Octo Oven

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Octo Oven
S2 3D art Octo Oven.png
The Octo Oven
Species Octoboss
Hair color
Eye color Orange (machine)
Blue with green sclera (bread)
Location Octo Canyon, Deepsea Metro
Maximum HP
Other forms

The Octo Oven is one of the Octobosses encountered in Octo Canyon. It is the first Boss encountered in Octo Canyon.


The Octo Oven is a large oven with several Octarians inside of it. It also has a single glowing eye to watch Agent 4, along with wheels similar to those of a Flooder. In Phase 2, the eye is replaced with a pair of vent hoods that resemble eyes along with an even bigger orange eye above it. There are also three vents coming out from the three back sides. There are stickers on it that appear to be logos for an Octarian bakery. On top of it is a hole out of which its tentacle emerges.


According to The Art of Splatoon 2, the Octo Oven was originally just a bread-baking machine created by an Octarian that knew about bakeries in Inkopolis. The bread had a good reputation and in order to raise the rate, the oven was upgraded to bake more bread at once. Unfortunately, the bakery's owner was seriously injured when the bread ejected itself when done. After this, the Octo Oven was made into one of the new Octobosses to be battled by Agent 4 in Octo Canyon.

Octo Canyon

The Octo Oven fully armored.

The Octo Oven is the first Octo Boss that is fought in Octo Canyon. It will slowly surface from a large puddle of ink, starting the battle. It attempts to hit Agent 4 with one of the "loaves" until it gets fed up and shoots all of them out. This is Agent 4's chance to climb up and splat the tentacle. After this, the giant oven removes several panels, revealing an even bigger eye, three vents, and another pair of purple eyes. It also shoots several "churros" from its top, then continues its regular attack. In the final phase, it grants the bread armor and brings out a glazing machine to attack Agent 4. Once defeated, the "bread" shoots out burnt before exploding.

Octo Expansion

The Sanitized Octo Oven XXL.

The Octo Oven returns in the Octo Expansion, known as the Octo Oven XXL, where it has been Sanitized and situated in Toastmaster Station. Its battle with Agent 8 is very similar to its last one with Agent 4, where it constantly tries to hit its foe with the "bread". However, it is not alone, as now there are several Octotroopers guarding the weak spot, as well as a canned special. Soon the Octotroopers are replaced with Octobombers, then later Octosnipers and Splash Walls. For all three phases of the fight, Sprinklers are spawned on the oven's inkable walls. After the tentacle has been splatted three times, the "bread" will burn and the oven will once again blow up. It appears to be textured similar to cinnamon bread.


  • The bread's attack pattern is similar to that of the Ink Pistons.
  • It has an automatic chocolate-coating function, which is used as one of its attacks.
  • The loaves make noise if their faces are inked.
  • The Octo Oven has eight ovens, referencing an octopus's number of tentacles.


Names in other languages

Octo Oven
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese タコツボベーカリー
Takotsubo Bēkarī
Octopus Pot Bakery
Netherlands Dutch Octo-oven Octo oven
CanadaFrance French Tentartine Tentabread[a]
Germany German Oktoback Octobake
Italy Italian Polpanifix Octobreadfix
Russia Russian Запеканище
Giant baking machine
Mexico Spanish (NOA) ˜El Octohorno˜ ˜The Octo Oven˜
Spain Spanish (NOE) La Pulpanificadora The Octobakery
425° of Pain
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese タコツボベーカリー・80%増量 Octo Pot Bakery 80% Increased
Netherlands Dutch Bakt geen zoete broodjes. Doesn't bake sweet buns.[b]
CanadaFrance French Le distributeur de pains The bread distributor [c]
Germany German Voller köstlicher Überraschungen Full of delicious surprises
Italy Italian C'è una deliziosa sorpresa per te... There is a delicious surprise for you...
Russia Russian Тостом в лоб!
Tostom v lob!
Toast to the forehead!
Octo Oven XXL
Language Name Meaning
Netherlands Dutch Octo-oven XXL Octo oven XXL
CanadaFrance French Méga Tentartines Mega tentabread
Germany German Oktoback XXL Octobake XXL
Russia Russian Запеканище XXL
Zapekanische XXL
Giant baking machine XXL
Extra Extra Delicious
Language Name Meaning
Netherlands Dutch Extra, extra lekker! Extra, extra tasty!
CanadaFrance French Il met les bouchées doubles!
Germany German Extra, extra lecker! Extra, extra yummy!
Italy Italian Extra extra delizioso! Extra extra delicious!
Russia Russian Больше хруста! Булки - в массы!
Bol'she khrusta! Bulki v massi!
More crunch! Loafs - in masses!

Translation notes

  1. From tentacules ("tentacles") and tartine ("open sandwich")
  2. From zoete broodjes bakken ("to grovel, to fawn, to reingratiate")
  3. A pun on the French word for bread "pain" and the English word "pain"