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Species Octarian
Hair color
Eye color Blue with green sclera
Location Octo Valley, Octo Canyon, Deepsea Metro, The Crater, Alterna
Maximum HP
Other forms
Octotroopers dead ahead!

Octotroopers are the basic Octarian fighters found in Octo Valley, Octo Canyon, the Octo Expansion, and Return of the Mammalians in the Splatoon series.


Octotroopers are Octarians riding on small, simple vehicles consisting of a cylindrical platform with a black ring on the bottom, a long hose-like protrusion with a megaphone-like nozzle on the end, and a single joystick on top that the Octarian uses to operate the vehicle. How the 'base' of the vehicle looks varies from game to game; in Splatoon, it is made of a dark, stainless metal, while in Splatoon 2, it seems to be made from an upside-down blue recycling bin. Splatoon 3 has the same concept but with colors of black and blue.


Octotroopers serve as the most basic foes featured in both Octo Valley and Octo Canyon, having little health, mobility, basic tactics, and a single attack - periodically firing a slow-moving globe of ink towards Agent 3 or 4 that has limited range but ignores gravity. Under normal circumstances, their simplistic combat skills alongside their placement make them easy targets in any area, as their attacks are easy to dodge and their low health makes them easy to splat upon getting close enough (only two shots from most automatic weapons, such as the Hero Shot or Hero Dualies, will splat them). The only time Octotroopers are a real threat is when they are encountered in large numbers - some packs of them can reach up to a dozen in a single area - in which it is easy for Agent 3 or 4 to be overwhelmed. Additionally, Octotroopers' projectiles do a deceptively large amount of damage on hit, compensating for how easy they are to dodge.

Octotrooper vehicles can be either mobile or stationary. Stationary Octotroopers have some poles attached to their vehicles that resemble antennas and have an extended part on the bottom that touches the ground. Mobile Octotroopers patrol a certain assigned route or area and if the player is detected they will concentrate on the player.

Splatoon 2 introduces a second variety of Octotrooper called Blobby Octotroopers that ride a differently-designed vehicle than their normal counterparts and have a different mode of fire. Splatoon 3 introduces another variety of Octotroopers with a different vehicle called Octohoppers, which jump constantly and also attack differently.


  • If one is unable to splat an Octotrooper, one can take advantage of their slow firing speed and even slower projectiles to simply dodge their attacks.
  • Octotroopers will immediately stop whatever they are doing and flee from a bomb if one is thrown at them. Thus, consider using bombs on Octotroopers that are against a wall or in a corner to prevent them from fleeing the blast radius in time.
  • While Octotroopers will advance towards and invalidate the player's cover if they are in any (assuming they do not lose track of them), they will never attempt to seek cover themselves, making rushing them an effective tactic.
  • The projectiles Octotroopers fire are slow but hard-hitting. Do not underestimate a large group of them.
  • If an Octotrooper moves over a patch of the the player's ink, their vehicle will sink in it and get stuck, causing the Octotrooper to fight with the vehicle's controls while still shooting and suffer from a reduced turning speed. If they choose to retreat, however, the Octotrooper will point the nozzle on their vehicle straight down and spray ink beneath them, freeing them from being stuck.
  • In certain levels, Octotroopers will emerge from broken crates to attack the player. Be wary of unmarked crates if there are no other enemies around.
  • When fleeing from something, such as an Industrial Squee-G, Octotroopers will make no effort to avoid falling off ledges or cliffs, even if it means falling off the map and splatting themselves.
  • In Return of the Mammalians, they take a short break after shooting three times, at which point they make a little "slowed down" noise and a thought bubble appears above their head.


Octo Valley

Octo Canyon

Octo Expansion

Return of the Mammalians

In the manga series

In the end of the fan-made issue of Splatoon, a then unnamed Specs flies over a bunch of Octotroopers and Octoballs. They also appear in the Hero Mode issues of the manga.




Splatoon 2

Splatoon 3



  • Octotroopers share their vocalization sounds with Twintacle Octotroopers, Octoballs, and Octocopters.
  • Octotroopers and other non-Octoling Octarians are described by game producer Hisashi Nogami as living in a way that a human would if only by spinal reflex. This manner of living is very similar to how octopuses in real life have their nervous system spread throughout all their arms, which will temporarily continue to perform basic functions like moving after being severed from the brain. Nogami additionally confirms that Octotrooper-like Octarians are like single-celled organisms.[1]

Names in other languages

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Translation needed
Translate Chinese (Traditional) edit
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese タコトルーパー
tako torūpā
Octopus trooper
Netherlands Dutch Octorekruut Octorecruit
CanadaFrance French Tentassin From tentacle and assassin
Germany German Oktorekrut Octorecruit
Italy Italian Polpastro From polpo ("octopus"), but with a nasty denomination
Russia Russian Осьмогад
Octoscoundrel [a]
SpainMexico Spanish Octorrecluta Octorecruit
China Chinese (Simplified) 章鱼兵
Zhāngyú bīng
Octopus trooper
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 章魚兵
South Korea Korean 문어 트루퍼 Same as Japanese
Translate logo.svg Internal Msn_EnmOctTrooper_01 [2]

Translation notes

  1. From осьмо os'mo ("octo") and гад gad ("scoundrel")


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