Octo Samurai

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Octo Samurai
Splatoon 2 - Octo Samurai.png
Species Octarian
Hair color Red
Blue / Neon Yellow (Sanitized)
Eye color Blue with green sclera
Aqua blue with black sclera (Sanitized)
Gender Male
Location Octo Canyon, Deepsea Metro
This article is about the character. For the mission by the same name, see Fear the Octo Samurai.

The Octo Samurai is the second Octoboss encountered by Agent 4 in Octo Canyon.


The Octo Samurai resembles an Octobomber but much larger in size and more humanoid. The Octo Samurai has a heavyweight and round body that is similar to that of a sumo wrestler, small eyes, and sports a tentacle on the back of his head in a ponytail. He wears a black leather motorcycle jacket with golden embroidery on the sides and a print of DJ Octavio on the back. He carries a weapon that is similar to a Dynamo Roller that can change positions vertically or horizontally to the handle, and can combine with his unicycle to form a vehicle which Sheldon calls "The Octocycle". The handlebars of the octocycle appear to be made of sword hilts.


The Octo Samurai is an Octarian that was trained to wield his own Great Octoweapon, the Octocycle. His mission was to have a traditional duel against Agent 4 in Suction-Cup Lookout.

Personality and traits

The Octo Samurai diligently and strictly trains young Octarians, but he's not very good at sumo. He is also secretly a fan of Callie.[1]

Octo Canyon

The Octo Samurai attacking Agent 4.

The Octo Samurai is first seen in Suction-Cup Lookout in his own mission. He will rise out of a puddle of ink with its roller and starts the battle. His tactic is to rather splash the roller at the hero or attempt to run them over. If Agent 4 is able to splat him, then the Octocycle opens up to reveal the tentacle for them to splat. After this, the samurai respawns with some new tricks up his sleeve. He will now be able to jump at the Agent with a vertical swing, and can also swing the roller around in a circle. In phase 3, he is able to cause a wave of ink to come straight at Agent 4 from a distance. After the tentacle has been splatted three times, the Octocycle will explode, leaving the splatted Octarian with nowhere to respawn, therefore letting Agent 4 collect the Sardinium and the Zapfish, allowing them to complete the mission.

Octo Expansion

The Sanitized Octo Samurai.

In the Octo Expansion, the Octo Samurai returns in Whack-Fu Station. He has all the same moves he had with his fight with Agent 4, but this time tries to knock Agent 8 (who is in a Baller) off the platform instead of splatting them directly. After the Octocycle's tentacle has been splatted three times, it explodes, with the Octo Samurai once again defeated.


Octo Canyon

Octo Expansion


  • The Octo Samurai is a unique type of Octoboss where the Octoweapon is instead aiding the Octarian.
  • The Octo Samurai wields a custom-made Dynamo Roller.
  • The name of the Octocycle is a wordplay on the word "motorcycle".
  • The sanitized version of the Octo Samurai has the Kamabo Corporation logo on the back of his jacket instead of DJ Octavio.
  • Apparently, if the Octo Samurai somehow falls off the stage, the game freezes.

Names in other languages

Inkling Full 2.jpeg Translation needed

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Octo Samurai Revenge of Octo Samurai
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese タコツボザムライ
Octopus Pot Samurai
Netherlands Dutch Octosamoerai Octo samurai
France French (NOE) Tenta-samouraï Tenta-samurai
Germany German Oktosamurai Octo samurai
Italy Italian Octosamurai Octo samurai
Russia Russian Осьмурай
Octo samurai
Spain Spanish Octosamurái Octo samurai
Language Name Meaning
Netherlands Dutch Wraak van Octosamoerai Revenge of Octo samurai
Germany German Oktosamurai, die Rache Octo samurai, the revenge
Italy Italian Octo samurai, la vendetta Octo samurai, the revenge
Russia Russian Опять Осьмурай!
Opyat' Os'murai!
Octo samurai again!
Splats with honor Deepsea Metro Summer Tour!
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese いざ尋常に
Iza Jinjyō Ni
Fair and Square [note 1]
Netherlands Dutch Verpletterend spetterend! Crushing splattering!
Germany German Plättet dich ehrenvoll Flattens you with honor
Italy Italian L'onore dello splattamento The honor of splatting
Russia Russian Будь плюхнут с честью!
Bud' pluhnut s chest'u!
Be splatted with honor!
Language Name Meaning
Netherlands Dutch Zomertoer met de Diepzeemetro Summer tour with the Deepsea Metro
Germany German Rachsucht bringt dich an den Abgrund! Vengeance brings you to the abyss!
Italy Italian Te la servirà sia calda che fredda! He's gonna serve it both hot and cold!
Russia Russian Абиссаль-метро-стайл! Гарцуем!
Abissal'-metro-stayl! Gartsuem!

Translation notes

  1. This is a phrase often used as a calling for duels between samurais.