Octobot King

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DJ Octavio in the original Octobot King

The Octobot King is a spherical robotic device and one of the Great Octoweapons, piloted by DJ Octavio in his boss fights. It has made appearances throughout the Splatoon series with various different models.



The original model, simply known as the Octobot King, is first fought in the mission Enter the Octobot King! of Splatoon's Octo Valley. DJ Octavio sits inside of this flying machine powered by the Great Zapfish, and it is equipped with a pool of purple ink and a turntable, which he plays using rhizomes of wasabi. The turntable also has four cannons capable of firing Octorpedoes on the front, two extendable fists and a set of thrusters allowing it to fly. Surrounding the machine is a large, magenta-colored force field, which neither Agent 3 nor their ink can pass through. It is only visible when close to the machine, as a warning to the player that they need to push it back to a comfortable distance. It also comes equipped with disco ball-like dodecahedrons that summon enemies, a Killer Wail, and a massive octopus-like bomb. Agent 3 must deflect the robotic fists and octopus bomb back at the Octobot King to damage him.

Splatoon 2

The second model is known as the Octobot King II, and is fought in the mission Bomb Rush Blush of Splatoon 2's Octo Canyon. This version has been significantly altered, now having a second level on which a brainwashed Callie stands and sings; below her is the main control. In front of the turntable and wasabi stalks is a pan cooking takoyaki, which go flying as the player attacks the DJ. On the back of the machine are some exhaust pipes, which Octavio uses for his dash punch attack. The two giant fists are now gold and sparkly and have brass knuckles on them, with black letters on them that read "TACO" on the left fist, and "OCTA" on the right. It also is equipped with giant versions of Splat Bombs and Suction Bombs, takoyaki-shaped bombs that create static tornadoes, and new speakers that function similarly to a Splash Wall. In addition, the Octobot King's fists are now capable of spinning, making them immune to being inked temporarily. Similarly, Agent 4 must deflect the robotic fists back at the Octobot King.

Splatoon 3

The third model is known as the Octobot King L3.Gs and is in the mission of the same name in Splatoon 3's Return of the Mammalians. It retains its robotic fists, and in addition to the normal and spinning punches of its previous versions, it is now also capable of slapping the ground to produce a Wave Breaker-like shockwave. The front speakers now double up as vents and an Ink Vac, with the most prominent feature being its ability to transform between both bipedal and flying forms.

The Octobot King L3.Gs is not powered by the Great Zapfish, unlike its predecessors. This is the in-universe explanation for why its fight (as the first boss of Return of the Mammalians) is less challenging than the fights with the previous two versions (as the final bosses of their respective campaigns), as Cuttlefish's dialogue after the fight indicates. This could also explain why its armaments are less complex, and why it only flies in short bursts while fighting as opposed to constantly hovering.

Additionally, at the end of the story, it is further modified to be capable of flying through space in its flight form, as well as use a new brushroll-styled Ink Vac, which is further equipped with a turret. DJ Octavio uses it to rescue Agent 3 from space, and teams up with the New Squidbeak Splatoon to use it to defeat Mr. Grizz in the Return of the Mammalians battle.



  • All models of the Octobot King are loosely modeled on a disco ball.
  • The name of the Octobot King L3.Gs resembles the word LEGS, and is a joking reference to the fact that this Octobot King has legs while the prior versions do not.

Names in other languages

Octobot King

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese タコツボキング
Octopus Pot King
CanadaFrance French Léviatank Leviatank, portmanteau of léviathan (leviathan) and tank
Russia Russian Великий осьмуратор
Velikiy os'murator
The Great Octorator

Octobot King II

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese タコツボキング A-MIX
Takotsubo kingu A-MIX
Octopus Pot King C-MIX[a]
Netherlands Dutch Octotiran Remix Octo tyrant Remix
France French (NOE) Léviatank A-MIX Leviathan-tank C-MIX[b]
Germany German Oktotyrann A-MIX Octotyrant C-MIX[c]
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Octotrón remix Octobot remix
Spain Spanish (NOE) Pulpotrón remix Octobot remix

Octobot King L3.Gs

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese タコツボキング 局地戦仕様
Takotsubokingu kyokuchi-sen shiyō
Octopus Pot King - Local Warfare Spec.
Netherlands Dutch Octotiran P0-T3N Octo Tyrant P0-T3N, P0-T3N comes from poten (legs)
CanadaFrance French Léviatank POD Leviatank POD, possibly from the Greek word πόδι podi (foot or leg) [d]
Germany German Oktotyrann HXN Octo Tyrant HXN, HXN is short for the word HAXEN ("Legs")
Italy Italian Re Polpobot 2.0 King Octopobot 2.0
Russia Russian Великий ОсьмуРУК
Velikiy Os'muRUK
The Great OctoHANDS
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Octotrón P4-T4S Octobot P4-T4S from patas (paws/feets)
Spain Spanish (NOE) Pulpotrón P4-T4S Octobot P4-T4S from patas (paws/feets)
China Chinese (Simplified) 蛸壶王者 区域战型
Xiāo hú wángzhě qūyù zhàn xíng
Octobot King Zoner
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 蛸壺王者 區域戰型
Shāo hú wángzhě qūyù zhàn xíng
Octobot King Zoner
South Korea Korean 문어 단지 킹:국지전 버전
mun-eo danji king:gugjijeon beojeon
Octobot King: Zoner

Translation Notes

  1. The name "タコツボ" ("Takostubo") is also used for Octarian society's places of residence Octo Valley and Octo Canyon. "A" comes from Callie's Japanese name, Aori.
  2. "A" comes from Callie's French name, Ayo.
  3. "A" comes from Callie's German name, Aioli.
  4. It can also be the acronym for propuleur omnidirectionnel (omnidirectional thrusters).