Ammoses Shellendorf

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Ammoses Shellendorf
Ammoses shellendorf.png
Species Horseshoe crab
Hair color
Eye color
Gender Male
Relations Sheldon (grandson)
Location Unknown

Ammoses Shellendorf(NA)[a], or Ammoni Shellendorf(EU/OC)[b], is a minor character in Splatoon. He is Sheldon's grandfather, or "grandpappy," as Sheldon calls him.

His status and location are unknown, as he has never been seen in person in-game.


Ammoses Shellendorf served in the Great Turf War as part of a division called the Squidbeak Splatoon alongside Cap'n Cuttlefish, Judd, and two unidentified Inkling soldiers.

At some point, Booyah Base was built around Sheldon's home and weapons shop. However, it was not him, but Ammoses Shellendorf who owned the land at the time.[1] This suggests that Ammoses Shellendorf may still be alive, as Sheldon appears young enough that these events could have happened fairly recently. He also hid a treasure atop of Mount Nantai in the manga.


Ammoses Shellendorf designed many anti-Octarian weapons, ten of which are known:

They are unlocked by collecting Sunken Scrolls in boss missions.


  • His first name is derived from ammonite, or possibly ammo. His last name is derived from shell.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese カンブリヤ ブキノサイ
Kanburiya Bukinosai
From "Kanburiāmuzu", Japanese name for Ammo Knights, and "buki", or weapon (Note: Follows Japanese naming - "Kanburiya" is surname, "Bukinosai" is given name)
France French (NOE) Edgar Touche From Cartouche (Sheldon)
Germany German Artilla Arty I. von Schützhausen Artilla comes from Atilla and Artillerie (artillery), Arty I. means Arty the first, (Arty is Sheldon's German name), and Schützhausen comes from Schütz (protection) and the ending -hause (common suffix for surnames.
Italy Italian Ares Armando Branchialeone Ares may be derived from the name of the Greek God of war, while Armando is a common Italian name which means "man of war". Branchialeone is a word composed by "branchia", gill, and "leone", lion. It is also a pun on the name Brancaleone, an honorable and brave, yet shabby, fictional Italian warlord whose adventures were very popular in the '60s.
Spain Spanish Armancio Todotinta His first name is a pun between the Spanish name Amancio and "arma" (weapon). His last name means "All ink".


  1. North America
  2. Europe and Oceania