiddo! You already got those kicks!" - When the player tries to purchase shoes they already own.
  • "You're a little short on cash, squiddo." - When the player does not have enough Cash.
  • "What up, squiddo? Nice seeing you here in Shrimp Kicks! OK, like... WOW. Just, wow. You took this fresh stuff to a whole 'nother level. I just... can't even." - When a player at Level 20 or higher enters the shop for the first time.


  • 「エビスシューズに いらっしゃ~い! ……ってアレアレ? キミ、まだイカしてないじゃん! もうちょっと アゲてから来てね アゲてからね! ランク4まで アゲアゲで来てくれれば ちょっとはイカしてる ってカンジじゃん? アゲるには アレね、ロビーに行ってから ナワバリバトルね! ちょっとバトれば すぐ アガるからね」
(Welcome to Shrimp Kicks! ……Well, what? You're still not fresh! Come again after you get more oomph, oomph! If you come again after you get upon level 4, you'd be little fresh, huh? What you'll do about getting your level up is, entering the lobby and the Turf War! You'll soon get up as you battle a bit.) - When a player below Level 4 enters the shop.
  • 「エビスシューズに いらっしゃ〜い! お! ちょっとイカしてんじゃん! ウチのクツ はいたら、さらにアゲアゲ! それぞれのギアには バトルでテンションアゲアゲのギアパワーがついてるし くわしくは、Button1 Home.pngを押して 「?」説明書を 確認って感じでヨロシク〜!」
(Welcome to Shrimp Kicks! Oh! You're pretty fresh, huh? Well, my shoes'll be givin' you even more oomph than you already got! They've all got abilities to put you at the top of your game during battle. Just press Button1 Home.png and hit that 「?」, it'll tell you all about 'em. Peace!) - When a player at Level 4 or higher enters the store for the first time.
  • 「それ、買ってっちゃう?」
(You feelin' that?) - When the player selects a piece of clothing.
  • 「そうびしてっちゃう?」
(Wanna equip it?) - When the player purchases a piece of clothing.
  • 「ど〜も〜 ギアを変えるならWiiu-gamepad-icon.pngのカスタマイズをタッチでアゲアゲ!」
(Yo thanks! If you wanna change up your gear, press that sweet little "customize" on Wiiu-gamepad-icon.png!) - After the player chooses whether to equip a new piece of clothing.
  • 「おカネ、足りないじゃん!」
(You don't got enough money!) - When the player does not have enough Cash.


  • Crusty Sean's name is a play on the word "crustacean."
  • Despite what it may look like, Sean's crusty coating is only a jacket. He has not actually been fried and made into a tempura dish.


Splatoon 2

  • Crusty Sean was first revealed to be returning in the first full Splatoon 2 trailer, and was confirmed to be Crusty Sean and not another prawn character in an interview with Hisashi Nogami for Famitsu magazine.[4]
  • The food truck Crusty Sean owns resembles a Citroën H Van, a popular vehicle for food trucks.



Splatoon 2

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese ロブ
From lobster, referencing its crustacean appearance.
FlagSpain.svg Spanish Adolfrito From "Adolfo" (a name), and "frito" (fried)
FlagFrance.svg French Omar Name resembling homard (lobster)
FlagGermany.svg German Shrimpson From the English word shrimp and possibly the TV show The Simpsons
FlagItaly.svg Italian Gamberto From gamberetto (shrimp) and Alberto, a male name
FlagRussia.svg Russian Красти Шон
Krasti Shon
Transcription of English name


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