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Octo Valley Ravenous Octomaw render.png
The Ravenous Octomaw
Species Great Octoweapon
Hair color
Eye color Magenta
Location Octo Valley
Maximum HP
Other forms
This article is about the Octoboss in Splatoon. For the Salmonid in the Salmon Run series, see Maws. For the Splatoon mission by a similar name, see The Ravenous Octomaw!.

The Octomaw is the last Great Octoweapon battled in Octo Valley.


The Octomaw is a giant metallic Zapfish-like Octoweapon. Its head appears to be made of wire with its body made of scrap quickly put back together. According to The Art of Splatoon, it has two frog-like feet despite being based on a fish. It has a large fin that pokes out of the ground when swimming towards Agent 3. Its eyes are expressive: they curve to form sad eyes after it fails to eat Agent 3 and they form "X" shapes when a bomb is thrown into its mouth.



The Octomaw was an Octoweapon created during The Great Turf War by the Octarian army. When victory seemed to be upon the Octarians, a plug was pulled and caused the Octomaw and the rest of the Octo Weaponry to shut down. Nearly 100 years later the Octomaw was revived by a Zapfish to charge once again.

Octo Valley

The Octomaw in a pool of Ink.

Agent 3 encounters it inside a Boss Kettle in Sector 4. When it sees Agent 3, it will charge and try to eat them from below. Agent 3 must escape its maw by destroying its teeth surrounding them, which do not regenerate for the rest of the phase. Once the Octomaw pops out completely, Agent 3 can throw a bomb (preferably a Splat Bomb or Burst Bomb) into its mouth to stun it, making it reveal its tentacle which must be splatted. If time passes without Agent 3 throwing a bomb into its mouth or splatting its vulnerable tentacle and it has remaining teeth, the Octomaw will return to its initial position and launches its remaining teeth toward Agent 3 that float midair and fire globes of ink (similar to those fired by Octotroopers). The teeth can still be destroyed in this state and the remaining ones will eventually return to the Octomaw, who will then charge at Agent 3 to eat them again. If it has no teeth, it skips this teeth-launching attack and attempts to eat Agent 3 immediately.

In the second phase, it has stronger purple teeth that have more health. In the third phase, it has even stronger golden teeth.

After its tentacle is splatted for the third time, Octomaw will be defeated and blows up, granting Agent 3 its Zapfish.


  • The Octomaw appears to have been roughly reinforced with scrap metal, suggesting that the machine has been hurriedly repaired since its last defeat.
  • If Agent 3 stuns the Octomaw by feeding it a Seeker, unique dialogue from Agents 1 and 2 will be shown, with the former praising Agent 3 for having "good thinking" and the latter suggesting them to use "ordinary bombs" (i.e. Splat Bombs or Burst Bombs).
  • Throughout the stage several signs urge Agent 3 not to feed the Octomaw a Splat Bomb, which hints at how to defeat the boss.
  • The Octomaw is the only Great Octoweapon that does not have unusual sound effects play before and after the boss battle if the player waits long enough (besides the Octobot King).
  • The Boss Salmonid Maws, the King Salmonid Megalodontia and Shiver's pet Master Mega all have a similar attack to the Octomaw in which they swim through ink under the player and burst out of it while attempting to eat them. All three can also be fed bombs to defeat them faster.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese タコツボファング
Takotsubo Fangu
Octopus-Pot Fang
France French (NOE) Tentacrocs From "tentacule" ("tentacle") and "crocs" ("fangs")
Germany German Oktodentor Octentist
Italy Italian Dentacolar l'affamato Dentacolar the famished
Mexico Spanish (NOA) El voraz Dentabot The Ravenous Dentalbot
Spain Spanish (NOE) Dentáculo Dentacle